Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Achieve: Rejuvenate ME!

I found it embarrassingly difficult to get this concluding OneGR8Life blog post in order. The more I wrote, the more that came to me to write. At first I thought, just make it a quick summary… but that rapidly expanded into a monstrosity - the more I highlighted, the more that needed to be highlighted; even this condensed post pushes the envelope of focused attention. I finally came to the conclusion that one of two things was occurring:
1) The Universe is not ready to have me stop sharing on this subject of You and the Obtainment of Your Highest Human Potential, 
2) The conversation has become so much more than can be accurately summarized in anything less than a book. By intention, this has been a serial blog post; each post starting where the last left off. There have been some 80+ post made in the blog space and I am extraordinarily Grateful to any and all of you that have chosen to follow it on a regular basis.

Many have asked; what does the future of the OneGR8Life blog space look like? The answer here comes in two parts - One, convert these posts into a book series. The Second, is to create a new, continuing, direction of the space. The new direction of the space will be titled… PHENOMENAL! More on this in upcoming posts. I will be counting on my ability to continue to deliver viable content for the Improvement of the Human Condition, Specifically, Yours! I will also venture to make our relationship more interactive. I AM here as a resource to you, so let’s work on creating and opening up an avenue of greater dialogue. That would mean volumes to me.

The book; How about…
How to
Dream It, Create It, Live It!

6 Steps / 6 Hours
- A User Guide
to Reboot the Human Operating System -

(I solicit your feedback, please…)

Now, your gonna want to grab a cup of tea, coffee or H2O, this conclusion is epic! Epic in content and filled with the richness of thought that you have come to expect from me… Yes, It borders on being, 'phenomenal'. So print it, hi-lite it, and then share it. Today, I am going to venture, and invite you, into a different approach to concluding the ACHIEVE series. I am going to dedicated and address this conclusion to my Nieces; Marissa, Sarah, Aubree, Deanna… Four Beautiful women! Why this approach? Because if I can make it work for them, then I know it well enough, to work for you, too.

Nieces, You’re all grown up now. And your lives are filled with such exciting events… Marriage and Career choices pending, Collegiate work in-process, Finding a Direction, H.S. Graduation w/Collegiate departure just around the corner. You four make it so easy for an Uncle to be filled with joy and pride. Please know that I Love You, Always!

So why have you four become the center of attention in my closing ACHIEVE blog post? Because there are things I’d like to share with you about your lives ahead… and 300+ weekly blog readers tells me that the message I am delivering to them, will also apply to you! The message is called YourOneGR8Life - How to Dream it, Create it, Live it! The message centers around Potential, the potential buried within every human life and, the Divine necessity for each human life to deliver this potential in exchange for the time that you are granted on earth. The Message comes in the form of a… user guide, outlining the conversion of a good life into, OneGR8Life. The intention is to create a life path moving from survival, to the abundance of joy and happiness found in dreaming, creating and living one great life. This user guide approach comes complete with Inspiration, and Motive, instructional direction and tools. Afterall, it is ludicrous to expect a  carpenter to build a house without instruction (plans) and a hammer (tools). The dreaming, creating and living of a great life can be no different.

To date, sheltered within the love of family, I think we can all agree that your lives have been pretty well cared for. And, at this point in your lives you should recognize that You are asking for and receiving greater independence. As your independence grows daily, this means that soon you will be shouldering the responsibilities of your own lives. Accepting the independent responsibility for your life is an individual for better or for worse proposition… there are no guarantees, there are no givens, and the universe will not be playing favorites. You see, just because your Mom and Dad, Aunts and Uncles, Grand-parents, have achieved many things, great careers, successful in business, providing enduring contributions to community, this means nothing to you; these achievements are their lives. The achievements in your life are TBD. - I can tell you this, the realized potential of your life is highly based upon the things that You choose to do and the things that You choose not to do. You see, you have complete control of each of the choices that you make; this means that you then have complete control of the message that your life sends. Bottom-line, even though the love of your family will persevere forever, it is your life and the challenge before you is, to learn how to live it.

