Saturday, June 15, 2013

OneGR8Life -Created in Ambition.

-- Dedicated to the Class of 2013. Congratulations!
--- Continued Success, In ALL that lies ahead of you!

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Ambition has created the likes
of Ford, Carnegie, Edison, Rosa Parks, MLK, Gates, Oprah, Jobs, Zuckerberg,
Page, Brin, and the list goes on-and-on. Ambition is also responsible for Great Parenting, Loving Relationships of Mutual Respect, and Raised Spiritual Awareness. Ambition will lead us to the cures of disease, to peace, to greater love and understanding.

The mantra of Ambition:
      I Can, I Will!

The Week Ahead...

This week you stand in the doorway of a changed life.
Next week when you are asked... Hey, what do you do?
Answering, I'm a Student, Will not be good enough!
I AM hear to advise you that, most of you have not
been prepared very well to answer the question. Upon
this realization, Anxiety WILL raise it's ugly head. Like
you, as a former graduate, I know that I was not very
well prepared to walk through the doorway. So let's
work on changing this for you... alright?

So... What do you do?  The answer to this question
connotes a life filled with a focus of purpose.

-Purpose? I didn't study Purpose; I thought I was
going to be in Marketing, Engineering, Communications,
Physiology, Wellness, Financial Management. What
is this 'Purpose', bullshit? 

-Look, you don't understand! I have student loans to
pay-off... rent is due in 30 days... I gotta put some
food on the table - some gas in the car... I gotta feed
a data plan before they shut me OFF!

See, I told you, the euphoria would soon become the
reality of Anxiety... PLEASE, keep breathing!

The Universe Will Not be Denied...

Every life has an embedded 'purpose'. That purpose
contributes its unique piece of the universal puzzle.
That's right, the universe needs you to uncover and
deliver your purpose.

Purpose moves you beyond your field of study and
into the creation of your life. Not just any life but,
OneGR8Life! You see, anyone can learn to live life,
that takes no more than survival. You my friend are
being called to deliver your greatness of purpose.
Your purpose will be uncovered to be that 'thing'
you thought you could deliver. Remember when you
chose your major - There was that 'idea or notion'
you held about what you believed your major could
do for others. The good you thought you could deliver.
There lies, your purpose!

"If you want to live OneGR8Life,
tie it to your Purpose -not
to people or things."

Regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through
Ambition - Not Anxiety! Imagine for one minute that
you have No limitaions on what you can Be, Do, or
Have... only Ambition will take you there!!

YES, There is something extraordinary about the feeling
received as we work towards fulfilling our purpose; while
maintaining an Ambitious thought as simple as  - I Can,
I Will!

Again, Congratulations!

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-Oh, My Purpose?
Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

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