Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Single Step to Unchain Your Greatness.


What is all this noise about 'expectancy', 
and 'receiving', and 'abundance', and 'ALL Good Things'?

Certainly, you are not talking about my life...

Quite truthfully, I AM, talking about your life. Specifically, about your OneGR8Life!

Here, go back to your Map of Obtainment. See up-top where it reads AMBITION.  That's where your OneGR8Life starts!

Why start Here?  The answer is simplicity. You see, regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through AMBITION - Not Anxiety, or Luck, or the Breaks! Imagine for one minute that you have No limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Give... only Ambition can take you there!!

“Every Thought is Being Received

for the Delivery of Your Highest Good.”

~Phillip A. Lopez

Nurture Your AMBITION...

With every thought being received for the delivery of my Highest Good; which thought then, is the single step to unchain my Greatness?

'My past thoughts Have Created My Current Reality.
Thus, I must Nurture My Ambition of Thoughts
to Unchain My Future Greatness.'

Think about this... Do you, for one second, think that the Creator has placed you on earth, in this exact place in time and you are not expected to deliver your Highest Potential; to Obtain your Desire of Purpose? Your Purpose, to Be, Do, or Give, is embedded into your life code. Just as the Creator has coded an acorn to grow into a mighty Oak, and expects that every bud will flower into its greatest radiant beauty; so too are you to Deliver your Highest Human Potential.

Only in the Ambition of Expectancy do you Nurture your Dreams, to Create and to Live. Expectancy opens your greatest most radiant self.

Something IS expected of you in exchange for the space that you are consuming. Nobody can ride the planet for free! At some point we all pay the exchange rate for every breathe we have taken. You have already received an Abundance of ALL good things. Now, you must look to deliver in your Greatest Abundance, you must deliver ALL good things!

Intention Rules the Universe...

So Ask Yourself One More Time:
How Good Can I Stand It?

There should be little doubt in our minds surrounding the truth of this statement; Intention Does Rule the Universe. As it is the Creator's intention that all Human life obtain their Highest Potential; The Creator has placed every living thing, at the footsteps of mankind. As reinforcement, in the spirit of accomplishment, The Creator then embellishes mankind with the greatest of all gifts... the Freedom of Choice.

That Humankind inherit the responsibility of free choice, represents unchallengeable support and confidence, in the Creator's desire that we are to achieve our Highest Potential, to Unchain our Greatness. This extends to the responsibility to uncover and deliver Your unique Purpose. You must understand that it is Your earthly duty to Choose ‘anything’ which You Desire to Be, Do or Give.

I know, it seems unbelievable...  Anything?

ANYTHING!!!   -  Pretty Remarkable!!  Don’t You Agree?
Don't you just LOVE it???   ---   Anything…
-   Your Choice...   -   Think BIG!!

Support of this fundamental comes through the Natural Laws of Physics and Meta-Physics... Newton's Laws of Action/Reaction, Cause and Effect, Motion and Equilibrium; Einstein's Relativity, even the natural Law of Attraction.

Now it becomes clearer - Only you have complete control of every thought that you choose to Keep or Discard.  You have to understand and expect this as fact. From here you realize that, It is your OneGR8Life! And, Only You are responsible to Dream it, Create it, Live it. I can only serve to offer a direction, to inspire you or to motivate you. But, I am not responsible to Dream it, Create it, or to Live it for you... That is your job, That is ALL on you!

Unchain Your Greatness!

---   ---   ---

OneGR8Life - Posted Weekly: Tuesday.
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition, Specifically, Yours!

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Authored By; Phillip A. Lopez
#CreatingPhenomenal -How to Dream, Create, Live your One Great Life.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Three Guides to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

"In the EXCHANGE Mode,
The Ticking Clock
is a pressure cooker
of added stress and
burdensome anxiety!"
~Phillip A. Lopez

Throughout the days of our lives, we find ourselves in the mode of continuous Exchange ~ Activity for Time. In the pursuit to deliver our Highest Human Potential we should find this exchange without stress and anxiety. But, what about deadlines of priority, external and internal distractions, limitations of resource, time, working capital, manpower? These are the ingredients found in the recipe to cook-up a batch of stress and anxiety.  

