Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tame the Madness; 3 Keys to Preserve Your Purpose.

"No matter what people tell you,
words and ideas can change the world." 
~Robin Williams

Once again we find ourselves reminded of the fragile nature of our human existence. You see, despite the growing social pressure to devalue your life, we must always be on guard, looking for ways and means to revive the Human Spirit! This challenge is compounded when we realize that, life is a live performance... there is no dress rehearsal.  On occasion some do find the demons within too burdensome to bear; I am convinced that it is at this point that we lose focus of our individuality. Losing sight of our Immeasurable Value and
Irreplaceable Purpose.
RIP - Robin Williams


Tame the Madness; 3 Keys to Preserve Your Purpose.

Never confuse yourself here! Nothing was said about abandoning
our responsibilities. Responsibilities are the ‘stuff’ life is made of.
The primary task of Responsibilities, is to feed the madness a
steady diet of activity. This means that Your only task then,
is simplified, to Tame the Madness.
That’s right, You have but One Simple Task…
Tame the Madness to Preserve Your Purpose.

~Phillip A. Lopez - Author
Creating Phenomenal!
/Tame the Madness/
A OneGR8Life.com Publication

Purpose: The Universal Added Value...

Every human has been given the Divine right to pursue something. Indeed, the Creator allows each of us to Be, Do or Have, anything that we Desire. It is this fact that supports our existence. Life then becomes a mission. On this mission, we all have something to pursue! It then becomes our duty to uncover our purpose... to uncover the 'something' that we are intended to deliver as our universal added value.

Delivery of Purpose...

Everyone engaged in the serious pursuit of, delivery of purpose, at some point in life will uncover this truth; Accomplished success is an inside job! Once discovered, it is what you do with this truth that greatly improves your odds of obtaining your ambition of desire.

So now the larger question... If it is our Divine duty to uncover our something, our purpose, and if successful delivery of this purpose is an inside job, then we must be self-equipped with the features to succeed; So what then is the missing link between something to pursue and its obtainment?

Tame the Madness…

When I first penned the words, Tame the Madness, I felt the presence of an undesired visitor. This visitor has a name… Anxiety. You can always recognize Anxiety; it's presence causes you to start looking over your shoulder, mostly because Anxiety rarely travels alone. Your experience tells you that an agitated Anxiety will not wait to call in the reinforcement of FEAR. Fear roots itself in ego, and it WILL NOT be shamed, or even slightly embarrassed. Fear does not fool around! It will take you out at the kneecaps if it needs to, in defense of self preservation.

To Tame the Madness, you will need to stand tall, Fearless! Coaxing ego to accept the value of traveling with you, to Preserve your Purpose. You do this by selecting words soothing to ego, such as, Ambition, Achievement, Resolution, Highest Potential, Delivery of Purpose, Obtainment of Success. Quietly, let’s back-up a moment, and re-read these words, this time take notice of the calming effect they have in stroking ego… Ambition, Achievement, Resolution, Highest Potential, Delivery of Purpose, Obtainment of Success.

Did you feel that? Suddenly, ego is on board and very willing to assist you to Tame the Madness. Invitation, Accepted!

Great Job - Now, let’s move forward, with Purpose in hand and ego in check.    

3 Keys to Preserve Your Purpose
1) -Ambition initiates Achievement. Ambition knows no Race, or Creed, or Gender, or Color, or Age, or Preference, or Status of Community, or Degree of Education. Ambition acknowledges Not, the watch on your wrist, the vehicle you drive, the purse you carry, the distinguish of the shoes on your feet. The Ambitious obtainment of Achievement is recorded in the simplest of terms; How Can I Serve? In the resolution of this ageless question you assure your greatest contribution of Universal Added Value. Here you uncover and release your Highest Human Potential.

2) -In its most rudimentary form, success can be defined as; the progressive realization of a worthy idea. If a person is working towards a predetermined goal and knows what he /she is doing… even slightly, that person is a success! If you are not doing this, then you are falling short of your highest potential. Your success is marked through the delivery of Purpose; avoid tying that purpose to people or things.

3) -Accomplished Success is obtained through Achievement. Achievement is not just a single act, in a single moment, on a single day. Achievement is the string of actions taken moment-by-moment, day-after-day. In this way, Accomplished success is the accumulation of achievement(s). Success then comes to you through the pursuit and delivery of your worthy purpose.

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Up Next...

Ego, as your Big Brother. When you read the words, Tame the Madness, there is no need for the warning light of suspicion go on. Next we will take a deeper look at controlling the ego of thought that says… Yeah -right!

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for You to Take Away…)

YES! I Can. YES! I Will,
accept this One Simple task, to…
-- Tame the Madness to Preserve My Purpose. --

In the acceptance of this task - I AM not alone… On this path I find the strength and backing of Universal Intelligence. In my moments of struggle, I find the rejuvenation of my resolve in the simplicity of 4-words… I Can, I Will. In these words, I Create the foundation of my OneGR8Life -
I AM My Deepest Desire; I AM Fearless.
I WILL Receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!

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