Tuesday, August 26, 2014

AMBITION: Initiates Phenomenal!

Ambition is the starting point of all Achievement.
Initiated as an Attitude of mind;
-Phillip A. Lopez

Imagine - No Limitations…

Regardless of your determined Desire of Purpose, you WILL deliver it through Ambition - Not Anxiety, Not Panic, Not Sympathy, Not Self-Pity! Imagine for one minute that you have No Limitations on what you can BE, or DO, or HAVE… only Ambition will carry you there!!

YES,  there is something extraordinary about the feeling received as we do the work required to fully deliver our Desire of Purpose; while maintaining an Ambitious thought as simple as - I Can, I Will.

Initiate Phenomenal…

Like every journey of significance, the most difficult step is the very first leap of faith. In your initiation to Create Phenomenal, You have absolutely nothing to fear. The life of your past will not return to you - You must drive forward! Driving forward cannot occur if you continue to look into the rear view mirror. Your creation of Phenomenal requires you to trust your instinct… You must release, you must let go of, those thoughts of self-limitation. You must release yourself from your past - and come to face the reality, that it is time to move forward!! These thoughts of self-limitation DID NOT serve you in your past… They WILL NOT serve you onto your future. Where you are going, your thoughts of self-limitation have No Value.

NoChange.jpgStill anxious about letting go of your thoughts of self-limitation? Don’t Be! How about we exchange or trade them… this way you can leave them from where you are, right now. And, in the next few paragraphs, we will replace them with thoughts of empowerment and of greater value. Can you accept this exchange… You leave behind thoughts of self-limitation and then replace them with thoughts of empowerment and thoughts of greater value.

I think you should take me up on this offer of exchanged thoughts… It may be the only time the universe extends to you something... in return for nothing. The Universes thought of empowerment, in return for Your thoughts of self-limitation - Just saying…

The “A” Words…

In alignment with your creation of PHENOMENAL, the discovery and delivery of your unique Highest Human Potential, there are three stones of virtue that must be set into place. These stones will assure your repeated safe passage, to your birthright of self-sustained Joy and Happiness.

By name you will recognize these stones as;
  • Ambition
  • Affirmation
  • Achievement


Look, the universe needs each of us to deliver our piece of the larger puzzle, our unique Highest Potential, are you with me on this?  Well then, the universe must have supplied us with an achievement tool to use, or at the very least, forged a trail for us to follow. Indeed, it did! The universe provided to us, Ambition.

Ambition is the GR8 initiator!! Without Ambition you park your Ass in the sofa and you never put down the remote. The Beauty of Ambition: it knows not Age, or Creed, or Race, or Gender, or Preference, or Privilege of Community. Ambition is at the core of your Highest Human Potential. Ambition leads you to the good life; turning hopes and dreams into reality. Ambition is the pathway traveled between impossible and possible. True Ambition keeps you on course. You don't need to feel embarrassed by your Ambitious Desires. True Ambition is an ally which keeps you grounded, True Ambition says; if I want to deliver my highest potential tomorrow, then I better prepare for it today! True Ambition roots itself in the service of others; not in, at the expense of others. Helping others to achieve
their ambitions is a very powerful and affirming purpose. You need this stone of Ambition!! Pick-It Up! Never take your eye off of this stone; Never trade it, Never lend it! Carelessness of Ambition WILL Abort your PHENOMENAL efforts.


    ~I AM born to release... Fear, Anxiety, Self-Limitation
         ~I AM born to embrace... The Greatness Within.

       I AM choosing to Live this OneGR8Life, because I have been
         granted ALL the strength I need to deliver it in greatness!

This is the Affirmation that you are looking for in order to move forward. In order to initiate your creation of PHENOMENAL. We have to find this statement very reassuring. It's claim supports the fact that my purpose and your purpose (our Highest Potential), the pieces; are universally important! That if indeed the universe is trying to piece a puzzle together, it WILL, at some point in time, need the purpose that has been placed within us.

