Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nurturing AMBITION: Your First Thought

First, and foremost, Thanks
for all your Tweets, Posts, Shares, G+'s and questions surrounding our last post..

It appears that it would be helpful to expand a bit further, on two topics -

1) The root of my confidence,
2) If a person currently found themselves, uncertain of their purpose, is there a first thought?

These are two very significant and appropriate questions. Especially, in consideration of the fact that we are only just beginning along the path for Obtaining Your Highest Human Potential.  (Newbies... Grab your Map here... Join Us on the trail - we are at AMBITION)

So let's get started...

Is there Anything that I cannot do?
"No!" There is nothing that is not Obtainable. As Human's we have been coded to Dream, Create and Live -OneGR8Life. "You Can Be, Do, or Have Anything that you Desire."

There are some of you that are looking to satisfy some very large opportunities. You will need to find the simplicity and confidence in this fact - the difficulties which lie ahead in the pursuit of your Desire, are Always no more or no less proportional to the reward of Obtainment. Big Thoughts = Big Rewards. Simply anticipate proportionately, Big Difficulties. Once you accept this, the difficulties are tamed to be perceived as reasonable for the task... no more, no less. For example, Cure for Cancer = BIG Thought = BIG Reward... proportionately BIG Difficulties, BIG Collaboration, BIG Resource Commitment. Get the concept?  Do not allow yourself be over-powered by BIG; from where you stand now, there are things that are presently unfamiliar but, that should not prevent you from attempting.

In the Pursuit of your Desire, to Be, Do or Have... If you can identify the Opportunity, the solution must already be within you!  -  You cannot identify, what you do not know.

The stated question was - 
 -You seem pretty confident here...  What justifies this confidence?

My confidence is rooted in:
-We each have come to this earth in possession of a brain. Each brain has it's own capacity, everybody has been coded with their own desire of purpose. And, 
-My own personal experience of achievement and accomplishment.  My 25 year, pursuit of desire was to figure out, HOW?!?  To create and prove a solution to the Obtainment of your Desire. I didn't ask for mega-riches, I didn't ask for a garage filled with Maserati's, I asked for HOW?!? That's what I got - That's what I share with you!

We are unable to deny the fact that each of has appeared on earth with a brain. Whether we choose to fully utilize the potential of that brain is the subject for a different discussion. But, a brain you have! 

The fact that you are in full possession of that brain, connotes that for your individual circumstance, the pursuit of your unique purpose, you are already in possession of all the standard equipment necessary to achieve and accomplish; Anything!

But, I am not as smart as the next guy...  That cannot be an excuse in the delivery of your purpose. With little effort, has your brain not carried you this far in life? Your brain HAS everything necessary to carry you to the solution of ANY problem that will be presented to you in your OneGR8Life. It HAS to be this way! Your opportunities, for your brain. My opportunities, for My brain. Your Brothers/Sisters/Fathers/Mothers opportunities, for your Brothers/Sisters/Fathers/Mothers brain. 

How did I realize this?  I grew up with set of incredibly smart brothers. This made standing out very competitive... in a loving kind-of way. My oldest brother; You know the gifted athlete, incredible learning ability - 'A' student type, the see something and walk into the garage and build-it type. My next youngest brother; the Golden touch - you know every time he puts his thumb into the pie and pulls it out there is $100 on the end. And, then he just smiles all the way to the bank. Do you know people like this?

Well, that wasn't me! I started by carrying buckets of sand, with holes in the bottom of the bucket. But that didn't stop me! I figured out HOW to repair the bucket and then figured out HOW to haul the buckets faster. I knew that I Could, I knew that I Would - and that was enough!!

Now comes Your Turn!!
At the end of our last post we came to the conclusion that You have complete control of every thought that you choose to keep or discard. That it is your OneGR8Life and, that you are responsible to Dream it, Create it and Live it.  Oddly enough, Someone asked HOW?!?

I understand that there are some who are traveling with us who have not yet determined their desire of purpose. For you, you just need a starting point. Guess what? I have a great place for you to start. If you are having difficulty nailing down your desire of purpose; start by taking the time to answer this one simple question... ready?  
Answer this: In my OneGR8Life, I Will... (Be, Do, or Have).  There is no right or wrong answer here. I am not asking you to answer where the money , time or other necessary resource will come from... we will take care of that soon enough.

The answer to this question flows from the inside-outwards. It is initiated as you listen to your spirit - your spirit cries out your Desire of Purpose on a constant basis. You have to listen and transform what you hear into words. Is your first rendition perfect? Not Likely!  Is your first rendition likely to be the only rendition of your entire life? Probably, Not. - Remember, Everyone REBOOTS!  The whole purpose of you having your map is to ease the REBOOT process.

Let's Prime the Thought Pump...
Today you are being called to initiate the delivery of the greatness that lies within. Do you have what it takes to Dream, Create and Live your greatness? Do you have the AMBITION to Dream, Create and Live your greatness. You must write it down, to get started---

Your First Thought.

As we progress through this blog series you will uncover many fundamentals in the
development of your Highest Human Potential. To help get your thought process started -
Write the following down in your journal and then again on a couple of post-it notes and
place them where you can see them through-out the day... Nightstand, Bathroom Mirror, Wallet, Computer Monitor, Smart Phone, maybe even set the words up as your
screen saver.

Ready?  Write this down...

--- I, ( your name ), WILL receive an Abundance of ALL good things.
ex. I, Phillip A. Lopez, WILL receive an Abundance of ALL good things.

This becomes your first thought as you begin to uncover your desire of purpose.

Go ahead and live this thought for the next week, or a lifetime if you so desire. Enjoy
the results.

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