Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OBTAINMENT: An Inside Job...

I have a Niece who heads off for a 5 month Disney internship. We had a chance to share some time together... Her Desire of Purpose, of course, to learn and contribute as much as possible, while also balancing the excitement of being on her own. The conversation went something like this...

What we have here is a failure to communicate!
As Obtainment is an inside job, we must clearly communicate two things:

1) As Humans we can improve our sense of accomplishment when we resist the temptation to confuse Success with Obtainment. A great way to separate the two is to consider Success as the pathway traveled to Obtain your life's purpose, to secure your happiness. In his model, we are then free to view Achievement as nothing more than the stepping stones to Obtainment. Achievement then becomes a daily self-management exercise. From this point we can clearly see that good self-management assures the successful accumulation of daily achievements. And, Daily achievement then insures accomplishment. Accomplishment is the vehicle of choice us we travel along the pathway towards Obtainment.
2) Obtainment can be accelerated when our internal traits are in sync with our Desire of Purpose (to Be, Do or Have). For example, if your Desire of Purpose is to Be a world-class expert on digital marketing, but you do not naturally possess, or are actively working toward attaining, the internal trait of caring for people - your bus will initially accelerate but, it is easy to conclude that through time that bus stalls. The inability or lack of desire to sync internal traits and external pursuits is a common pitfall that we all have faced!

As the achiever in us says, Charge!!!  The conscious mind immediately asks, well, WHO is going to do all this work,  or worse, the conscious says... There is no way I can get from where I am today, to where I want to be in one week, one month, one year, one lifetime. When this occurs, and for 80% of all humans this happens, we abandon our vision, lose focus of our Desire of Purpose, allow for complacency to take root, and eventually abandon our commitment to deliver our divinely assigned purpose. Once we fall back into this mode, we again resort back to aimless activities which hold no value or limited value at best. To correct or recover from this mode - REBOOT is required; that's right the loading of a new operating platform with upgraded and optimized instructions.

“One’s destination is never a place, 
but a new way of seeing things.” 
~Henry Miller

---      ---      ---
I have been working on a very special exercise which has been designed specifically to cement today's post into the everyday things that you do. I am especially pleased to announce this to you blog readers as an immediate exclusive. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I am working on a book and this exercise will be part of that publication; which looks to be taking shape with a Fall 2014 release. This means that you get to see the exercise a couple of months prior to its general publication. 

Now, I think I did a pretty good job on our Map to Obtainment. So you can pretty will guess that our SYNC exercise will deliver very high up there on the HOW?!? scale. I would encourage you to share this news within your network of family, friends, and connects; digital and face-to-face

Please, DO NOT MISS the Tuesday, August 6th, OneGR8Life post. I promise this post will REBOOT your thought process and revolutionize everything that you choose to do!

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Here, In your Corner...

-Have you ever seen a professional boxing event?  Ever notice all the activity in the Boxer's corner?

The corner is where all the action is!

Here, in the boxer's corner is the Boxing Coach, the Trainer, Medical Attendant and the chair guy. That's right, the 'chair' guy! In your corner, chair guy is your quite, unassuming support staff. As a Boxer -chair guy, is one of your most important assets. Think about it...

Oh sure, the Coach is screaming at you...
   - JAB, JAB!--

All very important instructions, without doubt. But, without Chair Guy - Your standing! Round 10, breathing hard -your standing! Round 13, exhausted and pummeled -your still standing. Without Chair Guy, who slips you a refreshing sip of water between rounds? And, if your main attraction doesn't go so well - without Chair Guy, who rushes to your aid and offers to pick you up off the canvas?

That's right... Chair Guy has only one perspective of motivation...
     Your Survival; You reaching your Highest Potential.

So here is what I want you to do -- I want you to think of me as your Chair Guy. I'm here in your corner for your highest potential. This Blog is your chair. The words are your sip of water. I can't fight-the-fight for you. But, I will remain faithful to the pursuit and to the obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. You fight confidently! And, don't Worry, I will be here to pick you up in the outside chance your main event doesn't go so well.

Now, get back out there - Cover Up and Keep Charging!

---      ---      ---

I am so filled with gratitude to have you in my life. I want to say Thank-You in advance, for allowing me to be part of your life. Your continued readership guides me to remain faithful to my passion - Improving the Human Condition.

It is Your OneGR8Life!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Obtainment: AMBITION-to-Uncover

This weeks, Thought to Carry:

Who am I?

  --To Obtain my
        Desire of Purpose,
   Who do I need to become?--

"If no changes were necessary
for You to live your OneGR8Life, 
You'd already be there."
                 ~Phillip A. Lopez

Let's Go...
Time to hit the trail! Time for us to take the next step. With AMBITION in-arm, we venture to Uncover the Internal Virtues which are ultimately necessary to transform your Desire of Purpose into it's physical equivalence. Over the next couple of posts you will come to learn that, these very special internal virtues have already been embedded in your Human Operating System. To Uncover these virtues, will prove to be extraordinarily useful.