Affirmation comes in two flavors; Positive and Negative. Just as we are what we eat, (garbage in, garbage out); we WILL be come what we think about. So desirous is the Universe for us to rise to its level of consciousness, that it will allow a single idea, notion or thought to carry us there. If you are dissatisfied with the direction of your consciousness, then simply adopt a new idea, notion, or thought to alter both your attitude and your altitude of joy and happiness. In this way You are in control of creating sustained happiness; thoughts of opulence and abundance, can only yield to you a consciousness of opulence and abundance. Self-limiting thoughts of scarcity and poverty can only yield in return the same.  

Now, let's think about this for just a moment... in my mind, the universe is very mighty-ful -and because of this might, I am pretty confident that it is Not going to be denied the completion of the puzzle; simply because you or I decide to withhold our piece of the puzzle (our potential).  Agreed?  ---  Good! So, pick-up this stone! Dust it off, place it into your back-pack; begin where you stand - create you Affirmation of Abundance and keep walking forward.

In My OneGR8Life, I WILL receive
an Abundance, of ALL good things!


Achievement assures the obtainment of PHENOMENAL. Achievement is not just one single act, in a single moment, on one single day. Achievement is the string of actions taken moment-by-moment, day-after-day.  In this way, PHENOMENAL is the accumulation of achievement(s). The successful Achievement of your current desire of Purpose then comes to you through the pursuit of your worthy purpose, bringing to you the created life of, PHENOMENAL.

For the moment, think of creating PHENOMENAL as  - Winning a World Championship. In this light, Achievement is then the accumulation of wins. The goal is to accumulate as many wins as possible and as many wins in a row as possible,  So HOW do we do this?

Oddly enough you have already initiated the achievement cycle...
- You have successfully unloaded from your back-pack, your past stones of frustration and self-limitations.
- You have already achieved a single idea to leave these stones behind, and begin to replace them with stones of greater value.

This is already an accumulation of wins. So do not leave the stone of achievement behind, pick it up, place it in your back-pack and let's keep going...

The Unspoken ‘A’ Word…

Critical to your successful efforts in obtaining PHENOMENAL, is the recognition of the unspoken “A” word. It is Critical for you to recognize that at the core of 'At the expense of others' is another “A” word... Assh0!e. When you run across this stone, Please, DO NOT pick-up this stone. 'At the expense of others' nullifies achievement, and will only serve to cripple Ambition. This stone WILL NOT serve you where you are going! If you somehow find yourself already in possession of this stone, abandon it, Immediately! Rid yourself of it’s stench and it’s destructive influence.

---   ---   ---
Mindful Moments (Thoughts for You to Take Away…)
Ambition initiates my creation of PHENOMENAL; a life-style choice which finds its foundation, cemented in the simple attitude of mind, I CAN, I WILL. This Affirmation of thought serves as my ‘go-to’ of achievement. In the spirit of PHENOMENAL, I come to the recognition that this is my OneGR8Life. In this life I embrace the opportunity to live without restraint; to abandon my thoughts of self-limitation. It is my obligation to discover and deliver, the Desire of my Purpose from the greatness within me! It is my OneGR8Life and I AM invited to BE, or to DO, or to HAVE, Anything that I Desire.

---   ---   ---

OneGR8Life - Delivered Weekly; Tuesday
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

Authored by: Phillip A. Lopez
CREATING PHENOMENAL ~How to Dream, Create, Live, Your One Great Life.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The VICTOR of Fear…

Once and for all let's put FEAR into it's place. Let's get through this together, shall we?

Erased is the old, We must FEARLESSLY embrace the new...

