Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An Uncles Birthday Wish for His College Bound Niece~

Hey D, VERY Exciting times ahead  -  Off to College soon!! Very Cool- and I am sure there are moments when the uncertainty of life w/o the parentals might seem just a little overwhelming. Not to worry - You've got this covered!

Strange facts that you never knew about your Uncle...  The year I graduated High School, was the same year the Vietnam War draft ended. Yeah, I know just a paragraph or two that you were forced to read in your History class. But for me, at the time, this was a HUGE relief! I guess, I just didn't see the choices ahead as having much appeal -  Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Canada, College. And, although Grampa Al was pretty hard core on the College route, I wasn't so sure. So when the war draft ended, the decision making process was immediately postponed and I was free to do whatever I wanted. Independence is incredibly powerful. With this power of Independence, comes great responsibility.

Fortunately for me, Aunt Jan came along a few years later. And suddenly, life started looking a little more responsible. Almost instantly I found myself surrounded by new best friends, namely, Destination, Direction, and Determination.  And, when I finally embraced the value of increased education, life started moving in a much more positive direction. So much so that I finished my four-year studies in 3-years. Easy? Not even! So I say, embrace your independence and start working smartly - soon you will find that it really does get ya all charged up.

My Encouragement...   

As you start this next phase of life... do not select a major, Do Select a Purpose. A Major brings on a Job. A Purpose brings on an Adventure. I'm just saying - Major = Job = Boring! Purpose = Adventure = Unlimited Excitement; Your choice... 

Let me just add this, the cool thing is, Purpose does not travel alone. No, Purpose travels with some Very Good Friends named, Joy and Abundance. Are you seeing how this works? You invite Purpose to travel with you; Purpose then invites Joy and Abundance to tag along.

Now, here's the travel tip of the summer; Joy and Abundance travel with Purpose in effortless ease. Ease, sounds good - right? So HOW?!? does it work?  You see, when you are paying attention to your life, PHENOMENAL things occur. When you pursue your Purpose, you choose to chase the moments that light you up. When life lights you up, you build, one moment at a time, a life lived with passion, with intention, and fulfillment. When you do what you love, what you offer to the world - comes back to you in ways just far beyond your imagination. Recognize early, that there are no limits to what you can give.

Is there Anything that I cannot do? 

"No!" There is nothing that is not Obtainable. As Human's we have been coded to Dream, Create and Live -YourOneGR8Life. 

"You Can Be, Do, or Have Anything that you Desire."

This opens your life to start looking to satisfy some very large opportunities. You will need to find the simplicity and confidence in this fact -

“the difficulties which lie ahead,
while You are in pursuit of your Desire of Purpose,
are Always no more or no less proportional
to the reward of Obtainment.”

Think of it this way... Big Thoughts = Big Rewards. Simply anticipate proportionately, Big Difficulties. Once you accept this, the difficulties are tamed to be perceived as reasonable for the task... no more, no less.

For example, Cure for Breast Cancer = BIG Thought = BIG Reward... proportionately BIG Difficulties, BIG Collaboration, BIG Resource Commitment. Get the concept?  Do not allow yourself be over-powered by BIG; from where you stand now, there are things that are presently unfamiliar but, that should not prevent you from attempting.

“In the Pursuit of your Desire, to Be, or to Do or to Have...
If you can identify the Opportunity,
the solution must already be within you!
In all of life, You cannot identify,
what you do not already know.”

So, Happy Birthday, D! Know that I Love You Deeply and without condition.

Always With You! - Your Uncle

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Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

It's YourOneGR8Life - Dream it, Create it, Love it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WHY / WHY NOT: 5 Questions of Destined Receivership

The Starting Point of All Successes...

Before we start-up, take a look at your Map to Obtainment. Up-top, AMBITION. You need to understand that every desire starts with AMBITION; a simple notion, idea, or thought held in the brain, is eventually transformed into its physical equivalence through action. At this point, You are not to judge the validity of your notion, idea, or thought. If you find yourself entertaining thoughts of judging the validity of your notion, STOP! Look at your Energy Flow of Transformation; recognize that with your thoughts of judgement you are working from WHY NOT. In the state of judgement you are attempting to flow energy outward-to within. NOT GOOD! Clear your mind, for the time being - just allow your notion, idea or thought to exist, free of Judgement. Just like a single pearl sitting on your desk, just allow it to be there.

Hey Phil, hold-up!

Aaahhmm - I'm not sure that I've got a Destination or Desire of Purpose defined well enough.

Alright? I can appreciate this and I understand this. When Janice and I were judging the validity of our relocation to Bozeman, MT., I took out a single sheet of paper and drew a-line down the center, making two columns. One column titled, Why We Should Not relocate and, of course, the second column titled Why we Should relocate. Is this the mind-space that you are in?  (You see, we do share more in common than in difference.) Or, are you more in the mind-space of, I might be suffering from a lack of Ambition... having no notion, idea, or thought of purpose?  If you find yourself in either of these two mind-spaces, not to worry, I have a tool for that and its coming up in the next paragraph or two.


