Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Millennial Guide: The Nature of YourOneGR8Life.

To every student of life,
with a burning desire
to move beyond ordinary,
who hears a Universal cry for help,
who feels a gift they need to share,
and is inspired to deliver in greatness,
if they could only get a helping hand
to understand,

A Millennial Guide...
Well, They are here, the first generation to be enriched with enough technology to circle the globe. In the greater course of humankind, Millennials are the next great hope. And find themselves chartered with the ambition of #CreatingPhenomenal. A generation invited to live with zest and zeal for community, empowered to dream, create, and live with discovered Passion and delivered Purpose. Yet, two imposing questions remain unresolved; (1) Are they willing to accept the challenge of building community first, for the sake of global enrichment, (2) Faced with this challenge, can they collectively embrace to figure out, HOW?!?

My mind says they should wholeheartedly accept the physical greatness of these proposed challenges. Emotionally, my heart says they CAN be a difference maker through the discovery and delivery of Passion and Purpose. Spiritually, I know for fact that they cannot get there by themselves. If they are to improve the global human condition, they will need a little help, a little guidance, instruction, and will need to grow, quickly, in their understanding of the nature of their one great life. To this end I share the knowledge gained in a life long pursuit of questioning, dissecting, and understanding, of HOW?!?

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Millennial Guide ~The Nature of YourOneGR8Life

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Shall we get started?

The nature of our human lives is to problem solve… To Create Solution. The nature of our Divinity adds Harmony, a spiritual sense of peace which makes us ideally suited for this problem solving nature. Time simply marks the progress of our dedicated, physical and emotional and spiritual efforts.

The value shared here is this…

  • When you set before yourself the question, Who Am I? The discovered resolution represents your Highest Human Potential.
  • The Universe is so highly vested in your achievement and the delivery of your Highest Potential, that every Human has been ordained with the freedom of choice.
  • When you set before yourself the question, How Good Can I Stand It? The delivered resolution represents the outline of Your One GREAT Life; Birth-to-Death, enveloped in AMBITION, ordained in the freedom to chose ANYTHING; to BE, or to DO, or to GIVE.

When you set for yourself the quest to deliver that Highest Potential, the confidence of your nature MUST rise until this quest is fully resolved. Your nature has no other choice; it MUST rise or perish. And, perish is not a natural option.

~It can be no other way…
Simply Stated,
It is YourOneGR8Life, you are invited
to Dream it, to Create it, to Live it!

Continued Success in all that you choose to DO,
Phillip A. Lopez