Saturday, June 29, 2013

REBOOT: Initiate!

I had the weirdest dream the other night---

In this dream the phone was ringing - 
- Being a dream, I got up to answer it.

   -Yes is Mr. Lopez available?

Yes, this is Phil.
   -This is not a paid or sponsored call.

Ok, well, Who is this? I did't catch your name--
   -Mr. Lopez this is the Universe -- We want
to know when you are going to deliver
your highest potential?

   -If you do not want to deliver that's ok, ...I guess; but
the Universe needs the purpose that is inside of you. If
you won't be delivering it, we will need to pass your purpose to someone else!

WHAT? You just said it was Mine!
   -Yes, that is correct; It is uniquely yours and we Need It! - We just need to
know if You are going to deliver...

I sprang out of bed - Heart racing 12 bazillion miles per hour. That little voice
from within was shouting - "Don't freak! - Don't Freak!!  - Keep Breathing!!!"  I
ran to the bathroom - turned on the light - looked into the mirror and said,
"we need to go over a few things and we better hurry." ---

The "A" Words...
In alignment with our REBOOT direction, the uncovering and delivery of
your unique Highest Human Potential, there are three stones of virtue that
must be immediately set into place. These stones will assure our repeated
safe passage, during the many future opportunities to REBOOT. By name
you will recognize these stones as;

   --  Affirmation   --  Achievement   --  Ambition

Like every journey of significance, the most difficult step is the very first leap
of faith.  In the initiation of your REBOOT you have absolutely nothing to fear. 
The life of your past will not return to you - You must drive forward! Driving
forward Cannot occur if you continue to look into the rear view mirror. You
need to Let Go!  Trust your instinct, it was given to you as a safe-guard. Free
yourself from the past - Face the reality, that it is time to move on!  Right Now,
take off your back-pack and remove the stones of past frustration, leave them
on the road side in the exact place that you currently stand. These stones
DID NOT serve you in your past... They WILL NOT serve you into your future.
Let them go!!  In the next few steps we will replace them with stones of
Greater value...

Oddly enough, just a few days earlier, I ran across the following little
nugget of gold...
"In the Universe, there are no spare pieces.
Everyone is here because they have a place to fill,
and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle."
-Deepak Chopra

This is the Affirmation that you are looking for in order to move forward. In order
to initiate your REBOOT. We have to find this statement very reassuring. It's
claim supports the fact that my purpose and your purpose (our Highest Potential),
the pieces; are universally important! That if indeed the universe is trying to
piece a puzzle together, it WILL, at some point in time, need the purpose that
has been placed within us.

Now, let's think about this for just a moment... in my mind, the universe is
very mighty-ful -and because of this might, I am pretty confident that it is Not
going to be denied the completion of the puzzle; simply because you or I decide
to withhold our piece (our potential).  Agreed?  ---  Good! So, pick-up this stone!
Dust it off, place it into your back-pack and start walking forward.

Your REBOOT is obtained through achievement. Achievement is not just one
single act, in a single moment, on one single day. Achievement is the string of
actions taken moment-by-moment, day-after-day.  In this way, REBOOT is the
accumulation of achievement(s). The successful REBOOT of your current
circumstance then comes to you through the pursuit of your worthy purpose.
Think of your successful REBOOT as  - Winning a World Championship.
Achievement is then to accumulation of wins. The goal is to accumulate as
many wins as possible and as many wins in a row as possible,  So HOW do
we do this?

Oddly enough you have already initiated the achievement cycle...
 - You have successfully unloaded from your back-pack, your past stones
of frustration. 
 - You have already achieved a single idea to leave these stones behind,
and begin to replace them with stones of greater value.
This is already an accumulation of wins. So do not leave the stone of
achievement behind, pick it up, place it in your back-pack and let's keep going...

Look, the universe needs each of us to deliver our piece, our Highest Potential,
right?  Well then, the universe must have supplied us with an achievement
tool to use, or forged a trail for us to follow. Indeed, it did! The universe
provided to us, Ambition.

AMBITION - the Great Initiator
Ambition is the great initiator!! Without Ambition you park your Ass in the
sofa and you never put down the remote. The Beauty of Ambition: it knows
not Age, or Creed, or Race, or Gender, or Preference, or Privilege of Community.
Ambition is at the core of your Highest Human Potential. Ambition leads you
to the good life; turning hopes and dreams into reality. Ambition is the pathway
traveled between impossible and possible. True Ambition keeps you on course.
You don't need to feel embarrassed by your Ambitious Desires. True Ambition is
an ally which keeps you grounded, True Ambition says; if I want to deliver my
highest potential tomorrow, then I better prepare for it today! True Ambition roots
itself in the service of others; not in, at the expense of others. Helping other to achieve
their ambitions is a very powerful and affirming purpose. You need this stone of
Ambition!! Pick-It Up! Never take your eye off of this stone; Never trade it, Never
lend it! Carelessness of Ambition WILL Abort your REBOOT efforts.

