Tuesday, July 2, 2013

REBOOT: Process or Event?

If there was no need 
for the
development and transformation
of your OneGR8Life...
You'd already be there!
~Phillip A. Lopez

REBOOT: Mission and Goal...

Over the past couple of weeks we have been engaging in a fairly active conversation. Before we get into today's post, It is important to me that you recognize that this conversation has a primary mission; To Improve the Human Condition, Specifically, Yours!
The goal of this conversation, is to add value to your life and to assist in the development and transformation of your OneGR8Life; to Dream it, Create it, Live it! This transformation requires us to REBOOT the Human Operating System (HOS). This REBOOT sequence must lead you to the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. 

The Event...

We have shared the fact that each life has deliverable Purpose. The agents of delivery are Courage and Desire. Purpose is supported by our existence and the creators allowance for each of us to Be, Do or Have anything which we desire. That, every Human has been given the Divine right to pursuit Something. This pursuit enhances life through mission. It then becomes our duty to uncover the Dream of Purpose, to Create it, and Live it! 

The question of the ages is HOW?!?

The Process...

I have dedicated my purpose to HOW?!?  For 30+ years I have attempted to answer this question; I have not been disappointed! As with every opportunity of question, we are delivered an answer. I will share the REBOOT map with you this week. The map will outline a repeatable and reusable process for the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential.

Before the map - There are a couple of key components, I need to make sure we have a keen understanding of... I understand your anxiety, So here is the post lay-out for this week...
          Tuesday - Intention
          Thursday -- Obtainment, defined
          Saturday --- Obtainment, A Map of Value Proposition.

Intention rules the Universe... 

There should be little doubt in our minds surrounding the truth of this statement.

As it is The Creator's intention that all human life obtain their Highest Potential; The Creator has placed every living thing, at the footsteps of mankind. As reinforcement, in the spirit of accomplishment, The Creator then embellishes mankind with the greatest of all gifts... The Freedom of Choice.

That mankind inherit the responsibility of free choice, represents unchangeable support and confidence, in the Creators desire that we are to achieve our Highest Potential. This extends to the responsibility of every human to uncover and deliver their unique Purpose. You must understand that it is Your earthly duty to Choose 'anything' which You Desire to Be, Do or Have and, to deliver this choice. 

I know, it seems pretty unfathomable...  Anything? 

ANYTHING!!!  - Pretty remarkable...  Don't you agree?

Support of this fundamental comes through the Natural Laws of Physics and Meta-Physics... Newton's Laws of Action/Reaction, Cause and Effect, Motion and Equilibrium; even the natural Law of Attraction.

REBOOT is a Process, not an Event  - Is there any doubt that, this is Your OneGR8Life? That You are responsible to Dream it, Create it, Live it? That You are responsible for -the development of your life, -the irreplaceable usage of time and, -the delivery of purpose?

Join us Thursday  --  Obtainment, defined...

If you are finding this to be helpful, beneficial and effective - 
then, invite a friend to join us...

(This post Dedicated to - Tisha Arana - Who's spirit refuses to give-up... day-by-day, minute-by-minute; She continues to Dream, Create and Live her OneGR8Life.)

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