Saturday, July 13, 2013

The REBOOT Series (7)

FEAR Not...
Everybody REBOOTS!
~Phillip A. Lopez

At this point I can only repay your dedicated readership with Thanks!

Please, know that I appreciate all for your continued support -- I am indebted to you for your votes of confidence.

I have started to write our first book;
It's Your OneGR8Life:
Abort - Retry - Ignore.

I will make it available via Amazon / Kindle.  I am writing it as a series of installments. My current intent will be to release each installment as I complete them. The current mind map shows 7 installments. The objective is to make each installment about a 20-30 minute read. Life is busy enough, I figured the burden should be placed on me to condense the information enough to allow you to get through it in a single weekend without becoming over bearing. You should figure the total series of installments to cost you no more than a weeks worth of Venti Machiato's... Rest assured that I will advise you of the release dates through the Blog Post and website. 

I am dedicated to being a HOW?!? resource for you, this means that the book will also include a series of exercises just, to make sure that you have every opportunity to Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life.

The REBOOT Series...
Below you find the Post's which take us through the REBOOT Series.  If you were to walk through each post once again, you would recognize that the message is sequential... the message within each post leads directly into the message of the next post. Beginning with the Human Operating System - ending with your Map to Obtainment. The Map will be our guidance for the next series of post.

I remain dedicated to Improving the Human Condition, -Specifically, Yours!

The REBOOT Series

0622 - The Human Operating System

0625 - The Ticking Clock

0627 - Packed and Ready

0629 - Initiate

0702 - Process or Event

0704 - Obtainment of Purpose

0706 - A Map to Obtainment

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