Just this past week I ran into a hand full of people with the opportunity of standing toe-to-toe in confrontation with FEAR. Monday, a college aged follower ran into a relationship break-up of the infidelity kind. Riddled with questions of HOW could she do this to me... he now faces the fear of the unknown emotional recovery. Tuesday, a mid-life'r, found himself under the knife of hip replacement. As a solo-preneur, he faces the uncertainty of a speedy and complete recovery, while laboring to minimize the impact of missed opportunity. Wednesday, a professional associate of mine ran into the very sudden lose of his father. Suddenly hurled into the role of family patriarch, facing the loss of his role model of guidance. Thursday, I celebrated the employment retirement of my oldest brother. Suddenly, he ventures to dare, to dream, create and live without a 30yr. long, daily tradition.

The Victor of Fear...

I AM confident that you too can recall life altering changes which have occurred close to your base camp. Life is constantly changing, and with each new breathe we replace what was, with what is, in the light of what Can BE. Life is no different for me, than it is for you. In the face of FEAR, I repeat to myself this odd saying ... 
Life causes Death, I AM choosing to Live this OneGR8Life, because I have been granted ALL the strength I need to deliver it in greatness!

This odd saying is known as an Affirmation. In the moment of holding a thought of Affirmation, there is No FEAR. We know this to be true, based upon the dynamic of brain thought operating in a serial nature, one thought, single file, first in - first out, working in combination with subconscious thoughts, attempting to transform your notion into a physical equivalence. Your mind is your greatest asset in the delivery of your Desire of Purpose. An attitude of Ambition assures your Altitude of delivery. Simply stated, you CAN train your mind to hold any thought that You desire. Thoughts of opulence, deliver a life of opulence. Thoughts of doom and despair, can only yield the same. In this way, you understand that it is your OneGR8Life, that you Can BE, DO or HAVE, any notion, idea, or thought, that you are willing to hold in Affirmation of Faith!

Your Affirmation is a statement of truth, based on your Desire of Purpose; a Simple, Sweet, Empowering choice initiated in I AM - Never failing, it is your FEAR buster.  To get you started, You can steal mine and call it your own, if you'd like…

---   ---   ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for You to Take Away…)

I choose to flow the Energy for the Creation of my OneGR8Life. I do this in the form of transformation; Moving my Desire of Purpose, into it's physical equivalence.

If I need to review, HOW?!? I can review these 4 critical post…

---   ---   ---

OneGR8Life, Delivered Weekly. Tuesdays.
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

  • Authored by: Phillip A. Lopez
  • CREATING PHENOMENAL ~How to Dream, Create, Live Your One Great Life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tame the Madness; 3 Keys to Preserve Your Purpose.

"No matter what people tell you,
words and ideas can change the world." 
~Robin Williams

Once again we find ourselves reminded of the fragile nature of our human existence. You see, despite the growing social pressure to devalue your life, we must always be on guard, looking for ways and means to revive the Human Spirit! This challenge is compounded when we realize that, life is a live performance... there is no dress rehearsal.  On occasion some do find the demons within too burdensome to bear; I am convinced that it is at this point that we lose focus of our individuality. Losing sight of our Immeasurable Value and
Irreplaceable Purpose.
RIP - Robin Williams


Tame the Madness; 3 Keys to Preserve Your Purpose.

Never confuse yourself here! Nothing was said about abandoning
our responsibilities. Responsibilities are the ‘stuff’ life is made of.
The primary task of Responsibilities, is to feed the madness a
steady diet of activity. This means that Your only task then,
is simplified, to Tame the Madness.
That’s right, You have but One Simple Task…
Tame the Madness to Preserve Your Purpose.

~Phillip A. Lopez - Author
Creating Phenomenal!
/Tame the Madness/
A OneGR8Life.com Publication

Purpose: The Universal Added Value...

Every human has been given the Divine right to pursue something. Indeed, the Creator allows each of us to Be, Do or Have, anything that we Desire. It is this fact that supports our existence. Life then becomes a mission. On this mission, we all have something to pursue! It then becomes our duty to uncover our purpose... to uncover the 'something' that we are intended to deliver as our universal added value.

Delivery of Purpose...

