Thursday, July 25, 2013

Obtainment: AMBITION-to-Uncover

This weeks, Thought to Carry:

Who am I?

  --To Obtain my
        Desire of Purpose,
   Who do I need to become?--

"If no changes were necessary
for You to live your OneGR8Life, 
You'd already be there."
                 ~Phillip A. Lopez

Let's Go...
Time to hit the trail! Time for us to take the next step. With AMBITION in-arm, we venture to Uncover the Internal Virtues which are ultimately necessary to transform your Desire of Purpose into it's physical equivalence. Over the next couple of posts you will come to learn that, these very special internal virtues have already been embedded in your Human Operating System. To Uncover these virtues, will prove to be extraordinarily useful.

Excuse me... -- Do you mind if I ask; HOW?!? will I Uncover them? --
Of course, not. You didn't really think that the universe would lead you this far along and leave you with no tools... did you?  Fear Not... Everybody REBOOTS! Just like your Map to Obtainment, the universe will provide you with all the tools necessary. Remain Faithful to the delivery of your Desire of Purpose. Remain faithful to the fact that the universe needs you to deliver your piece of the puzzle; that you have been created to obtain your Highest Human Potential.

Stay and Move with Confidence...
Do you know why 90% of us the move to "can't" when we come face-to-face with the opportunity of our Highest Human Potential?  You need to Stop this...

Next time, Accept your opportunity and Stay Confident; If, You are able to see the opportunity of your Desire of Purpose, the solution MUST already be within You. You cannot see what you do not already know. Again, If you can see what you desire to Be, Do or Have, your Desire of Purpose, the solution for it's transformation must already be within you. Your response to recognized opportunity must be to take action and to take action quickly!

Post these words by Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady, where you can see them often.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

--I have these words posted just above the gear shift lever in my car... the gear shift is usually the last thing I look at and touch just before I exit the car. The words remind me to courageously take action until I return. Upon my return, I am free to move onward to my next point of action, where I am reminded to take courageous action...--

Control Your Attitude...
I Won't, I Can't, I Don't Know HOW, I'll try, I Can, I Will, I Did. Your rate of Obtainment starts with the only thing that You own: Your Attitude! A positive mental attitude can and must be developed. Yes, it will take practice and you must exercise it regularly.

Practice and Exercise? YES! This should be
No Problem for You - You have decided to Own your Destiny; you've decided to move in confidence, you have accepted your assignment to take action.. this is just HOW you roll!

"As A Man Thinkth in his heart, so is he."
~King Solomon

---      ---      ---
Still with me?  Still Carrying your thought of the week?

Who am I?
--To Obtain my Desire of Purpose, Who do I need to become?--

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