Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tranquility / Life Balance and The Delivery of Purpose

Becoming; To Deliver, or Not...

A few weeks ago it was mentioned, straight-up, that in your greatest moment of need it would be YOU and YOU alone who would be responsible for your BECOMING; You are responsibility for the things that you choose to do and the things that you choose not to do. Now, comes that moment of need. Need, results in an equivalent, HOW? The greater the need, the greater the ‘HOW?’. So, before we jump ahead, let’s backtrack for a moment to refresh...

In satisfaction of your Ambition to discover and deliver Purpose, You have been delivered a path to follow, in the physical form of your Map to Obtainment. You have Uncovered a tool for the sole sake of identifying the internal virtues necessary to accompany you on your journey of Obtainment. You have Discovered your source of Infinite Inspiration and Motive; sufficient to overcome ALL restraints. You have been delivered a vehicle for the use of transforming your Divine Purpose into its physical equivalence, namely, the Exchange of Radiant Energy through the Highest Human Potential framework.

You have also been told that there are teachable rules of engagement and that you would recognize the door of Obtainment on the moment you came upon it. Now, is that moment!

As we near the final pages of the EXCHANGE series, today, you decide to turn the doorknob of Obtainment. As you open the door, you are invited to Dream, Create and Live, Your OneGR8Life.


The Layers of Divine Purpose
The nature of our discussion will focus on the layered nature of Divine Purpose. Your objective is to place your Being into the point of Divine Purpose. Here, enveloped in Love, you are able to rinse the collection of all experience, to-date. At the point of Divine Purpose, You rinse your experiences to collect their greatest intended nature. In your OneGR8Life, ALL experiences have occurred for your greatest benefit. But, you must choose to see them in this light.

Lighten the Load...

As you learn to Live YourOneGR8Life, you must travel lightly in order to, gain the convenience of moving on quickly. The Universe rewards speed and the emotional baggage of the past will do you NO GOOD. If a past experience has induced emotional pain, sorrow, or discomfort, You shall grant yourself permission to abandon it here, and now! Take a moment to do so, if you need.

Are you ready to go?

Let's zoom into, and solely focus on the space identified by our overlapping three circles of energy. In doing so, you are able to greater understand the layered nature of the Incredible core of the Radiant Energy, identified as Divine Purpose.

Discovery of Ambition...
Here, at the radiant core is the birthplace of Purpose. Think of Purpose as a two-part mixture. The first part, the dream, in the form of a Notion, Idea or Thought. The second part, the initiator, in the form of Ambition to transform this notion, idea or thought, into physical equivalence.

Recall from an earlier post where you discovered Ambition as the Great Initiator. The beauty of Ambition: it knows not Age, or Creed, or Race, or Gender, or Preference, or Privilege of Community. True Ambition says; if I want to deliver my Highest Potential tomorrow, then I better prepare for it, Today!

At the core of Purpose, we suddenly observe in their simplest forms of energy, the carriers of transformation. You find the carriers of transformation to specifically include the simplicity of; Who, What, Why and Why Not.

Substitution of Obtainment...
For the sake of our continued discussion you should recall that you have set for yourself a very special purpose; the Obtainment of Highest Human Potential, the delivery of your Desire of Purpose for the sake of Improvement of the Human Condition. In this scope, Ambition is limited to its greatest good, to its highest form of utilization. Here we reserve the role of Ambition as an assertiveness of your Being; this is not to be conceived as an aggressive or abrasive utilization.

In the creation of YourOneGR8Life, based upon this understanding of your purpose, you are free to substitute into your core; the Obtainment of Highest Human Potential. With Purpose in place, you are now in alignment to choose. Your choice is simple... do I take action to create this OneGR8Life, or do I retreat to sustain my life in mediocrity?

Next Up: Energy Flow of Transformation... Through the Energy Flow of Transformation You will come to recognize this layered configuration to be true based on definition.

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Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to take away): 
In my OneGR8Life, I AM responsible for the things that I choose to do, and the the things that I choose not to do. In my OneGR8Life, my thoughts become my reality through the utilization of Ambition. I choose #CreatingPhenomenal. Today, I AM invited to Dream, Create, and Live my OneGR8Life. Without doubt, in my OneGR8Life - I Can BE, DO, or GIVE Anything that I Desire.

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