Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#BAD13 / Human Rights -Turning the World Inside-Out...

First they ignore you,
then you win.
                               Mahatma Gandhi 

For many, In review of our 2013 year-to-date performance, it appears that globally, we should completely concede all activity as useless, towards the improvement of Human Rights. That's right! Fanatical ill-treatment of children, Maiming of the Innocent, Zealot Holocaust style annihilation of citizens... need I go on - we've all seen the pictures, we have all read the stories. That right - just, 'F'-it All!!  But, WAIT! We cannot afford to give-up on ourselves that easy... can we? In the pursuit of improved Human Rights, even the smallest gains, are still gains. Maybe what we need is a slight shift in our thinking.  Before you blow me off, hang on for 3 more minutes...

It is fair for you to be asking, Phil, -WHAT, are You talking about? I'm talking about our approach being reversed. Come on, tolerate me just a moment longer... Read just four more paragraphs as I explain the fallacy of our current universal cry for help.

Seriously! It is not that I don't recognize the need for Improved Human Rights; it is just that, We are screaming in the wrong direction. Today, I wish to propose to you an alternate opportunity of faster influence, with greater individual contribution, yielding a greater return for our efforts. Are you interested?  If you find no interest in this opportunity, then by all means flip to the next #BAD13 post.

This is the first time I have participated in this event, so, I pondered deeply about this post... I will need your help to make it work- Let's agree, that what we are attempting to do here is: Improve the Human Condition through the advocacy of improving Human Rights.

Once agreed, HOW do I then justify the statement - "We are screaming in the wrong direction."  It is simple; You see, it is individual behavioral choice which initiates the acts in defiance of Human Rights. Inhuman acts are reduced to individual behavioral choices; Just as you, individually chose to pick up a sign and parade the streets, screaming to draw the awareness of offense behavior. The problem is this... If my individual choice of character behavior, is such that I must resort to atrocities against human kind, do you really think I have any concern about you carrying a sign. The answer is, No! You carrying a sign has no effect on my poor choice of exercised character behavior. For this type of individual, for the abuser of Human Rights, it would be easier to issue an order and, stand you in public and empty a pistol into your head. And, we both can agree that there is nothing Human about this choice of exercised character behavior. Yet, it continues to happen all too often.

You see when we pick up the sign in support of Human Rights advocacy, it becomes our desire to screaming at the power of terror and inhuman acts. The problem is, though our sign carrying and screaming is useful for drawing awareness... it has little to no affect toward the work of changing behavior. That's right, when we scream in this direction, our universal cry is little more than an ill-fated attempt to convince the power that it should relinquish and adopt a greater Human Rights approach. The underlying message here is; we continue to shout at the power of poor behavioral choice, but the power is not listening. In all actuality, the power of inhuman behavioral choice is NOT Capable of hearing, understanding, or acting to a message of improved Human Rights.

Through the course of human history, regardless of country of origin, we can all recall past or present reins against humanity. This would lead me to believe that the approach employed to gain improved Human Rights, must be reversed. On this day of awareness of the need for improved Human Rights, our cry must not be directed Outward. But, rather the only effective cry must be directed Inward.

An Outward cry would indicate that we are looking to receive something. When in reality, Human Rights is not something we are capable of receiving. Improved Human Rights is something that You give. You see the key to gaining improved Human Rights is initiated through our individual behavioral choice to treat other Humans Right. 

Treating other Humans Right is an individual act of taught and emotionalized behavior. This year I suggest that you put down your sign and instead, pick-up a mirror. Stare deeply into the mirror, there lies the secret of Improved Human Rights. Only you are capable of controlling your thoughts and directing your actions towards the improved behavior of treating other Humans Right.

Once, I look into the mirror of self analysis and rationalize that improved Human Rights initiates with me treating other Humans Right; I should immediately, hand my children a mirror and begin to teach them that improved Human Rights is sustained by them learning to treat other Humans Right. We must be relentless in teaching our children this lesson. In this way, we can gain faster influence, with greater individual contribution, yielding a greater long term return on our efforts.

"The Courage of our Behavioral Actions, Determines our Fate."

Human Rights, through Humans Right. -Patience, Tolerance, Compassion, Empathy - these are not behavioral choices of the weak... for the weak are incapable of granting these. Rather, these are strong courageous behavioral acts in support of humanity. 

Thank-You for your time!

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