Everyone engaged in the serious pursuit of, delivery of purpose, at some point in life will uncover this truth; Accomplished success is an inside job! Once discovered, it is what you do with this truth that greatly improves your odds of obtaining your ambition of desire.

So now the larger question... If it is our Divine duty to uncover our something, our purpose, and if successful delivery of this purpose is an inside job, then we must be self-equipped with the features to succeed; So what then is the missing link between something to pursue and its obtainment?

Tame the Madness…

When I first penned the words, Tame the Madness, I felt the presence of an undesired visitor. This visitor has a name… Anxiety. You can always recognize Anxiety; it's presence causes you to start looking over your shoulder, mostly because Anxiety rarely travels alone. Your experience tells you that an agitated Anxiety will not wait to call in the reinforcement of FEAR. Fear roots itself in ego, and it WILL NOT be shamed, or even slightly embarrassed. Fear does not fool around! It will take you out at the kneecaps if it needs to, in defense of self preservation.

To Tame the Madness, you will need to stand tall, Fearless! Coaxing ego to accept the value of traveling with you, to Preserve your Purpose. You do this by selecting words soothing to ego, such as, Ambition, Achievement, Resolution, Highest Potential, Delivery of Purpose, Obtainment of Success. Quietly, let’s back-up a moment, and re-read these words, this time take notice of the calming effect they have in stroking ego… Ambition, Achievement, Resolution, Highest Potential, Delivery of Purpose, Obtainment of Success.

Did you feel that? Suddenly, ego is on board and very willing to assist you to Tame the Madness. Invitation, Accepted!

Great Job - Now, let’s move forward, with Purpose in hand and ego in check.    

3 Keys to Preserve Your Purpose
1) -Ambition initiates Achievement. Ambition knows no Race, or Creed, or Gender, or Color, or Age, or Preference, or Status of Community, or Degree of Education. Ambition acknowledges Not, the watch on your wrist, the vehicle you drive, the purse you carry, the distinguish of the shoes on your feet. The Ambitious obtainment of Achievement is recorded in the simplest of terms; How Can I Serve? In the resolution of this ageless question you assure your greatest contribution of Universal Added Value. Here you uncover and release your Highest Human Potential.

2) -In its most rudimentary form, success can be defined as; the progressive realization of a worthy idea. If a person is working towards a predetermined goal and knows what he /she is doing… even slightly, that person is a success! If you are not doing this, then you are falling short of your highest potential. Your success is marked through the delivery of Purpose; avoid tying that purpose to people or things.

3) -Accomplished Success is obtained through Achievement. Achievement is not just a single act, in a single moment, on a single day. Achievement is the string of actions taken moment-by-moment, day-after-day. In this way, Accomplished success is the accumulation of achievement(s). Success then comes to you through the pursuit and delivery of your worthy purpose.

---   ---   ---

Up Next...

Ego, as your Big Brother. When you read the words, Tame the Madness, there is no need for the warning light of suspicion go on. Next we will take a deeper look at controlling the ego of thought that says… Yeah -right!

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for You to Take Away…)

YES! I Can. YES! I Will,
accept this One Simple task, to…
-- Tame the Madness to Preserve My Purpose. --

In the acceptance of this task - I AM not alone… On this path I find the strength and backing of Universal Intelligence. In my moments of struggle, I find the rejuvenation of my resolve in the simplicity of 4-words… I Can, I Will. In these words, I Create the foundation of my OneGR8Life -
I AM My Deepest Desire; I AM Fearless.
I WILL Receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!

---   ---   ---

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  • Authored by: Phillip A. Lopez
  • How to Dream, Create, Live Your One Great Life.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Destination; Destiny of Purpose - What Just Happened?

On the way into life…
I don't know what happens with the cutting of the umbilical cord. On the way into life, it sure seems that at this precise moment, someone hits the 'reset' button. Up to that moment everything seems to be just fine... protected, warm and cozy. We knew it all! - Just how much to eat, how much room we needed to stretch-out, just how big to grow, how much fun we were going to have when the big break-out occurred, just how kind the mirror was going to be when you stood there in your 'skinny' jeans...