Excuse me... -- Do you mind if I ask; HOW?!? will I Uncover them? --
Of course, not. You didn't really think that the universe would lead you this far along and leave you with no tools... did you?  Fear Not... Everybody REBOOTS! Just like your Map to Obtainment, the universe will provide you with all the tools necessary. Remain Faithful to the delivery of your Desire of Purpose. Remain faithful to the fact that the universe needs you to deliver your piece of the puzzle; that you have been created to obtain your Highest Human Potential.

Stay and Move with Confidence...
Do you know why 90% of us the move to "can't" when we come face-to-face with the opportunity of our Highest Human Potential?  You need to Stop this...

Next time, Accept your opportunity and Stay Confident; If, You are able to see the opportunity of your Desire of Purpose, the solution MUST already be within You. You cannot see what you do not already know. Again, If you can see what you desire to Be, Do or Have, your Desire of Purpose, the solution for it's transformation must already be within you. Your response to recognized opportunity must be to take action and to take action quickly!

Post these words by Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady, where you can see them often.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

--I have these words posted just above the gear shift lever in my car... the gear shift is usually the last thing I look at and touch just before I exit the car. The words remind me to courageously take action until I return. Upon my return, I am free to move onward to my next point of action, where I am reminded to take courageous action...--

Control Your Attitude...
I Won't, I Can't, I Don't Know HOW, I'll try, I Can, I Will, I Did. Your rate of Obtainment starts with the only thing that You own: Your Attitude! A positive mental attitude can and must be developed. Yes, it will take practice and you must exercise it regularly.

Practice and Exercise? YES! This should be
No Problem for You - You have decided to Own your Destiny; you've decided to move in confidence, you have accepted your assignment to take action.. this is just HOW you roll!

"As A Man Thinkth in his heart, so is he."
~King Solomon

---      ---      ---
Still with me?  Still Carrying your thought of the week?

Who am I?
--To Obtain my Desire of Purpose, Who do I need to become?--

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

AMBITION: Where Did Everybody Go?

With Map in hand... to the trail head, we go!

As we begin walking let's make sure that we have a good confident feeling about the journey we embark on. Let's review...

What are we doing?
 -Embarking on the journey to Obtainment and Delivery of my Highest Human Potential.
Where do I go first?
 -We are following the Map. Step One...
     --AMBITION: Transformation of a Notion, Idea or Thought to a Desire of Purpose (to Be, Do or Have).
How do I Feel?
  -Excited, Courageous, Enthused, A bit Anxious, Thankful for the Map, A little Uncertain; I venture to change my circumstance yet, I AM  still not convinced I know HOW?!?

Remain confident in your Map! Take a look at it again... recognize that it is a loop. Like a trail through a garden, be courageous in knowing that you cannot get lost if you stay on the trail; you will return to start again. Little steps at first - then we will move to larger steps, and jumps, and running. Rest assured you are not alone in your Uncertainty.
Where did Everybody Go?
As young people our entire development is spent being told WHAT to Do, When and Why to do it. With warm smiles and words of congratulations, comes the encouragement from family and friends to reach for more. Words from spiritual leaders, to lead and live a better life; to become the best that you can be. Then one day you come of age and ask HOW?!? On that day, did you notice, suddenly, the room went dark and silent. The response, if any, is typically filled with opinion; which we all hold as our own individual truth. Opinion is simply based on our internal digestion of personal experience and delivered in preference. But the HOW question was not submitted in solicitation of opinion. It was submitted in attempt to unroot fact!

More Confidence; The Map you hold, is not based on fiction or opinion. It’s foundation is fact! Proven again, and again through the history of mankind. So, let’s look to uncover a couple more known facts. You will use these facts to build your HOW in the days ahead.

In AMBITION - Own Your Destiny...
To begin with you will need to Own your Destiny; To be responsible for the things that you choose to do and the things that you choose not to do - you will need to take the ball and shoot! As basketball great, Michael Jordan once said, "In my life, I've failed over and over again and that is why I succeed."

Design Your Own Life...
There once lived a man by the name of Jim Rohn. Jim Obtained legendary status in his delivery of personal and business development guidance. Rohn teaches us that we must design our own life. If you do not, there is a very high probability that you will fall into someone else’s plan. If you let this happen there is absolutely no way for You to Obtain Your Highest Human Potential. If you allow yourself to fall into someone else’s plan, can you guess what they have planned for you?  Not Much!

Stepping Stones...
So we walked upon three very important stones today.
1) I AM not alone in Uncertainty. My confidence will stem from the proven Map to Obtainment, which is in my possession. Ownership of the map increases my courage to take small steps forward as I learn to Dream, Create and Live my OneGR8Life.
2) I AM responsible for the things I choose to do, as well as, the things that I choose not to do. I own the design of my life. In moments of setback or success it is ALL my OneGR8Life.
3) I AM responsible to Dream, Create and Live my OneGR8Life. I must not allow my OneGR8Life to become subject to someone else's plan for me. My OneGR8Life is internally driven; in order for me to Be, Do or Have More, I must plan to become more.