Recognize that 'At the expense of others' is another 'A' word... Assh0!e. When
you run across this stone, Please, DO NOT pick-up this stone. 'At the expense
of others' nullifies achievement, and will only serve to cripple Ambition. It
WILL NOT serve you where you are going!

---      ---      ---
Next, week we will break out the REBOOT road map. I promised you a
repeatable, reusable sequence; I intend to deliver on my word.  In the
mean time, begin living this notion of thought  -  I, Will receive an Abundance
of ALL Good Things!  Repeat this to yourself often; 2 -3 times daily  --  I, Will
receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!  Take a deep breathe - Believe It!
- Go ahead, regardless of past circumstance allow yourself the opportunity
to REBOOT!!  --  I, Will receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things! 

This notion of thought is Affirming, Achieving and Ambitious - You cannot help but win with this one.

---      ---      ---
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

REBOOT: Packed & Ready?

Hey There!

Great to see that you are
willing to continue on with
the REBOOT of
your OneGR8Life.

The next two posts will
prove to be critical as we
establish the foundation of
the REBOOT sequence. I
will work hard to earn
your readership.


Ever take a road trip? So
many details are involved.
To begin with, we need to
understand 'where' we are going. Does this appear to be
on odd starting point?

You see immediately, we need not be concerned with HOW!
This is due entirely because, 'Where' influences the entire
planning process; from what to pack, to length of time we will
stay, to availability of accommodations, and let's not forget
the need for the correct road map!

I am always confused by the large number of seemingly intelligent
people who are Ambitiously walking along the trail-side of life but,
have No road map. Why would you take a road map or input
your destination into your GPS for a road trip, and then walk
through your entire life with No Map and No Chosen Destination.

Don't you find that weird?

With No Chosen Destination, is it any wonder that we are more
often than not forced to REBOOT. We have no other alternative.
We chose to head out on the trail of life, no plan, no destination,
no map - what were we possibly thinking?  I think we should
prepare a little better...

REBOOT... The Destination.

So here we stand at the fork in the road. Before us two roads.
we must choose only one!  The roads are clearly marked; 
one is marked 'Attain' and the other marked 'Obtain'. I can
almost guarantee that you have never taken the time to explore
the subtle but meaningful differences between these two
extraordinary and directive words.

Attain and Obtain can be applied as transitive and intransitive verbs,
and although having similar meanings to one another, each has essentially,
a mutually exclusive application. Although both possess the identical
suffix 'tain', the etymology of the two words is somewhat different,
with 'ATTAIN' being derived from the Latin 'tanger' (to touch), and 
'OBTAIN' from the Latin 'tenere" (to hold).

From their differing etymologies, it can be seen straight away that there
is a difference in the meaning of the two words. Essentially, 'attain' is
applicable when one achieves, or reaches a set criteria or goal; to
accomplish something successfully, -to do or finish with success. Here
success transitionally requires the combination of physical and mental
energies. To attain a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Engineering, Health
Science, you must successfully complete a course of specified study. To
attain a predetermined level of desired physical wealth or a garage full
of Maserati's you must achieve a level of professional proficiency.

Whereas 'obtain' should be used when you actually acquire or hold
possession of something through one's owns efforts, be it a physical
item or a notional characteristic. To hold or gain possession of
something through one's own effort traditionally requires the combination
of physical, mental and spiritual energies, To assist with understanding,
here is a differentiating example; when you attain a successful result, you
might not hold or gain possession of your Highest Human Potential.

Maximized Efforts...

The REBOOT sequence is looking to maximize the efforts of
Obtainment... specifically HOW do we hold or gain possession
of our Highest Human Potential. As a sole purpose of life the
collection of physical wealth can hardly be considered the
obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. Please, do not
misunderstand our stated intention here. The collection of physical
wealth can be a noble ambition well worthy of pursuit. And indeed,
your Highest Human Potential may come through the applied benefit of
physical wealth. As a sense of example, I am speaking in terms of the 
gained benefit delivered by the use of wealth which has been achieved by
Bill and Melinda Gates. Or the gained benefit of the preservation of art
delivered by the use of the material wealth which had been achieved by
individuals such as Henry Huntington or J. Paul Getty.


