Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AMBITION: Freedom of Choice...


What is all this noise about 'expectancy', and 'receiving', and 'abundance', and 'ALL Good Things'?

Certainly, you are not talking about my life...

Quite truthfully, I AM, talking about your life. Specifically, about your OneGR8Life!

Here, go back to your Map of Obtainment. See up-top where it reads AMBITION.  That's were your OneGR8Life starts! 

Why start Here?  The answer is simplicity. You see, regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through AMBITION - Not Anxiety, or Luck, or the Breaks! Imagine for one minute that you have No limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Give... only Ambition can take you there!!

Nurturing Your AMBITION...
Think about this... Do you, for one second, think that the Creator has placed you on earth, in this exact place in time and you are not expected to deliver your Highest Potential; to Obtain your Desire of Purpose? Your Purpose, to Be, Do, or Have, is embedded into your life code. Just as the Creator has coded an acorn to grow into a might Oak, and expects that every bud will flower into its greatest radiant beauty; so too are you to Deliver your Highest Human Potential.

Something IS expected of you in exchange for the space that you are consuming. Nobody can ride the planet for free! At some point we all pay the exchange rate for every breathe we have taken. You have already received an Abundance of ALL good things. Now, you must look to deliver in your Greatest Abundance, you must deliver ALL good things!

Intention Rules the Universe...
There should be little doubt in our minds surrounding the truth of this statement. As it is the Creator's intention that all Human life obtain their Highest Potential; The Creator has placed every living thing, at the footsteps of mankind. As reinforcement, in the spirit of accomplishment, The Creator then embellishes mankind with the greatest of all gifts... the Freedom of Choice.

That Humankind inherit the responsibility of free choice, represents unchallengeable support and confidence, in the Creators desire that we are to achieve our Highest Potential. This extends to the responsibility to uncover and deliver Your unique Purpose. You must understand that it is Your earthly duty to Choose ‘anything’ which You Desire to Be, to Do or to Give.

I know, it seems unbelievable...  Anything?

ANYTHING!!!   -  Pretty Remarkable!!  Don’t You Agree?

Don't you just LOVE it???   ---   Anything...-   Your Choice...   -   Think BIG!!

Support of this fundamental comes through the Natural Laws of Physics and Meta-Physics... Newton's Laws of Action/Reaction, Cause and Effect, Motion and Equilibrium; Einstein's Relativity, even the natural Law of Attraction.

Now it becomes clearer - Only you have complete control of every thought that you choose to Keep or Discard.  You have to understand and except this as fact. From here you realize that, It is your OneGR8Life! And, Only You are responsible to Dream it, Create it, Live it. I can only serve to help to inspire you or to motivate you. But, I am not responsible to live it for you... That is your job, That is ALL on you!

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