Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Destination; Destiny of Purpose - What Just Happened?

On the way into life…
I don't know what happens with the cutting of the umbilical cord. On the way into life, it sure seems that at this precise moment, someone hits the 'reset' button. Up to that moment everything seems to be just fine... protected, warm and cozy. We knew it all! - Just how much to eat, how much room we needed to stretch-out, just how big to grow, how much fun we were going to have when the big break-out occurred, just how kind the mirror was going to be when you stood there in your 'skinny' jeans...

Then the moaning and groaning, pushing and shoving starts-up and with a burst of energy into the world we come - SMACK! the hard drive unexpectedly crashes; System ERROR!, the blue screen of death appears, the operating system wiped out! Along with wiping-out the Operating Instructions, all memory of confidence and purpose are erased. We are left with few choices but to REBOOT. That's right, full system RECONFIG is required to regain all critical life processing. And, so YourOneGR8Life begins...

Everyone REBOOTS!...

Recognize that REBOOT may occur many times through the course of life. As a youth we experience a REBOOT with the physical changes occurring during adolescence. How about the change from secondary education into college/university life? And the transformation from student to professional? Think you might need a REBOOT from single to married? How about a REBOOT with the joyous additions to family?

Ever experience the need to REBOOT professionally, as you progress through career changes? What about the REBOOT necessary with the unexpected loss of employment? What about the REBOOT necessary with life altering illness? Or, the sudden loss of a loved one? How about the REBOOT necessary to emotionally recover from ‘soul-mate’ infidelity? Or from the critical nature of REBOOT from Married to Divorced? Think you may need to REBOOT in order to cope with the added responsibility of caring for an aging parent? Yes, through-out life REBOOT of the Human Operating System is a necessity!

So pick your current circumstance or a circumstance from your unique past, we all have encountered the need to REBOOT our Human Operating System. But, HOW?!?


Ever take a road trip? So many details are involved in the up-front planning. To begin with, we need to understand ‘who’ we are traveling with and 'where' we are going. You see immediately, we need not be concerned with HOW! This is due entirely because, Who’ and ‘Where' influences the entire planning process; from what to pack, to length of time we will stay, to availability of accommodations, and let's not forget the need for the correct road map!

I am always confused by the large number of seemingly intelligent people who are Ambitiously walking along the trail-side of life but, have No road map. You will take a road map or input your destination into your GPS for a road trip, and then choose to walk through your entire life with No Map and No Chosen Destination(?)

Don't you find that weird?

With No Chosen Destination, is it any wonder that we are more often than not forced to REBOOT. We have no other alternative. We chose to head out on the trail of life, no plan, no destination, no map - what were we possibly thinking? I think we should prepare a little better...

Destination; Destiny of Purpose

With great certainty,  I know that each of us has been put here for a purpose. The call of Destiny cries for release, we each have a unique destiny to uncover and fulfill. The light and clarity of that destiny unfolds when we are still enough, to hear the whispers of our truest desires. When you let that deep energy rise up from within, it will begin to shape your intentions, shape your thoughts, and especially your actions. 

SO, where do we begin this journey of Destiny…
Long ago, William Shakespeare observed a profound simplicity:

It is not in the stars to hold our Destiny;
but rather, In Ourselves!

Neatly tucked away within these words, is the first understanding to stepping forward into the journey of Destiny. The most empowering, transformational step that you can take in life is to discover the truth within. To close your eyes for a moment and ask…

                                       Who Am I?  

This timeless question has No Wrong Answer! It is a question that I encourage you to ask yourself every day.

  • Who Am I?  Quietly listen for the answer...  
  • Who Am I?  Listen deeply, receive each and every whisper from your soul... 
  • Receive, and ask again… Who Am I?

---   ---   ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to take away…)

Who Am I? Once I begin to understand Who I AM, I begin to open the door to infinite, abundant, possibilities.

Who Am I?
I AM my Deepest Desire!

As is my Desire, so is my Intention.
As is my Intention, so is my Will.
As is my Will, so is my Deed.
As is my Deed, so is my Destiny.

It is my OneGR8Life and daily, I AM invited to Dream it, Create it, Live it!
---   ---   ---

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