Saturday, July 20, 2013

REBOOT: Hall Pass Requested...

I often refer to the necessity in our daily lives to REBOOT...

On this Saturday, I find myself in exactly that spot. This week, Thursday to be exact, I was involved in a bit of an industrial accident and smash my left thumb.

This unfortunate occurrence was neither planned nor desired. Fortunately, I have a Map! This map will allow us to REBOOT with the simplest of ease and keep us on course.

So, on this Saturday as I hunt and peek at my keyboard, I will ask you for a hall pass....

Below, you are going to find our 5-most popular post. Oddly, enough they are 5 of the most enlightening posts. (You all know great content when you read it.) These 5-posts are also some of my most heart strong and favorite posts.

Top Five...
5) REBOOT: Ambition of Purpose
      -If you are like most, when you hear the words,
Ambition of Purpose
-one of two primary reactions occur;
4) REBOOT: Process or Event
-The Event... The Process...
Fear Not - Everybody REBOOTS!
3) Nurturing AMBITION: Your First Thought
-Is their Anything I Cannot Do?
No! There is Nothing that is Not Obtainable...
2) REBOOT: In Pursuit of Purpose
-In the Pursuit of Purpose,
Let's Review the Players...
1) REBOOT: A Map to Obtainment
-Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams...
Live the OneGR8Life
you have imagined.

---      ---      ---

Thank-You for the hall-pass. I look forward to earning your continued readership. I look forward to our continued journey toward the OneGR8Life that you look to Dream, Create, and Live.

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I ask that you share this Blog-site with your network, connections and community of friends and family - After all, they too deserve to live OneGR8Life.

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