Saturday, June 29, 2013

REBOOT: Initiate!

I had the weirdest dream the other night---

In this dream the phone was ringing - 
- Being a dream, I got up to answer it.

   -Yes is Mr. Lopez available?

Yes, this is Phil.
   -This is not a paid or sponsored call.

Ok, well, Who is this? I did't catch your name--
   -Mr. Lopez this is the Universe -- We want
to know when you are going to deliver
your highest potential?

   -If you do not want to deliver that's ok, ...I guess; but
the Universe needs the purpose that is inside of you. If
you won't be delivering it, we will need to pass your purpose to someone else!

WHAT? You just said it was Mine!
   -Yes, that is correct; It is uniquely yours and we Need It! - We just need to
know if You are going to deliver...

I sprang out of bed - Heart racing 12 bazillion miles per hour. That little voice
from within was shouting - "Don't freak! - Don't Freak!!  - Keep Breathing!!!"  I
ran to the bathroom - turned on the light - looked into the mirror and said,
"we need to go over a few things and we better hurry." ---

The "A" Words...
In alignment with our REBOOT direction, the uncovering and delivery of
your unique Highest Human Potential, there are three stones of virtue that
must be immediately set into place. These stones will assure our repeated
safe passage, during the many future opportunities to REBOOT. By name
you will recognize these stones as;

   --  Affirmation   --  Achievement   --  Ambition

Like every journey of significance, the most difficult step is the very first leap
of faith.  In the initiation of your REBOOT you have absolutely nothing to fear. 
The life of your past will not return to you - You must drive forward! Driving
forward Cannot occur if you continue to look into the rear view mirror. You
need to Let Go!  Trust your instinct, it was given to you as a safe-guard. Free
yourself from the past - Face the reality, that it is time to move on!  Right Now,
take off your back-pack and remove the stones of past frustration, leave them
on the road side in the exact place that you currently stand. These stones
DID NOT serve you in your past... They WILL NOT serve you into your future.
Let them go!!  In the next few steps we will replace them with stones of
Greater value...

Oddly enough, just a few days earlier, I ran across the following little
nugget of gold...
"In the Universe, there are no spare pieces.
Everyone is here because they have a place to fill,
and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle."
-Deepak Chopra

This is the Affirmation that you are looking for in order to move forward. In order
to initiate your REBOOT. We have to find this statement very reassuring. It's
claim supports the fact that my purpose and your purpose (our Highest Potential),
the pieces; are universally important! That if indeed the universe is trying to
piece a puzzle together, it WILL, at some point in time, need the purpose that
has been placed within us.

Now, let's think about this for just a moment... in my mind, the universe is
very mighty-ful -and because of this might, I am pretty confident that it is Not
going to be denied the completion of the puzzle; simply because you or I decide
to withhold our piece (our potential).  Agreed?  ---  Good! So, pick-up this stone!
Dust it off, place it into your back-pack and start walking forward.

Your REBOOT is obtained through achievement. Achievement is not just one
single act, in a single moment, on one single day. Achievement is the string of
actions taken moment-by-moment, day-after-day.  In this way, REBOOT is the
accumulation of achievement(s). The successful REBOOT of your current
circumstance then comes to you through the pursuit of your worthy purpose.
Think of your successful REBOOT as  - Winning a World Championship.
Achievement is then to accumulation of wins. The goal is to accumulate as
many wins as possible and as many wins in a row as possible,  So HOW do
we do this?

Oddly enough you have already initiated the achievement cycle...
 - You have successfully unloaded from your back-pack, your past stones
of frustration. 
 - You have already achieved a single idea to leave these stones behind,
and begin to replace them with stones of greater value.
This is already an accumulation of wins. So do not leave the stone of
achievement behind, pick it up, place it in your back-pack and let's keep going...

Look, the universe needs each of us to deliver our piece, our Highest Potential,
right?  Well then, the universe must have supplied us with an achievement
tool to use, or forged a trail for us to follow. Indeed, it did! The universe
provided to us, Ambition.

AMBITION - the Great Initiator
Ambition is the great initiator!! Without Ambition you park your Ass in the
sofa and you never put down the remote. The Beauty of Ambition: it knows
not Age, or Creed, or Race, or Gender, or Preference, or Privilege of Community.
Ambition is at the core of your Highest Human Potential. Ambition leads you
to the good life; turning hopes and dreams into reality. Ambition is the pathway
traveled between impossible and possible. True Ambition keeps you on course.
You don't need to feel embarrassed by your Ambitious Desires. True Ambition is
an ally which keeps you grounded, True Ambition says; if I want to deliver my
highest potential tomorrow, then I better prepare for it today! True Ambition roots
itself in the service of others; not in, at the expense of others. Helping other to achieve
their ambitions is a very powerful and affirming purpose. You need this stone of
Ambition!! Pick-It Up! Never take your eye off of this stone; Never trade it, Never
lend it! Carelessness of Ambition WILL Abort your REBOOT efforts.

Recognize that 'At the expense of others' is another 'A' word... Assh0!e. When
you run across this stone, Please, DO NOT pick-up this stone. 'At the expense
of others' nullifies achievement, and will only serve to cripple Ambition. It
WILL NOT serve you where you are going!

---      ---      ---
Next, week we will break out the REBOOT road map. I promised you a
repeatable, reusable sequence; I intend to deliver on my word.  In the
mean time, begin living this notion of thought  -  I, Will receive an Abundance
of ALL Good Things!  Repeat this to yourself often; 2 -3 times daily  --  I, Will
receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!  Take a deep breathe - Believe It!
- Go ahead, regardless of past circumstance allow yourself the opportunity
to REBOOT!!  --  I, Will receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things! 

This notion of thought is Affirming, Achieving and Ambitious - You cannot help but win with this one.

---      ---      ---
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