Today, Your only job is to learn HOW to control the flame and reduce the heat…

But, HOW?!?

To do so let us embrace Three Guides to Reduce Stress and Anxiety;

~Don’t Sweat the Small Things…
Activity for Time… The enemy we all face in the Exchange mode is the onslaught of negative emotion. These emotions can range from;

 -- Shame; for stepping into the sh!t of life,
 -- Embarrassment; other's can see the goo on your shoe,
 -- Loss of Confidence; How could I be this ...

The added stress of choosing a directed starting point, soon becomes compounded by the anxiety of making the correct choice, multiplied by urgency and then complicated by the sudden unavailability of time. This undesirable paradox can easily become overwhelming to the point of choice paralysis; and may rapidly advance even to the point of  psychological depression. Please, do not fear... there is a direction out and this direction assures that there must be a starting point.

The most significant point for you to remember is this...
  ~  You are not alone!  ~  Your quest is to assist the Universe, to provide improvement to the human condition; You have heard a Universal cry for help, You have responded to the Universe, I Can Do That, The Universe has accepted your response, and now the Universe is looking to spiritually ally with you to deliver the abundance of solution. Rejuvenate your spirit in stillness; raise yourself, emotionally and physically to absorb the words and voice of Universal awareness.

History is filled with all sorts of wonderful recoveries by even the most adored public successes:
 --Henry Ford - BROKE! In the early development of the internal combustion engine, He had to get the permission of Mrs. Ford in order to borrow some money from their savings so that he could have a few parts made. Together, they convert their kitchen into a testing lab… looking to ignite a metal piston through a steel cylinder.
 --Thomas Edison - BOUNCED out of school due to the lack of his ability to comprehend an education. We know the legend of his inventive mind. A legend of solutions which have and continue to impact the improvement of the human condition.
 -- What about Albert Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, the late great, Steve Jobs, and Kailash Satyarthi, and Malala Yousafzai; in common, each of these individuals was blessed with the opportunity to sharpen their Exchange skills. That's right, you are not the first to venture down this path, nor will you be the last.

So, are You ready?

~All Things are Small...

Years ago I read an interview of Wally "Famous" Amos. What many have always found interesting about Wally is that he virtually started with nothing! Of course we all know that he Exchanged a life of poverty and at one point he built a global enterprise around 'chocolate-chip cookies'.

In the interview Wally was asked, "HOW did you know where to get started?" At the time, Wally's reply caught me off guard. I figured he would weave a response filled with the requirements of great entrepreneurial skills, or the necessity to plan every detail, or the requirement to entice venture capital. But he didn't. In summary, his reply was, 'I started with me! I came, one day, to the realization that I was responsible for the outcome of my life. That my achievements in life would not come from the things that I Did Have; But rather, my achievements in life would have to come from the things that I Did Not Have. That if I really wanted to do something with my life, I was going to have to be responsible to make sure that I obtained these things.'

I am convinced that the point Wally was attempting to make was this; Exchange is 'an inside job'. That the starting point of all achievement begins with the person that stares back at you in the mirror! You know, the bloke you brush your teeth with every morning... Yeah, that guy!

Before we get along too far...
  let me ask you a very important question  --
Are you confident enough to stare into the eyes of your friend in
the mirror? You will need to be! After all, the person in the mirror
cannot survive without you. And you cannot survive without the
person in the mirror.

So take a minute, go to the mirror... introduce yourself to that person (shoe goo and all). Take a good look at this person. Come on, take a good look! You are staring at the person who holds the keys to your share of the claim of achievement. Do you feel comfortable with what you see? What if you discover that, this is the person who keeps imposing false self-limitations?

You need to understand, from day one, that there are no elevators to the delivery of your highest potential. That's right - You, like those who have Exchanged before you, are gonna have to take the stairs. So, go ahead - Ask that person - "If they are willing to travel down the pathway of Obtainment with you." Come on, you're traveling partners... ask if that person is tough enough to carry you through the ups and downs, through the sleepless nights, to stand with you through the early snow of Fall, through the bitter cold of Winter, through the blistering heat of Summer. Ask that person… "So, how GOOD can you stand it?" -- This is the starting point!

