Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An Uncles Birthday Wish for His College Bound Niece~

Hey D, VERY Exciting times ahead  -  Off to College soon!! Very Cool- and I am sure there are moments when the uncertainty of life w/o the parentals might seem just a little overwhelming. Not to worry - You've got this covered!

Strange facts that you never knew about your Uncle...  The year I graduated High School, was the same year the Vietnam War draft ended. Yeah, I know just a paragraph or two that you were forced to read in your History class. But for me, at the time, this was a HUGE relief! I guess, I just didn't see the choices ahead as having much appeal -  Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Canada, College. And, although Grampa Al was pretty hard core on the College route, I wasn't so sure. So when the war draft ended, the decision making process was immediately postponed and I was free to do whatever I wanted. Independence is incredibly powerful. With this power of Independence, comes great responsibility.

Fortunately for me, Aunt Jan came along a few years later. And suddenly, life started looking a little more responsible. Almost instantly I found myself surrounded by new best friends, namely, Destination, Direction, and Determination.  And, when I finally embraced the value of increased education, life started moving in a much more positive direction. So much so that I finished my four-year studies in 3-years. Easy? Not even! So I say, embrace your independence and start working smartly - soon you will find that it really does get ya all charged up.

My Encouragement...   

As you start this next phase of life... do not select a major, Do Select a Purpose. A Major brings on a Job. A Purpose brings on an Adventure. I'm just saying - Major = Job = Boring! Purpose = Adventure = Unlimited Excitement; Your choice... 

Let me just add this, the cool thing is, Purpose does not travel alone. No, Purpose travels with some Very Good Friends named, Joy and Abundance. Are you seeing how this works? You invite Purpose to travel with you; Purpose then invites Joy and Abundance to tag along.

Now, here's the travel tip of the summer; Joy and Abundance travel with Purpose in effortless ease. Ease, sounds good - right? So HOW?!? does it work?  You see, when you are paying attention to your life, PHENOMENAL things occur. When you pursue your Purpose, you choose to chase the moments that light you up. When life lights you up, you build, one moment at a time, a life lived with passion, with intention, and fulfillment. When you do what you love, what you offer to the world - comes back to you in ways just far beyond your imagination. Recognize early, that there are no limits to what you can give.

Is there Anything that I cannot do? 

"No!" There is nothing that is not Obtainable. As Human's we have been coded to Dream, Create and Live -YourOneGR8Life. 

"You Can Be, Do, or Have Anything that you Desire."

This opens your life to start looking to satisfy some very large opportunities. You will need to find the simplicity and confidence in this fact -

“the difficulties which lie ahead,
while You are in pursuit of your Desire of Purpose,
are Always no more or no less proportional
to the reward of Obtainment.”

Think of it this way... Big Thoughts = Big Rewards. Simply anticipate proportionately, Big Difficulties. Once you accept this, the difficulties are tamed to be perceived as reasonable for the task... no more, no less.

For example, Cure for Breast Cancer = BIG Thought = BIG Reward... proportionately BIG Difficulties, BIG Collaboration, BIG Resource Commitment. Get the concept?  Do not allow yourself be over-powered by BIG; from where you stand now, there are things that are presently unfamiliar but, that should not prevent you from attempting.

“In the Pursuit of your Desire, to Be, or to Do or to Have...
If you can identify the Opportunity,
the solution must already be within you!
In all of life, You cannot identify,
what you do not already know.”

So, Happy Birthday, D! Know that I Love You Deeply and without condition.

Always With You! - Your Uncle

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