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REBOOT: A Map to Obtainment

So what do you think, do we need a map to outline a path to the Obtainment of Highest Human Potential; the delivery of your Divine Purpose?

I think yes, - a map to outline the path to obtainment would be highly effective and extraordinarily useful.

But let me ask... Do you know where we can find this map? Do you know if such a map even exist? Has anyone ever shared with you the knowledge of ever having seen such a map? Come on, we'll need to start somewhere...

The Prerequisites...
The Journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. So it is with the discovery, pursuit and delivery of our Highest Human Potential.  Before we start, lets check to make sure we have all the essential provisions for such an Ambitious journey.

1) Highest Human Potential... Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential; this is your Divine Purpose!
2) Divine Significance... The transformation of purpose, replaces the attainment reaction cycle. This transformation flows outward from within us; in exchange for our life on earth we are to uncover and give our life purpose. Our give is significant for the improvement of the human condition.
3) Fortitude...  Your significance was handed to you Divinely with the cutting of the umbilical cord. Your Highest Human Potential is Obtained through the transformation of your unique Divinely granted purpose. This Divine Purpose; You cannot give it back... you cannot bury it in the backyard... you cannot run from it...  you can only deliver it.

GREAT! We have everything and it all seems to be in order!  Ready?

Oh Yeah... The MAP.  Silly ME!

I promised that I would share the REBOOT map with you this week. So it will come to you in three pages. All the pages are in this post. I will also add links to full size copies.

The map will outline a repeatable and reusable process for the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. I have used and refined this map over the course of the past 15-20 years. At one point of refinement, I used it for my sales team of 10, to move us for our #87/100 ranking to top 6 in less than 12 months. I am confident that you will find extreme value in it and that you will find many points of application in your life.  So let's get started.

Obtainment Defined...
OBTAINMENT: The External Radiation from within
of Highest Human Potential; the fulfillment Ambition
of Divine Purpose. The utilization of internal virtues
for the transformation of a notion, idea or thought,
to a Desire of Purpose, to Be, Do or Have,
into its Physical Equivalence.

Map of Obtainment...
Just as every road trip and holiday travel plan includes a destination... so does your life! We Start here because we should never forget Obtainment as the Destination. This is why you unloaded from your back-pack all of your past circumstance of frustrations. This is why you will continue to add stones of greater value as you travel the path.

Notice that Obtainment is at the center, surrounded by a repeatable path. This is not by coincidence! The journey to Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life requires stop and start points. You see, the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential, the delivery of your Divine Purpose, will have many foreseen and unforeseen REBOOT opportunities. It is paramount that you maintain the ability to pick-up where you left off. Without this feature, You WILL continue to walk in hopelessness and aimlessly. You cannot afford to let this happen! From this day forward, You WILL now walk with Direction and Destination.

With this simple map, You have Gained the tool necessary to assure the completion of your journey. Eliminated is the Anxiety of starting, only to stop; followed by the Frustration of not knowing where to start again. Gained is the flexibility of a repeatable, and proven process.

Shall we fill in the path with easy to follow stepping stones?

A Map of Value Proposition...
Why a 'Value' Proposition?

Because this path proposes a continuum of returned value. Along this path, the more that you give, the more that you feed the process, the more it returns back to you. Before you is a loop of endless possibilities and unlimited potential.

When you come to the point of exhaustion and doubt, and trust me - You are bound to reach this point, to regenerate the cycle - you only need to pick any single stone and give from that point. As you 'give', you initiate the cycle to receive. This 'give' invigorates the Human Spirit to eliminate both exhaustion and doubt.

Behold, If at anytime along your journey to Obtainment you become completely overwhelmed in bewilderment or find yourself in a total state of progress paralysis, simply start with rejuvenated Ambition.

The First Stepping Stone: AMBITION!

We have been through this. Ambition is the Starting Point of all success. Ambition 'always' travels with Achievement and Accomplishment. Starting or REBOOTing from here is guaranteed to initiate clarity of thought and action.

Please note: We have added a very specific note of Instruction, just below the definition of Obtainment:
Through Affirmation this Desire of Purpose is Infinitely
supported to Achievement, by Intention and Motive, in exchange
for the discovered capacity to overcome restraint while
in pursuit of improvement to the human condition.

DO NOT underestimate the power of Affirmation! DO NOT overestimate your self-confidence to remember tomorrow the journey of Obtainment that you started today. Distraction(s) are the foreseen and unforeseen activities which lead to the abandonment of initiated purpose. Thus, Always carry your map. And, continuously affirm your delivery of purpose.

Shall we connect the stones; to assure continuous passage from beginning-to-rebeginning, from Start-to-REBOOT?  Fear Not... Everyone, REBOOTS!

"Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams. 
Live the OneGR8Life you have imagined and
have been Divinely granted to Deliver."
~Phillip A. Lopez

The Map! 
Obtainment of Highest Human Potential.
REBOOT is a Process, not a singular event. You will learn to find great comfort in the Simplicity of the connectivity presented here. The seamless transitions from one stone to another. Repeatable! Reusable! Pretty convenient, don't you agree?

The coordinated efforts initiated through Ambition; the transformation of a Notion, Idea or Thought into a Desire of Purpose, to Be, or Do or Have. Can you take a piece of paper, record your idea; and transform that idea into a written Desire of Purpose?

If you took this Desire of Purpose and attempted to envelop it with internal virtues required to Deliver; do you think it would lead you to the Discovery of Inspiration and Motivation?

Can you see how you have broken the 'attainment' cycle? Suddenly the added value to live has transitioned from an out-to-in reaction of unfulfillable attainment, to the in-to-out reaction of Divine Purpose; for the Improvement of the Human Condition.

You now hold the keys to your sustained Significance. With map in hand, you are free to initiate our contribution of Divine Purpose.

What's that you ask?  HOW?!?

Not to worry... I have a tool for this!

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