---      ---      ---
This weeks, Thought to Carry:  Who am I?
   --To Obtain and Deliver my Desire of Purpose, Who do I need to become?--

"If no changes were necessary
for You to live your OneGR8Life, 
You'd already be there."
~Phillip A. Lopez
---      ---      ---

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

REBOOT: Hall Pass Requested...

I often refer to the necessity in our daily lives to REBOOT...

On this Saturday, I find myself in exactly that spot. This week, Thursday to be exact, I was involved in a bit of an industrial accident and smash my left thumb.

This unfortunate occurrence was neither planned nor desired. Fortunately, I have a Map! This map will allow us to REBOOT with the simplest of ease and keep us on course.

So, on this Saturday as I hunt and peek at my keyboard, I will ask you for a hall pass....

Below, you are going to find our 5-most popular post. Oddly, enough they are 5 of the most enlightening posts. (You all know great content when you read it.) These 5-posts are also some of my most heart strong and favorite posts.

Top Five...
5) REBOOT: Ambition of Purpose
      -If you are like most, when you hear the words,
Ambition of Purpose
-one of two primary reactions occur;
4) REBOOT: Process or Event
-The Event... The Process...
Fear Not - Everybody REBOOTS!
3) Nurturing AMBITION: Your First Thought
-Is their Anything I Cannot Do?
No! There is Nothing that is Not Obtainable...
2) REBOOT: In Pursuit of Purpose
-In the Pursuit of Purpose,
Let's Review the Players...
1) REBOOT: A Map to Obtainment
-Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams...
Live the OneGR8Life
you have imagined.

---      ---      ---

Thank-You for the hall-pass. I look forward to earning your continued readership. I look forward to our continued journey toward the OneGR8Life that you look to Dream, Create, and Live.

As always, feel free to post any Questions / Comments - Here
I ask that you share this Blog-site with your network, connections and community of friends and family - After all, they too deserve to live OneGR8Life.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nurturing AMBITION: Your First Thought

First, and foremost, Thanks
for all your Tweets, Posts, Shares, G+'s and questions surrounding our last post..

It appears that it would be helpful to expand a bit further, on two topics -

1) The root of my confidence,
2) If a person currently found themselves, uncertain of their purpose, is there a first thought?

These are two very significant and appropriate questions. Especially, in consideration of the fact that we are only just beginning along the path for Obtaining Your Highest Human Potential.  (Newbies... Grab your Map here... Join Us on the trail - we are at AMBITION)

So let's get started...

Is there Anything that I cannot do?
"No!" There is nothing that is not Obtainable. As Human's we have been coded to Dream, Create and Live -OneGR8Life. "You Can Be, Do, or Have Anything that you Desire."

There are some of you that are looking to satisfy some very large opportunities. You will need to find the simplicity and confidence in this fact - the difficulties which lie ahead in the pursuit of your Desire, are Always no more or no less proportional to the reward of Obtainment. Big Thoughts = Big Rewards. Simply anticipate proportionately, Big Difficulties. Once you accept this, the difficulties are tamed to be perceived as reasonable for the task... no more, no less. For example, Cure for Cancer = BIG Thought = BIG Reward... proportionately BIG Difficulties, BIG Collaboration, BIG Resource Commitment. Get the concept?  Do not allow yourself be over-powered by BIG; from where you stand now, there are things that are presently unfamiliar but, that should not prevent you from attempting.

In the Pursuit of your Desire, to Be, Do or Have... If you can identify the Opportunity, the solution must already be within you!  -  You cannot identify, what you do not know.

The stated question was - 
 -You seem pretty confident here...  What justifies this confidence?

My confidence is rooted in:
-We each have come to this earth in possession of a brain. Each brain has it's own capacity, everybody has been coded with their own desire of purpose. And, 
-My own personal experience of achievement and accomplishment.  My 25 year, pursuit of desire was to figure out, HOW?!?  To create and prove a solution to the Obtainment of your Desire. I didn't ask for mega-riches, I didn't ask for a garage filled with Maserati's, I asked for HOW?!? That's what I got - That's what I share with you!

We are unable to deny the fact that each of has appeared on earth with a brain. Whether we choose to fully utilize the potential of that brain is the subject for a different discussion. But, a brain you have! 

The fact that you are in full possession of that brain, connotes that for your individual circumstance, the pursuit of your unique purpose, you are already in possession of all the standard equipment necessary to achieve and accomplish; Anything!

But, I am not as smart as the next guy...  That cannot be an excuse in the delivery of your purpose. With little effort, has your brain not carried you this far in life? Your brain HAS everything necessary to carry you to the solution of ANY problem that will be presented to you in your OneGR8Life. It HAS to be this way! Your opportunities, for your brain. My opportunities, for My brain. Your Brothers/Sisters/Fathers/Mothers opportunities, for your Brothers/Sisters/Fathers/Mothers brain. 

