Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Sacred Formula of Ambition...

The Sacred Formula of Ambition

Ambition has created the likes of Ford, Carnegie, Edison, Rosa Parks, MLK, Gates, Oprah, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Page, Brin, and the list goes on-and-on. Ambition is also responsible for Great Parenting, Loving Relationships of Mutual Respect, and Raised Spiritual Awareness. Ambition will lead us to the cures of disease, to peace, to greater love and understanding.

The Sacred Formula of Ambition…

A single notion, which You hold in the Confidence of heart...
     I Can, I Will!

Not very flashy and pretty simplistic, wouldn't you say?

Yes! This may be the exact reason why we walk past it day after day. Preferring to create struggle and toil; we remain immune to the simplicity created through the adoption of four simple words.  

I Can, I Will…

Regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through Ambition - Not Anxiety! Imagine for one minute that you have No limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Have... only Ambition will take you there!!

Really? Can it be that simple? I guess you will never know, unless you try it…

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Mindful Moment (Things for you to Take Away…)

I think I will try it - I Will conduct a little experiment.
  1. I Will find a piece of paper, or a post-it, or a 3x5 index card.
  2. At the top I Will write down one thing that I desire most, yet remains elusive. It could be something that I want to BE, or something that I want to DO, or something that I want to HAVE…
  3. Then, just below my written desire, I Will write, in BIG, BOLD letters… I Can, I Will
  4. Now, I Will place this card onto the mirror in my bathroom, where I brush my teeth - where I can read this in the morning and then again just before I go to sleep.
  5. I Will then take action on the thoughts that pop-into-my mind, towards the achievement of my desire.
  6. If I AM really smart I will create two more cards with my desire written on them… and place one in my purse or pocket,  and place the other on the center console of my car… near the gear selection lever. Don’t drive… tape one to your computer monitor or laptop or tablet.

Does all this sound a bit crazy? Don’t worry… we all have a bit of the crazy in us. Ford wanted to put a car into every garage. Disney talked to an imaginary mouse. Parks thought she had a civil right. My only desire is to Improve the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours! Yeah, I’d say crazy is perfectly normal.

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