~Can’t flee?  FLOW…

Regardless, of your Purpose, you will deliver it through AMBITION - Not Anxiety, Not by Inducing Stress, Not Panic, Not Sympathy, Not Self Pity!  Only in the FLOW of Universal harmony will You find the abundance of solution to deliver. Imagine for one minute that you have No Limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Give... only the FLOW of AMBITION will take you there!!

Recognize that the Universe is so vested in your OneGR8Life that it moves with singular objective; to raise you to it’s level of consciousness. You are invited to: hear a Universal cry for help, to respond to that cry; I Can Do That. To move forward in courage and confidence; The Universe has accepted Your response. It now looks to create a spiritual alliance, to deliver the abundance of solution.

Rejuvenate your spirit in stillness; raise yourself, emotionally and physically to absorb the words and voice of Universal awareness. Find your FLOW, Dream it, Create it, Live it.

---      ---      ---
YES, There is something extraordinary about the feeling received as we Exchange in the direction of fulfilling our purpose; while maintaining an Ambitious thought as simple as - I Can, I Will!

Until you prove to me otherwise, I WILL remain confident in your abilities and your desire to Exchange.
---      ---      ---

OneGR8Life -Delivered Weekly; Tuesday.
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

Do not travel alone, Invite a friend to join your OneGR8Life...
Come On, Now  ~ Everyone Exchanges!!! ~

---      ---      ---

Authored By; Phillip A. Lopez
#CreatingPhenomenal -How to Dream, Create, Live your One Great Life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Single Antidote for Anxiety...

- - - - - - - - - -

Today, I share a collection of random thoughts towards, Truthfulness, Courage and Acceptance. This collection of thoughts has been inspired by You! I AM Grateful that you are here today to receive this message.

Created in Ambition!
~  How Good Can I Stand It?  ~

Truthfulness… The Universe Will Not be Denied.

Calm is awakened through the odd-fellow, of Truthfulness. The fundamental truth found in the understanding that within each form of life is, Purpose; that every life has an embedded 'purpose'. That purpose contributes its unique piece of the universal puzzle. That's right, the universe needs you to uncover and deliver your purpose.

Purpose moves you beyond your field of study and into the creation of your life. Not just any life but, OneGR8Life! You see, anyone can learn to live life, that takes no more than survival. You my friend are being called to deliver your greatness of purpose. Your purpose will be uncovered to be that 'thing' you thought you could deliver.

Your Ambition of Purpose is that 'idea or notion' you hold about what you believe you can do for others. In the good you think you can deliver; There lies, your purpose!

"If you want to live OneGR8Life,
tie it to your Purpose -not
to people or things."
~Phillip A. Lopez

Regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through Ambition - Not Anxiety! Imagine for one minute that you have No limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Give... only Ambition will take you there!!

YES, There is something extraordinary about the feeling received as we work towards fulfilling our purpose; while maintaining an Ambitious thought as simple as  - I Can, I Will!


Courage… Live the Examined Life.
The Question of the day is - how well have you done on holding-up your 2014 New Year resolutions?

In all truthfulness, I am not a big New Year resolution kind of guy.  This may seem surprising to you, especially from a person so dedicated to living OneGR8Life, so let me explain...

It is not that I am against goal setting or more strongly, against Ambitious goal setting. To the contrary, we should all be driving towards something! And, with only one life to live, we should drive Ambitiously.

To help frame this OneGR8Life of yours, it is significant to remember that this is it folks... This is your OneGR8Life - there is no dress rehearsal here… One performance and it is Live.

So why no New Years Resolutions? After all, the beauty of life stems from the resolution that we Can - Be, Do or Give, Anything that we Desire.

No New Year resolutions is just a personal choice, for me.  I wake-up everyday, I am filled with gratitude that I am able to wake rested; I slide my foot under the covers to feel that my loving wife is still laying next to me, I throw back the covers and I start charging. For me, I choose to see everyday as a start to a New Year.  If you take a look around, there you will see many who share this ambitious opportunity.