The drive from Bozeman, MT back to Los Angeles, CA is about 22 hours. Can you even imagine the string of reasons I came up with as I focused on WHY NOT? A 22 hour drive includes a good night sleep - trust me, Janice and I overhauled WHY NOT! I thought of, and imagined, every possible good and no good reason of WHY NOT. Then, a light came on...

If I continue to judge this relocation opportunity from the outside-looking in, in the spirit of WHY NOT, I can certainly convince myself that I should never get out of bed. So I decided to open the door from the inside. And, it came to WHY We Should relocate... My WHY column was alarmingly short! That's right... moving to Bozeman, MT., on the outside, on paper, made ABSOLUTELY no sense what-so-ever. There was no reason on the outside, physically and/or mentally, to do this thing. I had to leave a 6-figure income and embrace a complete career start over; Montana is 85% Agricultural and Ranching, I'm a Products Guy with an Engineering Degree. I had never moved more than 12 miles from the town I had grown-up in, Janice was still living in the same town that she had grown-up in; we had no family or friends in Montana. We had no experience with inclement weather, we both grew-up in warm and sunny... Yet, from within, it made perfect sense.

Why did it make such perfect sense from within? Because glaring at me were two reasons I COULD NOT walk away from. One read, the move to Bozeman, MT. will require me to reach a Higher Personal Potential. And, the second read, moving to Bozeman, MT. will require me to develop an unwavering relationship with the Source of Universal Intelligence. OMG! Here at last, wrapped in a blanket of Gratitude, I had Uncovered the virtues of Courage and Faith. 

So, Janice and I had come to the fork in the road; traditional and predicable or precarious and unknown? Robert Frost, had it right... The Road less traveled makes all the difference. We grabbed each others hand and we jumped into the unknown. I love my wife for amongst her greater qualities is her unsatisfiable sense of adventure. Her willingness to allow us to live this short life with no regrets; to look back and to never wonder, what if? or if only?

Destiny; The Questions of Receivership...

To help you gain comfort in the development of your destined Purpose... break out the 5 Questions of Receivership. Find a quiet space, read and answer the questions... completely, and honestly - Listen from within... your Highest Human Potential is calling. It is looking for a way out - relax... everything is going to be, ok! Answering the 5 Receivership Questions may take some time. You need not worry, you can rest in confidence! When you feel comfortable with your new resolve - just pick-up your Map to Obtainment and start where you left off. No rush, your Map will not change.

---      ---      ---

OneGR8Life -Delivered Weekly; Tuesday.
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

It is Your One Great Life. Learn How to - Dream it, Create it, Live it!

Authored by: Phillip A. Lopez
Creating Phenomenal: How to Dream, Create, Live Your One Great Life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh Damn… ~ I really stepped in It this time!

"When we find our lives in the Oh Damn mode,
the Ticking Clock is a pressure cooker
of added stress and burdensome anxiety!" 
 ~Phillip A. Lopez

More than once in my lifetime, have I come to recognize the sour scent of the Oh Damn mode. At such moments our only job is to learn HOW to control the flame and reduce the heat… while humbly initiating the restart sequence.

Initiate the Restart Sequence...

But, HOW?!?

The enemy we all face in the Oh Damn mode is emotion.
These emotions can range from;

  • Shame; for stepping into the sh!t of life,
  • Embarrassment; others can see the goo on your shoe,
  • Loss of Confidence; how could I be this ...

The added stress of choosing a directed starting point, soon becomes compounded by the anxiety of making the correct choice, multiplied by urgency and then complicated by the sudden unavailability of time. This undesirable paradox can easily become overwhelming to the point of choice paralysis; and may rapidly advance even to the point of psychological depression. 
Please do not fear... there is a direction out and this direction assures that there must be a Restart starting point.

The most significant point for you to remember is this...
~  Everyone Restarts!!!  ~

History is filled with all sorts of wonderful restarts by even the most adored public successes. So are you ready?

The Restart Starting Point...

Years ago I read an interview of Wally "Famous" Amos. What many have always found interesting about Wally is that he virtually started with nothing! Of course we all know that he Restarted and at one point he built a global enterprise around 'chocolate-chip cookies'.

In the interview Wally was asked, "HOW did you know where to get started?" At the time, Wally's reply caught me off guard. I figured he would weave a response filled with the requirements of great entrepreneurial skills, or the necessity to plan every detail, or the requirement to entice venture capital. But he didn't. In summary, his reply was, 'I started with me! I came, one day, to the realization that I was responsible for the outcome of my life. That my achievements in life would not come from the things that I Did Have; But rather, my achievements in life would have to come from the things that I Did Not Have. That if I really wanted to do something with my life, I was going to have to be responsible to make sure that I obtained these things.'

I am convinced that the point Wally was attempting to make was this; Restarting is 'an inside job'. That the starting point of all achievement begins with the person that stares back at you in the mirror! You know, the bloke you brush your teeth with every morning... Yeah, that guy!

Confident Enough...

Before we get along too far...
     let me ask you a very important question  -- 

Are you confident enough to stare into the eyes of your friend in the mirror? You will need to be! After all, the person in the mirror cannot survive without you. And you cannot survive without the person in the mirror.

