Tuesday, July 23, 2013

AMBITION: Where Did Everybody Go?

With Map in hand... to the trail head, we go!

As we begin walking let's make sure that we have a good confident feeling about the journey we embark on. Let's review...

What are we doing?
 -Embarking on the journey to Obtainment and Delivery of my Highest Human Potential.
Where do I go first?
 -We are following the Map. Step One...
     --AMBITION: Transformation of a Notion, Idea or Thought to a Desire of Purpose (to Be, Do or Have).
How do I Feel?
  -Excited, Courageous, Enthused, A bit Anxious, Thankful for the Map, A little Uncertain; I venture to change my circumstance yet, I AM  still not convinced I know HOW?!?

Remain confident in your Map! Take a look at it again... recognize that it is a loop. Like a trail through a garden, be courageous in knowing that you cannot get lost if you stay on the trail; you will return to start again. Little steps at first - then we will move to larger steps, and jumps, and running. Rest assured you are not alone in your Uncertainty.
Where did Everybody Go?
As young people our entire development is spent being told WHAT to Do, When and Why to do it. With warm smiles and words of congratulations, comes the encouragement from family and friends to reach for more. Words from spiritual leaders, to lead and live a better life; to become the best that you can be. Then one day you come of age and ask HOW?!? On that day, did you notice, suddenly, the room went dark and silent. The response, if any, is typically filled with opinion; which we all hold as our own individual truth. Opinion is simply based on our internal digestion of personal experience and delivered in preference. But the HOW question was not submitted in solicitation of opinion. It was submitted in attempt to unroot fact!

More Confidence; The Map you hold, is not based on fiction or opinion. It’s foundation is fact! Proven again, and again through the history of mankind. So, let’s look to uncover a couple more known facts. You will use these facts to build your HOW in the days ahead.

In AMBITION - Own Your Destiny...
To begin with you will need to Own your Destiny; To be responsible for the things that you choose to do and the things that you choose not to do - you will need to take the ball and shoot! As basketball great, Michael Jordan once said, "In my life, I've failed over and over again and that is why I succeed."

Design Your Own Life...
There once lived a man by the name of Jim Rohn. Jim Obtained legendary status in his delivery of personal and business development guidance. Rohn teaches us that we must design our own life. If you do not, there is a very high probability that you will fall into someone else’s plan. If you let this happen there is absolutely no way for You to Obtain Your Highest Human Potential. If you allow yourself to fall into someone else’s plan, can you guess what they have planned for you?  Not Much!

Stepping Stones...
So we walked upon three very important stones today.
1) I AM not alone in Uncertainty. My confidence will stem from the proven Map to Obtainment, which is in my possession. Ownership of the map increases my courage to take small steps forward as I learn to Dream, Create and Live my OneGR8Life.
2) I AM responsible for the things I choose to do, as well as, the things that I choose not to do. I own the design of my life. In moments of setback or success it is ALL my OneGR8Life.
3) I AM responsible to Dream, Create and Live my OneGR8Life. I must not allow my OneGR8Life to become subject to someone else's plan for me. My OneGR8Life is internally driven; in order for me to Be, Do or Have More, I must plan to become more.

---      ---      ---
This weeks, Thought to Carry:  Who am I?
   --To Obtain and Deliver my Desire of Purpose, Who do I need to become?--

"If no changes were necessary
for You to live your OneGR8Life, 
You'd already be there."
~Phillip A. Lopez
---      ---      ---

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