Standing at the Fork in the Road; Where to Now...
The connecting link between desire of purpose and action, is organized thoughts. Picture yourself standing at the fork in road of organizing your life-thoughts. Before you there are two paths, two methodologies from which you can choose: the first method involves years of distraction from the delivery of your purpose, to spend in trial and error over the development of your own method. The second method is to remain undistracted from the delivery of your purpose, eliminating as much time as possible spent in trial and error, and to adopt a proven method that fits your style.

The best thought I have found for organizing the purpose of life is this…

the purpose for your life... to discover your reason.
the reason for your life... to deliver your purpose.

We ALL start somewhere...
My interest in Highest Human Potential began at an early age, as an athlete. I started my research on the subject of potential in my early 20’s, we all know that I am waaay past my 20’s now. My inspiration to understand potential came from my Olympic teammates, Sandy Neilsen-Bell and Jill Sterkel and the number of others who had achieved the level of National and International swimming competition. The burning question at this point was; what made them so special at such an early age -- Was it Genetics, Family Environment, Education, or Privilege of Community? Just what was IT? And, if I could isolate IT, could IT be recorded into a format that could be taught to others? The answer to these questions are No, You are in for a big surprise, and Yes.

Please, allow me the opportunity to me share just a few of the findings that these 30+ years of research and development have turned over…

Intentional Focus...
First, so that you never loose your way, there is The MAP. The MAP outlines the repeatable process of Obtaining YourOneGR8Life. Notice that I choose the word Obtain, versus Attain. This simple word choice sets a whole different direction for the way to live your life.

At first, the two words appear similar, yet their meanings are entirely different. The root of Attain is, to touch. Were as the root of Obtain is, to hold. The social pressure of the attainment life-style is to touch, to grab at, as much as possible. This is a perpetual cycle of want and grab. I have seen many brilliant minds get caught in this life-cycle. This is a tiresome lifestyle, where the only outcome can be temporary satisfaction… the more you want, the more you grab at, the more that you grab at, the more that you want. Due to the nature of temporary satisfaction, it is almost impossible to find true, and lasting happiness in this cycle. A lifetime spent in this cycle leads to the complete devaluation of your human existence. There must be more to life than an endless cycle of, want and grab.

Enter the new era… the era of Obtainment. New Direction, New Rules, New Outcomes. The Obtainment lifestyle is centered in fulfillment of purpose. This purpose, is something that you hold; it is embedded within you. In the Obtainment lifestyle, your life-fulfillment is reached through the successful discovery, release and delivery of your embedded purpose. This is known as the Dream, Create, Live process. In this process the fulfillment of life is the complete source of your Happiness. Happiness is found in the delivery of your embedded Purpose; the creation of your happiness, through the delivery of Purpose, is your Highest Human Potential.

The choice before you is quite simple, a lifestyle of self serving attainment or a lifestyle of fulfillment of purpose. Your choice, Your Life.

Now, the conversion from thoughts of Attainment, to thoughts of Obtainment, is going to require a REBOOT of your Human Operating System. Not to worry! The MAP outlines the required REBOOT steps. The steps are repeatable, and available for you at any point in life that you are looking for, or needing change. When does change occur? How about the change from High School student to College Student, How about the change from employed to unemployed, or from student to professional, or from single to married, or the sudden loss or the debilitating illness, of a loved one, or from couple, to, with children, how about needing a career change, or from married to divorced, one day change will occur as you move from employed to retired. So you see, the list of life change can go on, and on, and on. Any one of these change points can knock you off your feet, requiring years of frustration before you can turn things around. You have your whole life ahead of You; are You beginning to see the value of having a map to make sure that You can find your way through the forest of changes ahead? After all, it is YourOneGR8Life, a life that possesses immeasurable value and irreplaceable purpose.

