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OneGR8Life - Facing Our Realities-

- Get on the Bus or, Get Left Behind.

If you miss the bus
it will be more
of the same;
missed economic
opportunities and
hopelessness amid
aimless wondering.
If you are a
current college
student, or know
a current college
student, you
should pay particular attention
here. Your job is to catch this bus!! 

In the next few paragraphs we Will buy you a ticket and
find you a seat.

Our New Beginning...

The year 2008, brought the beginning of a major series of human
and economic altering events. Including what many thought would
be the collapse of the American banking and financial system. This
series of economic events marked a critical hinge point in our
pursuit of earthly desires. Erased was the methodology of the era.
Eliminated were the rules of the game  which guided many through
the days of overindulgence. It was as if, in one single day, unannounced,
someone reset the rules of human pursuit and attainment.

If you have failed to recognize this hinge point and the development
of a new set of rules you are being left behind.  The rules from the
era past WILL NOT return! Facing this reality you will understand
that a new set of rules are in order. It IS YOUR Responsibility to learn
these rules. In the ensuing decades we will be left with those that Have,
and those that Have Not. And, with each passing day the caravan of
those that HAVE draws further from your view. You must 

The Fundamentals...

So let's establish the fundamentals required to assure the obtainment
of your desire, to Be, Do or Have.

-In its most rudimentary form, success can be defined as; the
progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a person is
working towards a predetermined goal and knows what
he /she is doing... That person is a success! If you are not
doing this, then you are failing. Your success is marked through
the deliver of Purpose; avoid tying that purpose to people or things.

-The opposite of courage is not cowardice. No, the opposite of
courage is conformity. It takes no courage to conform; to do the same
thing as everybody else, to think like everybody else, to achieve as
everybody else. Courage begins when you decide to differentiate your
life from others. To our demise, conformity will erase achievement.
Your charter is to achieve your highest potential through empowerment
and influence.

-Every human has been given the Divine right to pursue something.
Indeed, the Creator allows each of us to Be, Do or Have, anything
that we Desire. It is this fact that supports our existence.  Life then
becomes a mission. On this mission, we all have something to
pursue! It then becomes our duty to uncover our purpose... to
uncover the 'something' that we are intended to deliver as
universal added value.

-Ambition initiates Achievement. Ambition knows not Race, or
Creed, or Gender, or Color, or Age, or Preference, or Status
of Community. Ambition acknowledges Not, the watch in your
wrist, the vehicle you drive, the purse you carry, the distinguish
of the shoes on your feet.

-All Success is obtained through Achievement. Achievement is
not just a single act, in a single moment, on a single day.
Achievement is the string of actions taken moment-by-moment,
day-after-day. In this way, Accomplished success is the
accumulation of achievement(s). Success then comes to you
through the pursuit and delivery of your worthy purpose.

Delivery of Purpose...

Everyone engaged in the serious pursuit of, delivery of purpose,
at some point in life will uncover this truth; Accomplished success
is an inside job! Once discovered, it is what you do with this truth
that greatly improves your odds of obtaining your ambition of desire.

So now the larger question... If it is our Divine duty to uncover
our something,  our purpose, and if successful delivery of this
purpose is an inside job, then we must be self-equipped with the
features to succeed; So what then is the missing link between
something to pursue and its obtainment?

---     ---     ---
I look forward to leading you through the answer to this question.
We will begin this larger discussion with our very next post. I hope
that you will share us with your friends, family, associates, after all
they too deserve to live OneGR8Life.  Please join us.

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