So take a minute, go to the mirror... introduce yourself to that person (shoe goo and all). Take a good look at this person. Come on, take a good look! You are staring at the person who holds the keys to your share of the claim of achievement. Do you feel comfortable with what you see? What if you discover that, this is the person who keeps imposing false self-limitations? Are you determined enough to Restart this person?

You need to understand, from day one, that there are no elevators to success. That's right - You, like those who have Restarted before you, are gonna have to take the stairs. So, go ahead - Ask that person - If they are willing to travel down the pathway of Obtainment with you. Come on, you're traveling partners... ask if that person is tough enough to carry you through the ups and downs, through the sleepless nights, to stand with you through the early snow of Fall, through the bitter cold of Winter, through the blistering heat of Summer. Ask that person...

"So, how GOOD can you stand it?"

-- This is the starting point of recovery!

---      ---      ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to Take Away)

Imagine - No Limitations… Regardless, of your restart circumstance, you will deliver it through AMBITION - Not Anxiety, Not Panic, Not Sympathy, Not Self Pity!  Imagine for one minute that you have No Limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Have... only AMBITION will take you there!! YES, There is something extraordinary about the feeling received as I RESTART in the direction of fulfilling my purpose; while maintaining an Ambitious thought as simple as - I Can, I Will!

---      ---      ---

OneGR8Life -Delivered Weekly; Tuesday.
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

It is Your One Great Life. Learn How to - Dream it, Create it, Live it!
Authored by: Phillip A. Lopez

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You are Not Alone...

You are Not Alone...

“The Universe
Holds Nothing Back!

When we set our
Intention to Focus Upon
Infinite Possibility,
the Door Opens to our
Highest Human Potential.”
~Phillip A. Lopez

Recognizing Divine Assistance...

Here you find it ALL...

Your Dream of OneGR8Life requires great fortitude of Spirit. You are not meant to walk this path alone.

Divine Assistance is received through the inner reflection required to DISCOVER your Sourced Inspiration and Motive; sufficient to overcome your, false, Internal Fear.

This is a quite reflection of self-understanding. 

Here you come to realize that it is my OneGR8Life and I AM invited to Dream it, Create it, Live it. From within I have been Divinely granted the ability to overcome ALL restraints.  My OneGR8Life is lived from the Inside-Out. From this Source of incredible inner strength the Delivery of my unique Desire of Purpose prevails. Indeed, I Can BE, DO, or HAVE Anything that I Desire.

---   ---   ---
Mindful Moments: (Things for You to Take Away...)
If housed within me is the ability to see my opportunity of Desired Purpose, then also within, is the Inspiration and Motive to Overcome ALL Restraints. I chose my source of inner fear; I choose the sources of Inspiration and Motive to overcome the anxiety of this fear.

I AM More Powerful than I ever Imagined!
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OneGR8Life - Delivered Weekly; Tuesdays
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Sacred Formula of Ambition...

The Sacred Formula of Ambition

Ambition has created the likes of Ford, Carnegie, Edison, Rosa Parks, MLK, Gates, Oprah, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Page, Brin, and the list goes on-and-on. Ambition is also responsible for Great Parenting, Loving Relationships of Mutual Respect, and Raised Spiritual Awareness. Ambition will lead us to the cures of disease, to peace, to greater love and understanding.

The Sacred Formula of Ambition…

A single notion, which You hold in the Confidence of heart...
     I Can, I Will!

Not very flashy and pretty simplistic, wouldn't you say?

Yes! This may be the exact reason why we walk past it day after day. Preferring to create struggle and toil; we remain immune to the simplicity created through the adoption of four simple words.  

I Can, I Will…

Regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through Ambition - Not Anxiety! Imagine for one minute that you have No limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Have... only Ambition will take you there!!

Really? Can it be that simple? I guess you will never know, unless you try it…

---   ---   ---

Mindful Moment (Things for you to Take Away…)

I think I will try it - I Will conduct a little experiment.
  1. I Will find a piece of paper, or a post-it, or a 3x5 index card.
  2. At the top I Will write down one thing that I desire most, yet remains elusive. It could be something that I want to BE, or something that I want to DO, or something that I want to HAVE…
  3. Then, just below my written desire, I Will write, in BIG, BOLD letters… I Can, I Will
  4. Now, I Will place this card onto the mirror in my bathroom, where I brush my teeth - where I can read this in the morning and then again just before I go to sleep.
  5. I Will then take action on the thoughts that pop-into-my mind, towards the achievement of my desire.
  6. If I AM really smart I will create two more cards with my desire written on them… and place one in my purse or pocket,  and place the other on the center console of my car… near the gear selection lever. Don’t drive… tape one to your computer monitor or laptop or tablet.

Does all this sound a bit crazy? Don’t worry… we all have a bit of the crazy in us. Ford wanted to put a car into every garage. Disney talked to an imaginary mouse. Parks thought she had a civil right. My only desire is to Improve the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours! Yeah, I’d say crazy is perfectly normal.

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OneGR8Life - Delivered Weekly… Tuesdays
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!