I realize Obtainment is a big responsibility, and to get started, you might be a little hesitant… just like I was at your age. The difference was, I didn't have a MAP or these words to follow. So, take a deep breath, everything is gonna work itself out. Let’s start at the top and take a look at a couple of the steps on your MAP...

AMBITION: Your Circumstance of Today...
When you come to the point that you've had enough, and you’re current circumstance is over-filled with the self-pity of poor me or you have reached the point where something has got to change; Move with self-confidence! Confidence will come from remembering two things;
1) AMBITION is your go-to partner in times of change. Go here! Ambition is the starting point of ALL achievements. Simply put Ambition is, the bridge which connects the island of your mind, with its notions, ideas and thoughts, to your mainland of physical equivalence.  That’s right… If you can conceive a notion, idea or thought, you can achieve the creation of its physical equivalent. Need one or two real life examples? 
  • When you have an idea of a Disney internship, ambition starts the process to create its reality. 
  • When you come to the realization that you are in a bad relationship, Ambition guides you to find a safe way out of it.
  • When you go into the final round of a golf tourney and you are ahead by 2, and you have this idea that you'd like to start the day by creating a little separation; Ambition guides your thoughts of club selection and placement to create this reality. 
  • Couple any thought of Ambition with the positive mental attitude of 'I Can, I Will', and you are unstoppable.

Regardless, of your purpose, you will deliver it through Ambition - Not Anxiety! Imagine for one minute that you have No limitations on what you can Be, Do, or Have... only Ambition will take you there!!

2) Your current circumstance is not preordained. Your current circumstance is the resultant of spent energy, focused through your internal process of thought-action-gratitude. This is why you should never underestimate the power of your brain and the resulting consequences of your uncontrolled thoughts. Especially, your negative self talk, your thoughts of self-limitation. You see, your thoughts are not isolated to be just between your ears. Every thought, good or bad, happy or sad, angry or joyful is in your complete control. Each thought brings with it an equivalent action, and that action stimulates another thought, and brings again an equivalent action. This loop of thought-action is never ending. This is why when you’re out on the golf course, your game goes away so easily. One negative self thought / one thought of self-limitation, brings with it a negative action, followed by another negative self thought, followed by a negative action… next thing you know you are in the rough and hitting into the green side bunker, and then missing a 4-footer, moving to the next hole… you’re driving back into the rough.

Girls, before we move forward, let’s get this straight… “never underestimate the power of your brain and the resulting consequences of your uncontrolled thoughts.”  The goal is to be dutiful of where your mind drifts to... Training yourself to keep focus of the things that you do want, and eliminating from repetition the thoughts of the things that you do not want. Examples...
  --These jeans make my butt look too big - NO! - You’re a Goddess! And Goddess status is not reserved as an exclusive privilege of size 4!
  --I hate my hair, my make-up looks dreadful - NO! - You’re a Goddess! And some days bed head is simply the best expression of your day!
  --If I do ‘that’, or wear ‘that’ what will everybody think - NO! - You’re a Goddess! F’m, this is your YourOneGR8Life; This is your Dream to Create and to Live. I am here to tell you that, YOU can BE, DO or HAVE anything that you Desire! And let no-thing and/or no-body stand between You and the delivery of your purpose and your desires of fulfillment.
(Thanks, for tolerating my rant... I feel better, now. Let’s keep rolling forward.)

Intention Rules Your Universe...
Your relationship with the intention of your thoughts provides a powerful tool that offers an unfathomable sense of freedom and empowerment as you recognize your influence in creating positive and ever flowing abundance in your life.

You become what you think about!
Your thoughts can only return to you, what you give.

Thoughts of Greatness, can only return Greatness.
Thoughts of Doom and Despair, can only return what you have asked for.

Here is a thought which never fails to Rejuvenate your thought-action-gratitude sequence…

I, (your name), am filled with gratitude
for All that I receive.
I will receive an abundance of All good things.