How did I realize this?  I grew up with set of incredibly smart brothers. This made standing out very competitive... in a loving kind-of way. My oldest brother; You know the gifted athlete, incredible learning ability - 'A' student type, the see something and walk into the garage and build-it type. My next youngest brother; the Golden touch - you know every time he puts his thumb into the pie and pulls it out there is $100 on the end. And, then he just smiles all the way to the bank. Do you know people like this?

Well, that wasn't me! I started by carrying buckets of sand, with holes in the bottom of the bucket. But that didn't stop me! I figured out HOW to repair the bucket and then figured out HOW to haul the buckets faster. I knew that I Could, I knew that I Would - and that was enough!!

Now comes Your Turn!!
At the end of our last post we came to the conclusion that You have complete control of every thought that you choose to keep or discard. That it is your OneGR8Life and, that you are responsible to Dream it, Create it and Live it.  Oddly enough, Someone asked HOW?!?

I understand that there are some who are traveling with us who have not yet determined their desire of purpose. For you, you just need a starting point. Guess what? I have a great place for you to start. If you are having difficulty nailing down your desire of purpose; start by taking the time to answer this one simple question... ready?  
Answer this: In my OneGR8Life, I Will... (Be, Do, or Have).  There is no right or wrong answer here. I am not asking you to answer where the money , time or other necessary resource will come from... we will take care of that soon enough.

The answer to this question flows from the inside-outwards. It is initiated as you listen to your spirit - your spirit cries out your Desire of Purpose on a constant basis. You have to listen and transform what you hear into words. Is your first rendition perfect? Not Likely!  Is your first rendition likely to be the only rendition of your entire life? Probably, Not. - Remember, Everyone REBOOTS!  The whole purpose of you having your map is to ease the REBOOT process.

Let's Prime the Thought Pump...
Today you are being called to initiate the delivery of the greatness that lies within. Do you have what it takes to Dream, Create and Live your greatness? Do you have the AMBITION to Dream, Create and Live your greatness. You must write it down, to get started---

Your First Thought.

As we progress through this blog series you will uncover many fundamentals in the
development of your Highest Human Potential. To help get your thought process started -
Write the following down in your journal and then again on a couple of post-it notes and
place them where you can see them through-out the day... Nightstand, Bathroom Mirror, Wallet, Computer Monitor, Smart Phone, maybe even set the words up as your
screen saver.

Ready?  Write this down...

--- I, ( your name ), WILL receive an Abundance of ALL good things.
ex. I, Phillip A. Lopez, WILL receive an Abundance of ALL good things.

This becomes your first thought as you begin to uncover your desire of purpose.

Go ahead and live this thought for the next week, or a lifetime if you so desire. Enjoy
the results.

---      ---      ---

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It's Your OneGR8Life: Abort - Retry - Ignore.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AMBITION: Freedom of Choice...


What is all this noise about 'expectancy', and 'receiving', and 'abundance', and 'ALL Good Things'?

Certainly, you are not talking about my life...

Quite truthfully, I AM, talking about your life. Specifically, about your OneGR8Life!

Here, go back to your Map of Obtainment. See up-top where it reads AMBITION.  That's were your OneGR8Life starts! 

Why start Here?  The answer is simplicity. You see, regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through AMBITION - Not Anxiety, or Luck, or the Breaks! Imagine for one minute that you have No limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Give... only Ambition can take you there!!

Nurturing Your AMBITION...
Think about this... Do you, for one second, think that the Creator has placed you on earth, in this exact place in time and you are not expected to deliver your Highest Potential; to Obtain your Desire of Purpose? Your Purpose, to Be, Do, or Have, is embedded into your life code. Just as the Creator has coded an acorn to grow into a might Oak, and expects that every bud will flower into its greatest radiant beauty; so too are you to Deliver your Highest Human Potential.

Something IS expected of you in exchange for the space that you are consuming. Nobody can ride the planet for free! At some point we all pay the exchange rate for every breathe we have taken. You have already received an Abundance of ALL good things. Now, you must look to deliver in your Greatest Abundance, you must deliver ALL good things!

Intention Rules the Universe...
There should be little doubt in our minds surrounding the truth of this statement. As it is the Creator's intention that all Human life obtain their Highest Potential; The Creator has placed every living thing, at the footsteps of mankind. As reinforcement, in the spirit of accomplishment, The Creator then embellishes mankind with the greatest of all gifts... the Freedom of Choice.

That Humankind inherit the responsibility of free choice, represents unchallengeable support and confidence, in the Creators desire that we are to achieve our Highest Potential. This extends to the responsibility to uncover and deliver Your unique Purpose. You must understand that it is Your earthly duty to Choose ‘anything’ which You Desire to Be, to Do or to Give.

I know, it seems unbelievable...  Anything?

ANYTHING!!!   -  Pretty Remarkable!!  Don’t You Agree?

Don't you just LOVE it???   ---   Anything...-   Your Choice...   -   Think BIG!!

Support of this fundamental comes through the Natural Laws of Physics and Meta-Physics... Newton's Laws of Action/Reaction, Cause and Effect, Motion and Equilibrium; Einstein's Relativity, even the natural Law of Attraction.