The common social push is to Attain happiness through Success. Attaining
success suggest that you will finish this as a achievable task. In this sense
We have been digging in the wrong hole!

In your REBOOT, the value of life, happiness, will not be found through
the attainment of success; your directive is the Obtainment, the holding, of
your Highest Human Potential. In this model SUCCESS is not an end-point of
happiness which can be Attained, rather it is an Obtained pathway to happiness.

Becoming successful or being labeled as a success, simply means that you
are recognized by the body of work that you have completed in building
your pathway. Building your pathway is created by your continual activity
of laying the stepping stones of virtue in a manner defined by gained
direction and length. In this way, You must determine from the inside-out,
which stones of virtue will interlock to make your path of happiness. Yes,
in the REBOOT model you control the both the volume and the tone of
your own happiness; you own the path, you own the stones of virtue, you
choose direction and length. Here in lies, Your Happiness.

The beauty of Obtaining SUCCESS is that regardless of past experience,
no matter where you find your starting point, you can build your happiness
pathway. If you are willing to work at it, you can gain that purpose which
you have been individually granted and are divinely guided to deliver.

Wallace Wattles - author of the book titled, How to get what you want,
once touched on this concept in this way;

"The cause of success is not in the environment of the
individual. Because if it were, all persons within a given
radius would be successful. And, success would be wholly
a matter of neighborhood... And we see that people whose
environment are practically the same, and who live in the
same neighborhood show us all degrees of success and failure.
Therefore, we know that the cause of success must be
in the INDIVIDUAL and nowhere else!"

Do not underestimate the significance of this written statement. Before
you is a critical REBOOT clue as to the nature of Highest Human Potential.

Each Called to Their Own...

We know this statement to be true because our world is filled with path
builders working at many different levels of capacity. Some have been
granted the capacity to lay the stones of their pathway by the truckload,
some have been granted the capacity to lay the stones of their pathway by
the wheelbarrow load, and yet others may have been granted the capacity
to lay the stones of their pathway one-by-one. Regardless, of capacity,
we can all obtain and deliver our Highest Human Potential.

The Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential is as individual as your
fingerprint and as fragile as a snowflake. In our common desire to live from
the outside-in, to Attain, to Touch, as much as possible in our earthly life,
we have grown to bulldoze over the fingerprints and to wipe away the 
nuisance of the snowflakes. As you REBOOT, you are being invited to live
from the inside-out, looking to recognize the value gained through the 
potential that your fingerprints can offer; looking to deliver the incorporated
benefits held through the preservation of snowflakes.

--- So there you have it, your REBOOT Destination; the uncovering and
delivery of your unique Highest Human Potential. The journey of a lifetime!

There are no elevators here... you are going to have to take the stairs...

---      ---      ---

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

REBOOT: The Ticking Clock

"When we find our lives
in the REBOOT mode,
The Ticking Clock
is a pressure cooker
of added stress and 
burdensome anxiety!"
~Phillip A. Lopez

Your only job is to learn HOW to control the flame and reduce the heat...

Initiate the REBOOT sequence...

But, HOW?!?

The enemy we all face in the REBOOT mode is emotion.
These emotions can range from;

  -- Shame; for stepping into the sh!t of life,
  -- Embarrassment; other's can see the goo on your shoe,
  -- Loss of Confidence; How could I be this ...

The added stress of choosing a directed starting point, soon becomes
compounded by the anxiety of making the correct choice, multiplied
by urgency and then complicated by the sudden unavailability of
time. This undesirable paradox can easily become overwhelming to
the point of choice paralysis; and may rapidly advance even to the
point of psychological depression. Please do not fear... there is a
direction out and this direction assures that there must be a
starting point.

The most significant point for you to remember is this...
   ~  Everyone REBOOTS!!!  ~

History is filled with all sorts of wonderful recoveries by even the
most adored public successes:
  --Henry Ford - BROKE! In the early development of the internal
combustion engine, He had to get the permission of Mrs. Ford in
order to borrow some money from their savings so that he could
have a few parts made.
  --Thomas Edison - BOUNCED out of school due to the lack of
his ability to comprehend an education.
  -- What about Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, and even the late
great, Steve Jobs; in common, each of these individuals was blessed
with the opportunity to sharpen their REBOOT skills. That's right,
you are not the first to venture down this path, nor will you be
the last.

So are you ready?

The REBOOT Starting Point...