Then the moaning and groaning, pushing and shoving starts-up and with a burst of energy into the world we come - SMACK! the hard drive unexpectedly crashes; System ERROR!, the blue screen of death appears, the operating system wiped out! Along with wiping-out the Operating Instructions, all memory of confidence and purpose are erased. We are left with few choices but to REBOOT. That's right, full system RECONFIG is required to regain all critical life processing. And, so YourOneGR8Life begins...

Everyone REBOOTS!...

Recognize that REBOOT may occur many times through the course of life. As a youth we experience a REBOOT with the physical changes occurring during adolescence. How about the change from secondary education into college/university life? And the transformation from student to professional? Think you might need a REBOOT from single to married? How about a REBOOT with the joyous additions to family?

Ever experience the need to REBOOT professionally, as you progress through career changes? What about the REBOOT necessary with the unexpected loss of employment? What about the REBOOT necessary with life altering illness? Or, the sudden loss of a loved one? How about the REBOOT necessary to emotionally recover from ‘soul-mate’ infidelity? Or from the critical nature of REBOOT from Married to Divorced? Think you may need to REBOOT in order to cope with the added responsibility of caring for an aging parent? Yes, through-out life REBOOT of the Human Operating System is a necessity!

So pick your current circumstance or a circumstance from your unique past, we all have encountered the need to REBOOT our Human Operating System. But, HOW?!?


Ever take a road trip? So many details are involved in the up-front planning. To begin with, we need to understand ‘who’ we are traveling with and 'where' we are going. You see immediately, we need not be concerned with HOW! This is due entirely because, Who’ and ‘Where' influences the entire planning process; from what to pack, to length of time we will stay, to availability of accommodations, and let's not forget the need for the correct road map!

I am always confused by the large number of seemingly intelligent people who are Ambitiously walking along the trail-side of life but, have No road map. You will take a road map or input your destination into your GPS for a road trip, and then choose to walk through your entire life with No Map and No Chosen Destination(?)

Don't you find that weird?

With No Chosen Destination, is it any wonder that we are more often than not forced to REBOOT. We have no other alternative. We chose to head out on the trail of life, no plan, no destination, no map - what were we possibly thinking? I think we should prepare a little better...

Destination; Destiny of Purpose

With great certainty,  I know that each of us has been put here for a purpose. The call of Destiny cries for release, we each have a unique destiny to uncover and fulfill. The light and clarity of that destiny unfolds when we are still enough, to hear the whispers of our truest desires. When you let that deep energy rise up from within, it will begin to shape your intentions, shape your thoughts, and especially your actions. 

SO, where do we begin this journey of Destiny…
Long ago, William Shakespeare observed a profound simplicity:

It is not in the stars to hold our Destiny;
but rather, In Ourselves!

Neatly tucked away within these words, is the first understanding to stepping forward into the journey of Destiny. The most empowering, transformational step that you can take in life is to discover the truth within. To close your eyes for a moment and ask…

                                       Who Am I?  

This timeless question has No Wrong Answer! It is a question that I encourage you to ask yourself every day.

  • Who Am I?  Quietly listen for the answer...  
  • Who Am I?  Listen deeply, receive each and every whisper from your soul... 
  • Receive, and ask again… Who Am I?

---   ---   ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to take away…)

Who Am I? Once I begin to understand Who I AM, I begin to open the door to infinite, abundant, possibilities.

Who Am I?
I AM my Deepest Desire!

As is my Desire, so is my Intention.
As is my Intention, so is my Will.
As is my Will, so is my Deed.
As is my Deed, so is my Destiny.

It is my OneGR8Life and daily, I AM invited to Dream it, Create it, Live it!
---   ---   ---

OneGR8Life - Delivered Weekly… Tuesdays.
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!
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  • Authored by: Phillip A. Lopez
  • How to Dream, Create, Live Your One Great Life.