Now it becomes clearer - Only you have complete control of every thought that you choose to Keep or Discard.  You have to understand and except this as fact. From here you realize that, It is your OneGR8Life! And, Only You are responsible to Dream it, Create it, Live it. I can only serve to help to inspire you or to motivate you. But, I am not responsible to live it for you... That is your job, That is ALL on you!

---   ---   --- 

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The REBOOT Series (7)

FEAR Not...
Everybody REBOOTS!
~Phillip A. Lopez

At this point I can only repay your dedicated readership with Thanks!

Please, know that I appreciate all for your continued support -- I am indebted to you for your votes of confidence.

I have started to write our first book;
It's Your OneGR8Life:
Abort - Retry - Ignore.

I will make it available via Amazon / Kindle.  I am writing it as a series of installments. My current intent will be to release each installment as I complete them. The current mind map shows 7 installments. The objective is to make each installment about a 20-30 minute read. Life is busy enough, I figured the burden should be placed on me to condense the information enough to allow you to get through it in a single weekend without becoming over bearing. You should figure the total series of installments to cost you no more than a weeks worth of Venti Machiato's... Rest assured that I will advise you of the release dates through the Blog Post and website. 

I am dedicated to being a HOW?!? resource for you, this means that the book will also include a series of exercises just, to make sure that you have every opportunity to Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life.

The REBOOT Series...
Below you find the Post's which take us through the REBOOT Series.  If you were to walk through each post once again, you would recognize that the message is sequential... the message within each post leads directly into the message of the next post. Beginning with the Human Operating System - ending with your Map to Obtainment. The Map will be our guidance for the next series of post.

I remain dedicated to Improving the Human Condition, -Specifically, Yours!

The REBOOT Series

0622 - The Human Operating System

0625 - The Ticking Clock

0627 - Packed and Ready

0629 - Initiate

0702 - Process or Event

0704 - Obtainment of Purpose

0706 - A Map to Obtainment

---      ---      ---

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

REBOOT: In Pursuit of Purpose...

"In the Performance of Life, the
event of Obtainment is absolutely no different; 
    You cannot tell a player, without a program." 
~Phillip A. Lopez 

In the Pursuit of Purpose, Let's Review the Players...


The opposite of Courage is not cowardice.  No, the opposite of courage is conformity. It takes no courage to conform; to do the same thing as everybody else, to think like everybody else, to achieve as little as everybody else.  Courage begins when you decide to differentiate your life from others. Courage is initiated in a single thought rooted in - I Can, I Will. Towards our continued existence, courage is a useful tool of fight or flight protection. And is, instrumental when employed towards Obtainment. To our detriment and possible defeat, conformity will diminish and possibly erase achievement, nullify time and render purpose as useless.

Success, in its most rudimentary form has been defined as; the progressive realization of a worthy desire. If a person is working towards a predetermined desire and knows what he/she is doing... That person is a success! If he/she is not doing that he/she is failing; falling behind.

You need to realize that there is no grey here.  Just Black and White...  Have or Have Not... Success or Failure... You cannot afford to get stuck on the fence here. You must make a move. You must pursue a desire or get left behind!

Desire takes its shape in the form of purpose. It is characterized by one of the three paths of direction; to Be, or to Do, or to Have. 

Desire of Purpose has a unique way of hiding just outside of our peripheral vision. It likes dancing in and out of view, teasing our emotion... now you see me, now you don't. Do to it's flighty nature, we are often times not amused enough to play chase. It is easiest to capture Purpose through the vocal point of Intent. Once you begin to identify Purpose through Intent, the dance ends, into the clarity of daylight does it shine.

 Intent of Purpose... look for it to transform itself in 1-of-2 ways or in a combination as follows;
  1) Desire of Purpose will transform through an idea or philosophy (Save the Whales, Stop Global Warming, Fight Against Cancer, Advance and Promote Highest Human Potential...) or,
  2) Desire of Purpose manifest itself into a physical presence.  (a Research Hospital, a Museum, a Light Bulb, a Handheld Mobile Device, a bundle of Problem Solving Software...)

In this context, it is easier to recognize success as a journey of desire, traveled along a created path. Here we discover that success is not a destination, or end-point -but rather a continuum; a worthy purpose enveloped in time and achievement.

Achievement is the collection and the accumulation of single acts focused along the success continuum. Achievement in this light, can be visualized as the stepping stones creating the safe passage through a garden pathway. Each stone becomes critical to assuring progress along the path. Ultimately, through time, allowing for the accomplishment of continued movement from one end of the path-to-the other.

Accomplishment is a collection of achievements. Accomplishment marks the completion of a section of stepping stones. Each section becomes critical as a marker of progress along the path which you create in your pursuit to obtain. The natural by-product of Accomplishment is, Satisfaction. Satisfaction ignites the euphoria required to initiate 'ambition' and we begin again.

The first step in the Dream, Create, Live sequence of your OneGR8Life, is to bundle your thoughts into a Desire and form them into the words of Purpose; to Be, Do or Have.