My wife, Janice and I, really enjoyed our 2012 holiday; a 16-day self-guided tour starting in Paris - headed south into Italy - and back out through Paris. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to run-across some amazing individuals... all engaged in some pretty amazing (and ambitious) Live Performances. And they did not wait for the changing of a calendar to get started...

Most memorable was my airport shuttle driver, Samuel. Samuel woke-up one morning and decided the time had come - it was time for him to leave every thing he had and everyone he loved. He had enough of a war torn life in Ethiopia. He decided on that day, that he would change his dedication and direction. He could only think of one place to turn, America!  He shared with me the fire that continues to burn within him; the fire that freedom brings!

Easy? I never heard this word cross Samuel's lips in the 50-minute conversation that we shared. After 15 years of an uncertain life change, I did hear Grateful, Dedicated, Thankful and Loving. Loving? Yes! Samuel shared with me a story of how one day as he was walking into a grocery store near his southern California home and he kept hearing some person shouting out his name. As the voice got closer, he turned to see a boyhood friend from his Ethiopian village. Samuel said at that moment he was filled with more love than he could hold! Thousands of miles from home, millions and millions of people between him and his village, he would run into a boyhood friend. The two men remain in constant contact, encouraging each other to believe that they CAN - that they Can do the things that they WILL to do.

Today begins your New Year! I encourage you to rise every morning with an attitude of NEW.

Take the time to create Calm, to live the 'Examined' life. Think about the things that mean the most to you - celebrate them. Imagine the life that you dream to live - memorize this. Remain in resolve to attain your dream life! In a spirit of Courage, renew your pursuit with the start of each new day as if, there was no tomorrow. This is your OneGR8Life - there is no dress rehearsal. One performance and it is Live.

Acceptance... On Failure, Fear Not!
Universal Love and Caring surround us in the transformation of an ordinary life, into OneGR8Life.

Everyone and everything, is on it's way to somewhere...

I rarely write about the significance of failure. Yet, we ALL encounter some perception of set back. That’s right, of Failure, You should Fear not. The Acceptance of fact will reveal to us that all things occur for our greatest advantage, thus, perceived failure is merely a stepping stone of gained knowledge and experience. A necessary by-product of achievement.

Let’s see if we can gain some new perspective...

~ Don't look for failure. You never see what you don't look for.
~ Train yourself to Never see failure. I only see mis-calculated reactions. And those mis-calculations simply allow for the creation of a new thought, and yet another action. This is called learning. And it fills our life!
~ Don't talk about failure. This is a mental attitude of attraction. You know this to be true; You will become what you think about. From the silent thoughts that you carry, to the verbal words that you share, these things are cemented to you and your validated self. Carefully directed choices are made when we choose to mentally frame things in the ways that We Do Want vs. phrasing things into statements that we don't want.
  • I need this light to stay green vs. I hope this light doesn't turn red.
  • I need an open lane of traffic vs. I don't have time for traffic.
  • I need a community which supports me vs. I hope the room is not filled with objections.
  • I need to roll this ball into the cup vs. I cannot afford to miss this putt.

Pollyanna thinking? I Don't know... I just know that I have come to the point of Acceptance which leads me to believe that, we have more mental capacity than we will ever imagine possible.

-Failure is a chosen response, which occurs when you concede to running out of options. If you don't concede, then you have not failed, you have only learned.

---      ---      ---

This week release the anxiety that binds you and let your Greatness out to play. Look to avoid the slayers of ambition; but... can't... what if... 

Flow ~ Create your moment of Calm in Truth, Courage, and Acceptance;
  1. You have heard a universal cry for help,
  2. You have examined your desire in response to that cry,
  3. You have responded to that cry with - I Can Solve That,
  4. The Universe has accepted Your response!
  5. In this sequence, you are now free to take unrestricted action,
  6. Move forward in confidence that you have gained Universal support.


---      ---      ---

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OneGR8Life - Delivered Weekly; Tuesday.
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition. -Specifically, Yours!
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Authored By; Phillip A. Lopez
#CreatingPhenomenal -How to Dream, Create, Live your One Great Life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Desire of Ambition; We All Start Somewhere...

Like you, I find possessing a strong desire to deliver Purpose is
not without it's share of anxiety.
I am constantly reminding myself to
-Just Keep Breathing...