Years ago I read an interview of Wally "Famous" Amos. What
many have always found interesting about Wally is that he
virtually started with nothing! Of course we all know that he
REBOOTED and at one point he built a global enterprise around
'chocolate-chip cookies'.

In the interview Wally was asked, "HOW did you know where to
get started?" At the time, Wally's reply caught me off guard. I
figured he would weave a response filled with the requirements of
great entrepreneurial skills, or the necessity to plan every detail,
or the requirement to entice venture capital. But he didn't. In
summary, his reply was, 'I started with me! I came, one day, to
the realization that I was responsible for the outcome of my life.
That my achievements in life would not come from the things that
I Did Have; But rather, my achievements in life would have to
come from the things that I Did Not Have. That if I really wanted
to do something with my life, I was going to have to be responsible
to make sure that I obtained these things.'

I am convinced that the point Wally was attempting to make was
this; REBOOT is 'an inside job'. That the starting point of all
achievement begins with the person that stares back at you in
the mirror! You know, the bloke you brush your teeth with every
morning... Yeah, that guy!

Confident Enough...

Before we get along too far...
let me ask you a very important question  -- 
Are you confident enough to stare into the eyes of your friend in
the mirror? You will need to be! After all, the person in the mirror
cannot survive without you. And you cannot survive without the
person in the mirror.

So take a minute, go to the mirror... introduce yourself to that
person (shoe goo and all). Take a good look at this person. Come on,
take a good look! You are staring at the person who holds the keys
to your share of the claim of achievement. Do you feel comfortable
with what you see? What if you discover that, this is the person
who keeps imposing false self-limitations? Are you determined
enough to REBOOT this person?

You need to understand, from day one, that there are no elevators
to success. That's right - You, like those who have REBOOTed
before you, are gonna have to take the stairs. So, go ahead - Ask
that person - "If they are willing to travel down the pathway of
Obtainment with you." Come on, you're traveling partners... ask
if that person is tough enough to carry you through the ups and downs, through the sleepless nights, to stand with you through the early
snow of Fall, through the bitter cold of Winter, through the
blistering heat of Summer. Ask that person...
"So, how GOOD can you stand it?" -- This is the starting point!

Imagine - No Limitations...

Regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through
AMBITION - Not Anxiety, Not Panic, Not Sympathy,
Not Self Pity!  Imagine for one minute that you have No
Limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Have... only AMBITION
will take you there!!

--- --- ---
Take Away Thoughts: YES, There is something extraordinary about the feeling received as I REBOOT in the direction of fulfilling my purpose; while maintaining an Ambitious thought as simple as - I Can, I Will!

Until you prove to me otherwise, I WILL remain confident
in your abilities and your desire to REBOOT.

--- --- ---

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

OneGR8Life - Facing Our Realities-

- Get on the Bus or, Get Left Behind.

If you miss the bus
it will be more
of the same;
missed economic
opportunities and
hopelessness amid
aimless wondering.
If you are a
current college
student, or know
a current college
student, you
should pay particular attention
here. Your job is to catch this bus!! 

In the next few paragraphs we Will buy you a ticket and
find you a seat.

Our New Beginning...

The year 2008, brought the beginning of a major series of human
and economic altering events. Including what many thought would
be the collapse of the American banking and financial system. This
series of economic events marked a critical hinge point in our
pursuit of earthly desires. Erased was the methodology of the era.
Eliminated were the rules of the game  which guided many through
the days of overindulgence. It was as if, in one single day, unannounced,
someone reset the rules of human pursuit and attainment.

If you have failed to recognize this hinge point and the development
of a new set of rules you are being left behind.  The rules from the
era past WILL NOT return! Facing this reality you will understand
that a new set of rules are in order. It IS YOUR Responsibility to learn
these rules. In the ensuing decades we will be left with those that Have,
and those that Have Not. And, with each passing day the caravan of
those that HAVE draws further from your view. You must 

The Fundamentals...

So let's establish the fundamentals required to assure the obtainment
of your desire, to Be, Do or Have.

-In its most rudimentary form, success can be defined as; the
progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a person is
working towards a predetermined goal and knows what
he /she is doing... That person is a success! If you are not
doing this, then you are failing. Your success is marked through
the deliver of Purpose; avoid tying that purpose to people or things.

-The opposite of courage is not cowardice. No, the opposite of
courage is conformity. It takes no courage to conform; to do the same
thing as everybody else, to think like everybody else, to achieve as
everybody else. Courage begins when you decide to differentiate your
life from others. To our demise, conformity will erase achievement.
Your charter is to achieve your highest potential through empowerment
and influence.