---      ---      ---
My Desire; (to DO) -To Improve the Human Condition.
My Purpose; (idea) -Advance and Promote Highest Human Potential.
---      ---      ---

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

REBOOT: Ambition of Purpose

When You Think about
     Your One Life...

Do You Think You have
     So Much More to Offer?

If You Could Only Figure-Out;

     You are at the Right Spot!

It is Your OneGR8Life
     -Dream it, Create it, Live it!

Ambition of Purpose...

If you are like most, when you read the words, Ambition of Purpose - one of two primary reactions occur;
  - 1) Your Mind wants to block this out...
  - 2) Your pulse quickens and a funny anxiety of nervousness arises in your spirit.

There is a very simple reason for this. It's called accountability, or the lack there-of.

Most have no answer for the question; What are you looking to deliver in your OneGR8Life? Because we have no answer the Mind will appreciate it if you simply move to the next question... this is called avoidance. As a condition of convenience, the brain goes here when we have not prepared it sufficiently or when the answer to a question is larger than it is prepared to immediately resolve. 

The Mind does not like being unprepared!  Unprepared is not in the operating instructions. If You allow it to, it will spend it's entire existence protecting you from things you are unprepared to answer. This is why we wrestle with HOW?!?  I would venture to estimate that 85% - 90% of us are simply unprepared to answer this. 

But NOT You... I gave You a MAP. A Map to Obtainment! This Map outlines the path to the Discovery and the Delivery of your Highest Human Potential. You may not have traveled the entire path, or written the answers to every step that will be required for you to deliver your Desire of Purpose. But, You find comfort in the fact that your Map gives you both Destination and Direction. This is Extraordinarily Powerful!!

So now what?  

Now, we begin the journey to Obtainment... You do have your map... right?

A Critical Fact...

In support of our existence the creator allows each of us to Be, Do or Have, anything that we desire. This is a critical fact and worthy of restating; 

 -- Every Human Has Been Given the Divine Right to Pursue Something.  

In this regard, life then becomes a mission. Given this understanding of mission, we all have something, some purpose, to pursue!  It then becomes our duty to uncover our purpose... To uncover the 'something' that we are intended to pursue and deliver. With ‘purpose’ as your life duty, you can recognize the significant disappointment if you leave earth without it's obtainment.


Everyone who engages in the serious pursuit of their mission, at some point in life will uncover this truth;  Obtainment is an inside job!  Once discovered, it is what we do with this realization that greatly improves our odds of completing your mission.

If it is our Divine duty in life to un-cover our 'something', our pursuit, and if Obtainment is an inside job, then we must be self-equipped with the necessary features to uncover our purpose and more importantly, to accomplish our mission. So what then is the missing link between having something to pursue and its obtainment?

I know that, you came looking for HOW?!? and I left you hanging with an other question.

So, take a deep breathe, in through the nose, and exhale, out across the lips. Try it again... In / Out. There - you feel better already.

So Very Close...

I can leave you with these encouraging words... 

 -You are closer to your Dream, your Desire of Purpose, than you will ever imagine.

 -I Hereby, Grant You permission to Think Big!  You can Be, Do, or Have Anything. Here is the beauty of Thinking Big; Big Thoughts are as easy to come by and cost just as much energy to create as Little Thoughts. So, the best bang for your buck... is a Big Thought.

---      ---      ---

Having trouble getting started?  Never really gave Purpose much thought in the past?

Try Answering this: Before I leave the face of this earth I Must (Be, Do, Have)... 
IT will take a little quite time to find this answer... Shut the radio off on the drive to work - that always helps me... Watch-out for avoidance-

To make sure that you keep your direction of purpose pointed in the right direction. do not hesitate to review the following past blog posts:

Now, Correct me if I am wrong...  I know that You are brilliant enough to grab a notebook or journal or to start a 'note' in your smart-phone. I am confident that You labeled it : My OneGR8Life.  I will 'help' you, but, I CANNOT do the work for you!

---   ---   ---

Questions / Comments: Post Here or Post in Confidence.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

REBOOT: A Map to Obtainment

So what do you think, do we need a map to outline a path to the Obtainment of Highest Human Potential; the delivery of your Divine Purpose?

I think yes, - a map to outline the path to obtainment would be highly effective and extraordinarily useful.

But let me ask... Do you know where we can find this map? Do you know if such a map even exist? Has anyone ever shared with you the knowledge of ever having seen such a map? Come on, we'll need to start somewhere...

The Prerequisites...
The Journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. So it is with the discovery, pursuit and delivery of our Highest Human Potential.  Before we start, lets check to make sure we have all the essential provisions for such an Ambitious journey.

1) Highest Human Potential... Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential; this is your Divine Purpose!
2) Divine Significance... The transformation of purpose, replaces the attainment reaction cycle. This transformation flows outward from within us; in exchange for our life on earth we are to uncover and give our life purpose. Our give is significant for the improvement of the human condition.
3) Fortitude...  Your significance was handed to you Divinely with the cutting of the umbilical cord. Your Highest Human Potential is Obtained through the transformation of your unique Divinely granted purpose. This Divine Purpose; You cannot give it back... you cannot bury it in the backyard... you cannot run from it...  you can only deliver it.

