Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dream, Create, Live: You are Designed to Achieve!

Over the past week my OneGR8Life has been consumed in a real life home improvement project. As you know, I remain very dedicated to the advancement and continued development of the OneGR8Life movement… Blogging, Tweeting, G+ posting, Community feeding - A full time job, on a part time budget. Often this means that I tend to neglect my at home responsibilities. I am confident that you know the dog-house state in which I occasionally find myself.

So this year on Valentines Day, I offered to the love of my life, 4 undisturbed days of total dedication. Now, after near 30yrs of marriage, to the same women, I am thinking, romantic sunsets along the California coastline, or, blissful hours of conversation adorned in bouquets of flowers, drenched in succulent chocolate. Well, I am sorry to report that I was in the wrong dream. Instead, my wife has only one request to fill these dedicated 4 days… remove the flooring, and add tile to the bathroom. That’s it?! Really? Really! I Love my Wife! She knows that she is married to an extremely talented individual, who will relentlessly pursue the immediate task before him and who cannot help himself from the delivery in excellence. She knows that once the hook is set, with the patience of a shoreline fisherman, all she has to do is reel in the line.

So how does this tie into with the OneGR8Life movement?
The tie is this,  
- (1) In life we are often faced with new challenges and changes... Up until last week, I had never laid tile before. It is amazing the things that you can learn, take action on, when pressed to change, and specifically when you are pressed to change with a deadline. 
- (2) Within each of our lives we share more in common, than we do in difference. In common we share… Distraction(s). Yes, that’s right - Distraction, in the plural; as in multiple opportunities to stall the start of a project, or to get knocked off track once we have the train rolling. For each of us lives a life that is filled with uncertainty! My bathroom tile project is a perfect example. I’m thinking 4 days in a seaside resort, only to end up on my hands-and-knees, pulling toilets, fitting cement board, mixing thin-set, inscribing lines in order to lay tile. (No, I am not for tiling hire… unless, it includes a 4 day stay at a seaside resort - then we can talk.)

This mild distraction spurred a thought of going dark with this weeks blog post. But, I like you - and, I couldn't do that! You see when you are dedicated, Passionate in the pursuit of your Purpose, you are overwhelmed with the need to ACHIEVE.

And so we start the ACHIEVEMENT Series; The last step to be found on our Map of Obtainment.

The significance of Achievement is that it stirs our soul, it illuminates within us the opportunity of delivery of our Highest Human Potential. As Humans, we are designed  to Dream, Create and Live. Towards the favor of our delivery, we have been Divinely granted the selection of choice. Unique to the survival of our spirit, as a species, we have been granted the luxury to choose ANYTHING, to BE, DO or HAVE.

Here in this perfect moment, you find yourself; you have been walking the trail, talking the talk towards the Dream and Creation of your OneGR8Life for some time now, Today, you stand at the doorway of initiating a new way of living. The Freedom to choose your direction of Passion, this, I have left to you. Yours, is not my life. I choose my Passion some time ago. I continue to Obtain it for myself, and I continue to encourage you to take the next step towards your greater fulfillment.

Will you join us?
-Are you in the middle of a project, that hasn't been as successful as you'd like? Don't discount your held notion, idea or thought - Do apply a different approach. Fear Not Everybody Reboots to rework the delivery of their Passion
- Do you find yourself in the midst of a life altering circumstance? Just Married? New to Kids? Recovery from Illness, Recent Divorce, Recently Retired, Recently Started a New Business and Forced to Get it Right the first time, Just Tired of the Same-old-same-old and looking to jump to the next level? Grab hold of yourself, move beyond despair, abandon uncertainty; I AM inviting you to... Move into Achievement.

---   ---   ---
NEXT-UP: So, there is an additional tool that you will find helpful towards Achievement. I will share this tool with you next week. To gain the maximum benefit from this tool, I need you to gather up this list of supplies that you will need for this final Achievement step;

1) Your Map to Obtainment - (Link; To Learn More)
5) Your Deepest Desire - (Link; To Learn More)
6) Your Completed iCard - (Link; To Learn More)

MINDFUL MOMENTS… (Take Away Thoughts):
Never before have I had so many tools laid before me, with the single motive of Improving My Human Condition. I AM a Powerful Creator. I AM capable of delivering so much more, and I have finally stumbled upon HOW?!? I WILL take the next step, I Will set aside Doubt and Uncertainty, I Will accept change as mere distraction; I AM Willing to accept my invitation of ACHIEVEMENT.
--- --- ---

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