Thursday, July 11, 2013

REBOOT: In Pursuit of Purpose...

"In the Performance of Life, the
event of Obtainment is absolutely no different; 
    You cannot tell a player, without a program." 
~Phillip A. Lopez 

In the Pursuit of Purpose, Let's Review the Players...


The opposite of Courage is not cowardice.  No, the opposite of courage is conformity. It takes no courage to conform; to do the same thing as everybody else, to think like everybody else, to achieve as little as everybody else.  Courage begins when you decide to differentiate your life from others. Courage is initiated in a single thought rooted in - I Can, I Will. Towards our continued existence, courage is a useful tool of fight or flight protection. And is, instrumental when employed towards Obtainment. To our detriment and possible defeat, conformity will diminish and possibly erase achievement, nullify time and render purpose as useless.

Success, in its most rudimentary form has been defined as; the progressive realization of a worthy desire. If a person is working towards a predetermined desire and knows what he/she is doing... That person is a success! If he/she is not doing that he/she is failing; falling behind.

You need to realize that there is no grey here.  Just Black and White...  Have or Have Not... Success or Failure... You cannot afford to get stuck on the fence here. You must make a move. You must pursue a desire or get left behind!

Desire takes its shape in the form of purpose. It is characterized by one of the three paths of direction; to Be, or to Do, or to Have. 

Desire of Purpose has a unique way of hiding just outside of our peripheral vision. It likes dancing in and out of view, teasing our emotion... now you see me, now you don't. Do to it's flighty nature, we are often times not amused enough to play chase. It is easiest to capture Purpose through the vocal point of Intent. Once you begin to identify Purpose through Intent, the dance ends, into the clarity of daylight does it shine.

 Intent of Purpose... look for it to transform itself in 1-of-2 ways or in a combination as follows;
  1) Desire of Purpose will transform through an idea or philosophy (Save the Whales, Stop Global Warming, Fight Against Cancer, Advance and Promote Highest Human Potential...) or,
  2) Desire of Purpose manifest itself into a physical presence.  (a Research Hospital, a Museum, a Light Bulb, a Handheld Mobile Device, a bundle of Problem Solving Software...)

In this context, it is easier to recognize success as a journey of desire, traveled along a created path. Here we discover that success is not a destination, or end-point -but rather a continuum; a worthy purpose enveloped in time and achievement.

Achievement is the collection and the accumulation of single acts focused along the success continuum. Achievement in this light, can be visualized as the stepping stones creating the safe passage through a garden pathway. Each stone becomes critical to assuring progress along the path. Ultimately, through time, allowing for the accomplishment of continued movement from one end of the path-to-the other.

Accomplishment is a collection of achievements. Accomplishment marks the completion of a section of stepping stones. Each section becomes critical as a marker of progress along the path which you create in your pursuit to obtain. The natural by-product of Accomplishment is, Satisfaction. Satisfaction ignites the euphoria required to initiate 'ambition' and we begin again.

The first step in the Dream, Create, Live sequence of your OneGR8Life, is to bundle your thoughts into a Desire and form them into the words of Purpose; to Be, Do or Have.

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My Desire; (to DO) -To Improve the Human Condition.
My Purpose; (idea) -Advance and Promote Highest Human Potential.
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