GREAT! We have everything and it all seems to be in order!  Ready?

Oh Yeah... The MAP.  Silly ME!

I promised that I would share the REBOOT map with you this week. So it will come to you in three pages. All the pages are in this post. I will also add links to full size copies.

The map will outline a repeatable and reusable process for the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. I have used and refined this map over the course of the past 15-20 years. At one point of refinement, I used it for my sales team of 10, to move us for our #87/100 ranking to top 6 in less than 12 months. I am confident that you will find extreme value in it and that you will find many points of application in your life.  So let's get started.

Obtainment Defined...
OBTAINMENT: The External Radiation from within
of Highest Human Potential; the fulfillment Ambition
of Divine Purpose. The utilization of internal virtues
for the transformation of a notion, idea or thought,
to a Desire of Purpose, to Be, Do or Have,
into its Physical Equivalence.

Map of Obtainment...
Just as every road trip and holiday travel plan includes a destination... so does your life! We Start here because we should never forget Obtainment as the Destination. This is why you unloaded from your back-pack all of your past circumstance of frustrations. This is why you will continue to add stones of greater value as you travel the path.

Notice that Obtainment is at the center, surrounded by a repeatable path. This is not by coincidence! The journey to Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life requires stop and start points. You see, the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential, the delivery of your Divine Purpose, will have many foreseen and unforeseen REBOOT opportunities. It is paramount that you maintain the ability to pick-up where you left off. Without this feature, You WILL continue to walk in hopelessness and aimlessly. You cannot afford to let this happen! From this day forward, You WILL now walk with Direction and Destination.

With this simple map, You have Gained the tool necessary to assure the completion of your journey. Eliminated is the Anxiety of starting, only to stop; followed by the Frustration of not knowing where to start again. Gained is the flexibility of a repeatable, and proven process.

Shall we fill in the path with easy to follow stepping stones?

A Map of Value Proposition...
Why a 'Value' Proposition?

Because this path proposes a continuum of returned value. Along this path, the more that you give, the more that you feed the process, the more it returns back to you. Before you is a loop of endless possibilities and unlimited potential.

When you come to the point of exhaustion and doubt, and trust me - You are bound to reach this point, to regenerate the cycle - you only need to pick any single stone and give from that point. As you 'give', you initiate the cycle to receive. This 'give' invigorates the Human Spirit to eliminate both exhaustion and doubt.

Behold, If at anytime along your journey to Obtainment you become completely overwhelmed in bewilderment or find yourself in a total state of progress paralysis, simply start with rejuvenated Ambition.

The First Stepping Stone: AMBITION!

We have been through this. Ambition is the Starting Point of all success. Ambition 'always' travels with Achievement and Accomplishment. Starting or REBOOTing from here is guaranteed to initiate clarity of thought and action.

Please note: We have added a very specific note of Instruction, just below the definition of Obtainment:
Through Affirmation this Desire of Purpose is Infinitely
supported to Achievement, by Intention and Motive, in exchange
for the discovered capacity to overcome restraint while
in pursuit of improvement to the human condition.

DO NOT underestimate the power of Affirmation! DO NOT overestimate your self-confidence to remember tomorrow the journey of Obtainment that you started today. Distraction(s) are the foreseen and unforeseen activities which lead to the abandonment of initiated purpose. Thus, Always carry your map. And, continuously affirm your delivery of purpose.

Shall we connect the stones; to assure continuous passage from beginning-to-rebeginning, from Start-to-REBOOT?  Fear Not... Everyone, REBOOTS!

"Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams. 
Live the OneGR8Life you have imagined and
have been Divinely granted to Deliver."
~Phillip A. Lopez

The Map! 
Obtainment of Highest Human Potential.
REBOOT is a Process, not a singular event. You will learn to find great comfort in the Simplicity of the connectivity presented here. The seamless transitions from one stone to another. Repeatable! Reusable! Pretty convenient, don't you agree?

The coordinated efforts initiated through Ambition; the transformation of a Notion, Idea or Thought into a Desire of Purpose, to Be, or Do or Have. Can you take a piece of paper, record your idea; and transform that idea into a written Desire of Purpose?

If you took this Desire of Purpose and attempted to envelop it with internal virtues required to Deliver; do you think it would lead you to the Discovery of Inspiration and Motivation?

Can you see how you have broken the 'attainment' cycle? Suddenly the added value to live has transitioned from an out-to-in reaction of unfulfillable attainment, to the in-to-out reaction of Divine Purpose; for the Improvement of the Human Condition.

You now hold the keys to your sustained Significance. With map in hand, you are free to initiate our contribution of Divine Purpose.

What's that you ask?  HOW?!?

Not to worry... I have a tool for this!

---      ---      ---

All right - I'll need some feedback...
Shy?  You can always post in confidence...