Please, do me a small favor... Write this down on a post-it or a 3x5 note card, write it down a couple of times. Then put it in places that you will find throughout your day… alarm clock, bathroom mirror, dresser drawer, purse, make-up bag, car dash, your golf bag... Read it as often as possible, read it in the morning when you wake - read it again, just before falling asleep. Go ahead, I challenge you to Live the life of joy and abundance that you Dream of!

WHO AM I? - Means and Ends are Inseparable...
"If your thoughts can only
return to you what you have asked for,
then why hasn’t anyone
ever helped you to select your
most important words of thought?"
-Phillip A. Lopez

Did you know that the selection of 6 Character Virtues, Will create 80% of your path to achieving YourOneGr8Life; In the math of Obtainment, 6=80. YourOneGR8Life is all about you discovering and delivering your Purpose. Your life purpose is found in the thing that you choose to do for the sake of Improving the Human Condition. That’s right! The Obtainment of YourOneGR8Life is not about what you get to touch, or grab at; the Obtainment of YourOneGR8Life IS all about what you get to give!

HOW?!? do you find what it is that you are supposed to give in your OneGR8Life? Simple, you find what you are supposed to give in YourOneGR8Life by answering one single question… How can I Serve? This is not about becoming a life-slave. This is about you Uncovering WHO You are and those unique character virtues, and delivering them in all that you choose to do. Maybe you serve by becoming a Nurse, or Doctor, or Teacher, or in Business for yourself. Maybe the cure for breast cancer is in you, maybe you influence peace, maybe you serve by raising children focused to improve the world around them.

WHO AM I? The answer to this question is meant to be a self-discovery. Your answer reveals your life destiny as in your Divine Purpose, aka, the delivery of your Highest Human Potential. You see the Creator has embedded into you a specific purpose. Your responsibility is to uncover this purpose and to exchange your time on earth in delivering it.

"To Live YourOneGR8Life,
tie it to your Purpose,
not to people, or things."
-Phillip A. Lopez

Could you use some help to uncover your 6 Character Virtues?
Here, utilize this exercise to
SYNC your Purpose with the choice of your Big 6

"In YourOneGR8Life,
Seek to place WHO-
before WHAT, and
then follow with WHY and HOW.

If, you are to Improve the Human Condition,
Your Internal Means must SYNC
with your External Ends."
-Phillip A. Lopez

Discover, Inspiration and Motive...
In YourOneGR8Life, either you venture or you vegetate. If you venture you do so by Faith! Simply because you cannot know the end of anything at its beginning. Marriage, by Faith; or stay single. Professional achievement, by Faith; or you give-up before you start. Personal Growth, by Faith you free addictions and move mountains; or you are stopped by imaginary mole hills.

Faith however is not tranquil and steady. At its foundation, this is the beauty of Faith; in Faith, you control the volume... Bounce level - Sleep level. You are in complete control! Faith has the ability to ebb and flow like the tides of the restless sea. It is ALWAYS there for your use. Use it, lean on it so heavy that you might think that you are overburdening it. Never failing, is Faith, it welcomes you at a moments notice, forever is it waiting for your beckoning call.

Faith does not travel alone. Traveling with Faith you will always find Courage and Self-Confidence. We know this to be true, for every triumph of the human spirit began with a single step taken in Faith.

This Faith-filled, single step serves as the small handle to great matters. In the pursuit of your ambitious Desire to deliver your purpose, you must learn to hang on to your handle of Faith; even if for just 5 more minutes.

So How do You hang-on to assure the achievement of your Highest Human Potential? You assure the delivery of your Highest Human Potential through the discovery of your Inspiration and Motive.

