Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WHY / WHY NOT: 5 Questions of Destined Receivership

The Starting Point of All Successes...

Before we start-up, take a look at your Map to Obtainment. Up-top, AMBITION. You need to understand that every desire starts with AMBITION; a simple notion, idea, or thought held in the brain, is eventually transformed into its physical equivalence through action. At this point, You are not to judge the validity of your notion, idea, or thought. If you find yourself entertaining thoughts of judging the validity of your notion, STOP! Look at your Energy Flow of Transformation; recognize that with your thoughts of judgement you are working from WHY NOT. In the state of judgement you are attempting to flow energy outward-to within. NOT GOOD! Clear your mind, for the time being - just allow your notion, idea or thought to exist, free of Judgement. Just like a single pearl sitting on your desk, just allow it to be there.

Hey Phil, hold-up!

Aaahhmm - I'm not sure that I've got a Destination or Desire of Purpose defined well enough.

Alright? I can appreciate this and I understand this. When Janice and I were judging the validity of our relocation to Bozeman, MT., I took out a single sheet of paper and drew a-line down the center, making two columns. One column titled, Why We Should Not relocate and, of course, the second column titled Why we Should relocate. Is this the mind-space that you are in?  (You see, we do share more in common than in difference.) Or, are you more in the mind-space of, I might be suffering from a lack of Ambition... having no notion, idea, or thought of purpose?  If you find yourself in either of these two mind-spaces, not to worry, I have a tool for that and its coming up in the next paragraph or two.


The drive from Bozeman, MT back to Los Angeles, CA is about 22 hours. Can you even imagine the string of reasons I came up with as I focused on WHY NOT? A 22 hour drive includes a good night sleep - trust me, Janice and I overhauled WHY NOT! I thought of, and imagined, every possible good and no good reason of WHY NOT. Then, a light came on...

If I continue to judge this relocation opportunity from the outside-looking in, in the spirit of WHY NOT, I can certainly convince myself that I should never get out of bed. So I decided to open the door from the inside. And, it came to WHY We Should relocate... My WHY column was alarmingly short! That's right... moving to Bozeman, MT., on the outside, on paper, made ABSOLUTELY no sense what-so-ever. There was no reason on the outside, physically and/or mentally, to do this thing. I had to leave a 6-figure income and embrace a complete career start over; Montana is 85% Agricultural and Ranching, I'm a Products Guy with an Engineering Degree. I had never moved more than 12 miles from the town I had grown-up in, Janice was still living in the same town that she had grown-up in; we had no family or friends in Montana. We had no experience with inclement weather, we both grew-up in warm and sunny... Yet, from within, it made perfect sense.

Why did it make such perfect sense from within? Because glaring at me were two reasons I COULD NOT walk away from. One read, the move to Bozeman, MT. will require me to reach a Higher Personal Potential. And, the second read, moving to Bozeman, MT. will require me to develop an unwavering relationship with the Source of Universal Intelligence. OMG! Here at last, wrapped in a blanket of Gratitude, I had Uncovered the virtues of Courage and Faith. 

So, Janice and I had come to the fork in the road; traditional and predicable or precarious and unknown? Robert Frost, had it right... The Road less traveled makes all the difference. We grabbed each others hand and we jumped into the unknown. I love my wife for amongst her greater qualities is her unsatisfiable sense of adventure. Her willingness to allow us to live this short life with no regrets; to look back and to never wonder, what if? or if only?

Destiny; The Questions of Receivership...

To help you gain comfort in the development of your destined Purpose... break out the 5 Questions of Receivership. Find a quiet space, read and answer the questions... completely, and honestly - Listen from within... your Highest Human Potential is calling. It is looking for a way out - relax... everything is going to be, ok! Answering the 5 Receivership Questions may take some time. You need not worry, you can rest in confidence! When you feel comfortable with your new resolve - just pick-up your Map to Obtainment and start where you left off. No rush, your Map will not change.

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