-Every human has been given the Divine right to pursue something.
Indeed, the Creator allows each of us to Be, Do or Have, anything
that we Desire. It is this fact that supports our existence.  Life then
becomes a mission. On this mission, we all have something to
pursue! It then becomes our duty to uncover our purpose... to
uncover the 'something' that we are intended to deliver as
universal added value.

-Ambition initiates Achievement. Ambition knows not Race, or
Creed, or Gender, or Color, or Age, or Preference, or Status
of Community. Ambition acknowledges Not, the watch in your
wrist, the vehicle you drive, the purse you carry, the distinguish
of the shoes on your feet.

-All Success is obtained through Achievement. Achievement is
not just a single act, in a single moment, on a single day.
Achievement is the string of actions taken moment-by-moment,
day-after-day. In this way, Accomplished success is the
accumulation of achievement(s). Success then comes to you
through the pursuit and delivery of your worthy purpose.

Delivery of Purpose...

Everyone engaged in the serious pursuit of, delivery of purpose,
at some point in life will uncover this truth; Accomplished success
is an inside job! Once discovered, it is what you do with this truth
that greatly improves your odds of obtaining your ambition of desire.

So now the larger question... If it is our Divine duty to uncover
our something,  our purpose, and if successful delivery of this
purpose is an inside job, then we must be self-equipped with the
features to succeed; So what then is the missing link between
something to pursue and its obtainment?

---     ---     ---
I look forward to leading you through the answer to this question.
We will begin this larger discussion with our very next post. I hope
that you will share us with your friends, family, associates, after all
they too deserve to live OneGR8Life.  Please join us.

Thanks for your attention and added support.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

OneGR8Life - The Unexamined Life...


The Question of the day is - how well have you done on holding-up your 2013 New Year Resolutions?

In all truthfulness, I am not a big New Year Resolution kind of guy.  This may seem surprising to you, especially from a person so dedicated to living his OneGR8Life, so let me explain...

It is not that I am against
goal setting or more strongly, against
Ambitious goal setting. To the contrary, we
should all be driving towards something! And, with
only one life to live, we should drive Ambitiously. 
To help frame this, it is significant to remember that
this is it folks... This is your OneGR8Life - there is
no dress rehearsal here...
One performance and it is Live.

So why no New Years Resolutions? After all, the beauty
of life stems from the resolution that we Can - Be, Do
or Have, Anything that we Desire. No New Year
Resolutions is just a personal choice, for me.  I wake-up
everyday, I am filled with gratitude that I am able to
wake rested; I slide my foot under the covers to feel
that my loving wife is still laying next to me, I throw
back the covers and I start charging. For me, I choose
to see everyday as a start to a New Year.  If you take
a look around, there you will see many who share this
ambitious opportunity.

My wife, Janice and I, really enjoyed our 2012 holiday; a
16-day self-guided tour starting in Paris - headed south
into Italy - and back out through Paris. Along the way, I
was fortunate enough to run-across some amazing
individuals... living some pretty amazing (and ambitious)
Live Performances. And they did not wait for the changing
of a calendar to get started...

Most memorable was my airport shuttle driver, Samuel.
Samuel woke-up one morning and decided the time had
come - it was time for him to leave everything he had
and everyone he loved. He had enough of a war torn life
in Ethiopia. He decided on that day, that he would change
his dedication and direction. He could only think of one place
to turn, America!  He shared with me the fire that continues
to burn within him; the fire that freedom brings!

Easy? I never heard this word cross Samuel's lips in
the 50-minute conversation that we shared. After 15 years
of an uncertain life change, I did hear Grateful, Dedicated,
Thankful and Loving. Loving? Yes! Samuel shared with me
a story of how one day as he was walking into a grocery
store near his home and he kept hearing some person
shouting out his name. As the voice got closer, he turned
to see a boyhood friend from his Ethiopian village.
Samuel said at that moment he was filled with more
love than he could hold! Thousands of miles from home,
millions  and millions of people between him and his
village, he would run into a boyhood friend. The two
men remain in constant contact, encouraging each other
to believe that they CAN - that they Can do the things
that they WILL to do.

Today begins your New Year! I encourage you to rise every
morning with an attitude of NEW. 

Take the time to live the 'Examined' life. Think about the
things that mean the most to you - celebrate them. Imagine 
the life that you dream to live - memorize this. Remain
in resolve to attain your dream life! Renew your pursuit
with the start of each new day as if, there was no
tomorrow. This is your OneGR8Life - there is no dress
rehearsal. One performance and it is Live.

---   ---   ---

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