Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OneGR8Life -We All Start Somewhere!

Like you, I find possessing a strong desire to deliver Purpose is not without it's share of anxiety. I am constantly reminding myself to -Just Keep Breathing...

Recognize early that, 'Anxiety' is a purpose killer. It robs you of focus and diminishes intent. The antidote for anxiety is calm; A state of interior peace, awakened through truthfulness, courage and acceptance.  In your OneGR8Life it becomes critical to uncover your source of anxiety; only in this way can you release it.

Years ago, I recognized that a source of anxiety for me was acceptance. That's right, you accepting me; and the purpose I seek to fulfill. Sounds kind of silly but, it is true. To overcome this anxiety, I decided to open-up the pages and just let you know where I AM coming from. And, to do this early in our growing relationship. Today is that day...

We All Start Somewhere!

I have accepted as my major purpose in life; the Improvement of the Human Condition. A big hairy goal; certain to cause many of you to raise an eyebrow. And, I surely can understand your smirk of doubt.  So let’s review the OneGR8Life plan…

Improving the Human Condition will be achieved through the advancement and promotion of Highest Human Potential. That's right, I'm willing to spend the rest of my days helping you to Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life. Think about this for a moment... Me helping you to achieve your highest potential -would this not Improve your Human Condition?  I thought so :)

Looking back, I have always known that my greatest potential would radiate from this vein of opportunity. I have always been a deep thinker, absorbing listener, strong observer; coupled with a willingness to study the words of the masters that have come before me. I have an unshakable willingness to go the extra mile, to give more than I can receive. Always willing to share my experience with others, just like you; ambitious individuals who are striving to uncover and deliver their highest potential.

So HOW?!? Did I Start?

Once, when describing the lives that the vast have chosen to lead, Henry David Thoreau, used the words – ‘they are leading lives of quiet desperation and they go to the grave with the song still in them.’

When I first ran across these words, 25+ years ago, I was emotionally mortified. Immediately, a mental image was drawn in my head. This image was one of sadness, where I saw myself and my dreams standing on the platform at a subway station, and the train never shows up. Day-after-day, waiting; Spring turning to Summer, turning to Fall, turning to Winter, only to start with Spring again. My abandoned dreams, looking down the tracks… listening! Wondering – What if…

My first reaction was to begin taking inventory of the words… ‘they are leading lives of quiet desperation’. It just couldn't be true! Then the realities began to set in - The frustrated, The clinically depressed, The substance addicted, The tyrants of emotional and physical abuse. Was all this anguish the resultant effect of conformance to the desperation?

At 20 something, this was a great turning point for me. I turned and ran… vowing to myself that I would REBOOT my Human Operating System in order to not concede to the desperation. That I would not lead a life of… what if. I would not lead a life of - If only. That day, I vowed to myself that I would arm myself with whatever tools were necessary to avoid concession to the desperation's of life; that I would always do my very best to NOT allow others to concede! On that glorious day a small seed had been planted in an open space… and the warmth of the sun began to shine down on that seed.

So here comes your chance... Are you ready to get started? Are you ready to plant, nurture and harvest your Highest Human Potential?

That's right... You are being called to Start-Up Your Greatness. Do you have what it takes to answer the call?

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Journal Time:  Top of the Page... Write this down-

I, ( your name ), WILL receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!
ex: I, Phillip A. Lopez, WILL receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!

We are going to live this through the current week. Grab a couple of post-it notes and place this where you will see them through-out the day... Nightstand, Bathroom Mirror, Wallet, Computer Monitor, Smart Phone, maybe even set the words up as your screen saver. Twitter followers will receive randomly on a daily basis.
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