Recognize early that, 'Anxiety' is a purpose killer. It robs you of focus and diminishes intent. The antidote for anxiety is calm; A state of interior peace, initiated in stillness, awakened through truthfulness, courage and acceptance. In your OneGR8Life it becomes critical to uncover your source of anxiety; only in this way can you release it.

Years ago, I recognized that a source of anxiety for me was acceptance. That's right, you accepting me; and the purpose I seek to fulfill. Sounds kind of silly but, it is true. To overcome this anxiety, I decided to open-up the pages and just let you know where I AM coming from. And, to do this early in our growing relationship. Today is that day...

We All Start Somewhere!

I have accepted as my major purpose in life; the Improvement of the Human Condition. A big hairy goal; certain to cause many of you to raise an eyebrow. And, I surely can understand your smirk of doubt.  So let’s review the OneGR8Life plan…

Improving the Human Condition will be achieved through the advancement and promotion of Highest Human Potential. That's right, I'm willing to spend the rest of my days helping you to Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life. Think about this for a moment... Me helping you to achieve your highest potential -would this not Improve your Human Condition?  I thought so :)

Looking back, I have always known that my greatest potential would radiate from this vein of opportunity. I have always been a deep thinker, absorbing listener, strong observer; coupled with a willingness to study the words of the masters that have come before me. I have an unshakable willingness to go the extra mile, to give more than I can receive. That doesn't make me a doormat, It does however bring great confidence of knowing; knowing that our Universe is guided in equilibrium. Every act of giving, then brings back an equal act of receiving. The game is then to first initiate giving, the rest will just take care of itself. This then allows me to freely and willingly share my experience with others, just like you; ambitious individuals who are striving to uncover and deliver their highest potential.

So HOW?!? Did I Start?

Once, when describing the lives that the vast have chosen to lead, Henry David Thoreau, used the words –
‘they are leading lives of quiet desperation
and they go to the grave with the song still in them.’

When I first ran across these words, I was walking aimlessly through life. Upon reading them, I was emotionally mortified. Immediately, a mental image was drawn in my head. This image was one of sadness, where I saw myself and my dreams standing on the platform at a subway station, and the train never shows up. Day-after-day, waiting; Spring turning to Summer, turning to Fall, turning to Winter, only to start with Spring again. My abandoned dreams, looking down the tracks… listening! Wondering – What if…

My first reaction was to begin taking inventory of the words… ‘they are leading lives of quiet desperation’. It just couldn't be true! Then the realities began to set in - The frustrated, The clinically depressed, The substance addicted, The tyrants of emotional and physical abuse. Was all this anguish the resultant effect of conformance to the desperation?

At 20 something, this was a great turning point for me. I turned and ran… vowing to myself that I would REBOOT my Human Operating System in order to not concede to the desperation. That I would not lead a life of… what If. I would not lead a life of - If only. That day, I vowed to myself that I would arm myself with whatever tools were necessary to avoid concession to the desperation's of life; that I would always do my very best to NOT allow others to concede! On that glorious day a small seed had been planted in an open space… and the warmth of the sun began to shine down on that seed.

So here comes your chance... Are you ready to get started? Are you ready to plant, nurture and harvest your Highest Human Potential?

That's right... You are being called to Start-Up Your Greatness. Do you have what it takes to answer the call?

---      ---      ---

Journal Time:  Top of the Page... Write this down-

I, ( your name ), WILL receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!
ex: I, Phillip A. Lopez, WILL receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!

We are going to live this through the current week. Grab a couple of post-it notes and place this where you will see them through-out the day... Nightstand, Bathroom Mirror, Wallet, Computer Monitor, Smart Phone, maybe even set the words up as your screensaver. Twitter followers will receive this reminder randomly on a daily basis over the next 7 days.

This is your first step into phenomenal. Welcome! You’re gonna like it here.

---      ---      ---

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OneGR8Life - Delivered Weekly; Tuesday.
Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition. -Specifically, Yours!
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Authored By; Phillip A. Lopez

#CreatingPhenomenal -How to Dream, Create, Live your One Great Life.