Inspiration and Motive come to you through the direction of desire. Contrary to social beliefs, Desires are not bad things. Within your Divine Purpose is the desire to BE, to DO, or to HAVE. This Directions of Desire emphasizes the unique and undeniable value of your life. You are encoded to Dream, Create and Live YourOneGR8Life; you are to DISCOVER your Desire of Purpose, as it has been embedded within you from birth. Thus, we recognize that the transformation of a notion, idea or thought into physical equivalence must adhere to a direction of flow; that direction is, from inside to-the outside. That's right - the delivery of your Desire of Purpose is an inside job. You already hold all that is needed.

In YourOneGR8Life you are unable to separate the union and interrelationship between Inspiration and Motive; in order to overcome the future obstacles of fear, to successfully dream, create and live YourOneGR8Life, you must come to the full discovery of both, your Inspiration and Motive. Inspiration and Motive are the only sources capable of classifying the WHY of every Desire of Purpose.

Gratitude - You are Unique and Exquisite...
Each one of you are unique, exquisite beings with magnificent capabilities… you feel, you interpret, you create, you ride the waves of life, you laugh, you live, you love. When you silently thank the Universe for creating you just as you are, you realize your own perfection and experience the highest level of Gratitude.

There will come times of overwhelming emotion. Emotion is normal for all humans. Overwhelming emotion is the universe talking to you… encouraging you to move in a different direction or at a different speed; with new thoughts, with new actions. When you find yourself overwhelmed, take a walk and experience nature, wherever you are. Touch the leaves on the trees, run the earth through your fingers, and, quietly thank the earth for the abundance it provides. Just the ability to get to one place or another and witness all the beauty along the way, is a glorious miracle. Envision and embrace these feelings of gratitude. See them as they ripple outward like a pebble dropped into a still pond. As the ripples expand, see them carrying your gratitude as far as the eye can see, even farther. See your life as an expression of gratitude, moving thankfully, rippling to touch the hearts of all humanity.

Ok enough! I need to stop now, before I get too boresome. Hopefully this helps you as you reach to ACHIEVE your own lifetime of ambitions. At the very least know that this blog space exist. Know that you are always welcome to stop by for a visit and to carry away with you any positive thoughts; or to initiate a direction of change toward the delivery of YourOneGR8Life. I will leave you with two things…  (1) My Unconditional Love for each of you and (2) a few encouraging thoughts, provided by friends of mine...

“To become what we are capable of becoming,
Is the Only end in Life”
-Robert Lewis Stephenson

“If we did All the Things that we are capable of,
we would literally astound ourselves.”
-Thomas Edison

“We have possibilities that we don’t
even know about. We can do things
we don’t even dream
that we can do.”
-Dale Carniege

---   ---   ---

Next Up:  
I will be back tracking through the collection of previous posts; I want to make sure all the connecting links are still connecting. I will start the ‘PHENOMENAL’ series most likely in mid-July… I will keep you socially advised - Find a social connection that works best for you and let’s stay connected! I can guarantee that you will not want to miss a single post in the upcoming PHENOMENAL series!

Mindful Moments (Take Away Thoughts…)

I set the intention to greet each moment of the day in gratitude. As each encounter and situation crosses my path, I Will take time to direct my attention to all of the things that I can be grateful for in the moment. I will cultivate the spirit of gratitude with effortless ease and enthusiasm, as I AM a powerful creator. Mindfully, as I do this, I transform my world from a good life, to OneGR8Life.

What reason can I remember to Dream, Create and Live my OneGR8Life, what reason can I call on, that I can cling to, that I can make my own to get back-up when the uncertainty of life is trying to force feed me a bowl full of self-imposing limitation… Today, I found that Reason!

You are where you are, because of WHO you are…
- if you want to Be somewhere else,
- if you want to Do something else,
- if you want to Have something else -
you are gonna have to change something -
that Something is …   YOU!

It’s YourOneGR8Life…
Dream it, Create it, Live it!

---   ---   ---

Endless Thanks to all of YOU!!
You being there has changed my life.
For this opportunity to change,
I AM eternally Grateful!

Continued Blessings to Each of you.

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