---      ---      ---
I promised Map Links...  Here you go -

  - REBOOT: Map of Obtainment
  - REBOOT: Map of Value Proposition
  - REBOOT: Map of Highest Human Potential

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

REBOOT: Obtainment of Purpose...

Don't wait; the time will never be 'just right'.
Start where you stand, and work with 
whatever tools you may have at your
command, and better tools will be
found as you go along the way."
~Napoleon Hill

At the center of your
OneGR8Life is the 
Obtainment of your 
Highest Human Potential.

I know... 
        But, HOW?!?

The answer to HOW?!? stems
from a deeper understanding
of the differences between
our social desire to Attain
and the deeper divine
desire to Obtain.

The Subtle Differences...
The social pressure is to devalue your life through Attainment. This social pressure to attain, to touch, to reach out and grab at, drives you to experience life in reaction. In this sense, we are digging in the wrong hole. Living life in reaction, is typically void of internal purpose. 

The Attainment approach presumes that in order to reach your Desire, there must be completion; the successful accomplishment of something. Enter the madness... in the attainment cycle there is NO accomplishment; there is No end. This lifestyle only desires to touch more, creating a larger void, driving the desire to touch more, and the void only gets bigger. Recognize that this void cannot be satisfied; the desire to touch more, only produces the drive to touch more... an unending cycle.  So let's break the cycle!

I know... But, HOW?!?

At the fork in the Road...
At the fork fork in the road there are only two paths, the paths are clearly marked; attainment and obtainment. We have already deduced the folly of leading a life driven to attainment. You know what this means? Time to REBOOT!

That's right - No harm in REBOOTing... It's your OneGR8Life - No one says that you cannot break-out of the attainment cycle.  Maybe you don't appreciate a reactionary life? Maybe you would like to 'hold' the responsibility to Dream, Create and Live the life of your choosing; versus the life being fed to you in reaction? The reasons to break-out of the attainment cycle are as unique as your finger-prints, and as plentiful as the stars. Your life has greater value than any object which can be touched in attainment!

So what do you think, do we need a map to outline the path to Obtainment? I think yes, - a map to outline the path to obtainment would be highly effective and extraordinarily useful. Do you know where we can find this map? Do you know if such a map even exist? Has anyone ever shared with you the knowledge of having ever seen such a map? Come on, we'll need to start somewhere...

Highest Human Potential...
Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential; this is your Divine Purpose! The Obtainment of your Divine Purpose is NOT some'thing' that you can acquire/purchase; you cannot Attain this in the form of collection, you cannot touch your notion, idea or thought of Divine Purpose. Divine Purpose is some'thing' we Obtain; we 'hold' within us our Desire of Purpose in the form of a notion, idea or thought. Your Highest Human Potential is the utilization of your divinely granted abilities to transform your 'Purpose' into its physical equivalence - to BE, or to DO, or to HAVE.

Divine Significance...
The transformation of purpose, replaces the attainment reaction cycle. This transformation flows outward from within us; in exchange for our life on earth we are to uncover and give our life purpose. Our give is significant for the improvement of the human condition. In this way Divine Purpose transcends to incorporate the greatest potential of all understood dogma or creed. In this light of knowledge, it becomes understandable as to why your purpose must be delivered as contribution to the completion of the universal puzzle; each piece being unique and there are no spare pieces! Each one of us has a contribution to make in the form of Divine Purpose. In this regard, there can be no completion without your contribution, the delivery of your piece, your purpose.

You are Important! You are Divinely significant; nobody can strip this significance away from you without your consent. Your significance was handed to you Divinely with the cutting of the umbilical cord. Your Highest Human Potential is Obtained through the transformation of your unique Divinely granted purpose. You cannot give it back... you cannot bury it in the backyard... you cannot run from it...  you can only deliver. 

Obtainment Defined...
OBTAINMENT: The External Radiation from within
of Highest Human Potential; the fulfillment Ambition
of Divine Purpose. The utilization of internal virtues
for the transformation of a notion, idea or thought,
to a Desire of Purpose, to Be, Do or Have,
into its Physical Equivalence.

Truest Source of Happiness...
This Divinely granted Purpose is the truest source of your happiness; the truest source of your significance. Your lifetime significance will Not Be Based on what you attain in life; the car you drive, the purse you carry, the suit you wear. Your life-long happiness will not be found in a chair, in an office up top on the 52nd floor, or in a title of professional achievement. If you continue digging in this direction, at best, you will find a sense of temporary satisfaction. At life's end your fulfillment will not be found in a bank account, or from a garage filled with Maserati's. 

Early on, I want you to recognize that Obtainment of your Highest Potential will not be a matter of luck or the breaks. You will have to work, and at times you will be asked to work hard. The requirement of luck or a break would imply that you must receive in order to deliver your Divine Purpose. Instead, you are free to begin your delivery, with No Permissions required. The transformation of your Divine Purpose, the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential, is given through-out your life; You are free to start at your earliest convenience!

Let me Guess  --  You want to know...

---      ---      ---

Next post: Saturday / Obtainment: A Map of Value Proposition.  

Thank-you for being there!!

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