Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tapping Unending Capacity...

Imagination is more
important than intelligence.

- Albert Einstein

Unending Capacity...
So let me ask... How is your venture going? Thinking that you have so much more to offer? Find yourself needing just a little more capacity?

If you answered Yes, then You had better get your dreams organized into purpose and do it without hesitation! 

Why the hurry? 

  • First, the source of Universal Intelligence finds reward in, focused action taken with speed. 
  • Second, there are plenty of others who are tuned-in and logged-on to the same universal network that you are.

So when the Universe ‘tweets’ a message of Need, others will pick-up on this need, just the same as you. The Universe does not play favorites. 

We have all been given our individual level of full capacity to apply the skills of ability; to hear and listen, to see and gain enlightenment. The Universe is simply looking to broadcast a message of need, in the form of opportunity; an individually received notion, idea or thought... A personal, what if moment. And then allows the person who is prepared to hear this opportunity of need, who will accept the challenge, declare the intention to deliver, and who is willing to exchange this thought need for focused action, to claim the transformation of a single thought into its physical equivalence. Imagine, the device that you are using to read these words was, once a single notion of opportunity, a notion of opportunity universally broadcast... free for the taking.

Needs and, Focus and Speed...
So it is with your current venture! An notion of opportunity, which you picked-up on and freely chose to accept the challenge of transforming this notion, idea, or thought into its physical equivalence. In the Universe there are no wasted needs. If the universe was fooling around, hoping for the best... Early man would have never attempted to rub two stones together in order to provide fire for warmth and protection. Michelangelo would still be staring at a block of granite. Newton would have picked the apple and eaten it. Columbus would have never set sail. Thomas Edison would have never heard the need for an ‘electric light-bulb’. Gates and Jobs would have never collided, void would be the space of technological advancement that makes my ability to pass on this global blog. This would have left you waiting for a book to arrive and then read-it by candle light. The Universe is NOT fooling around; It is moving forward with definite purpose! Even if this grand purpose and ultimate destination remains unbeknownst to you and I. 

To move with focus and speed you will need to understand where the focused action for HOW?!? comes from. This requires an understanding of the criteria of transformation; Imagination, and the synergy created through Inspiration and Motive.  

Let start with this question; 
So where do all these
notions, ideas and thoughts, come from?

Imagination -The Source of Unending Capacity...
To answer this question let’s dissect a recently delivered achievement of physical science; the Higgs Boson. The publishing and media world would attempt to market and sell this uncovered phenom as the 'GOD' Particle.  I say, Not so fast! Is the Higgs Boson Important? Significant? Relevant? Revealing? - Yes, Highly!!!  Now, I am not qualified nor do I intend to scientifically challenge the protocol of this discovery. But, I will ask this question... if Higgs is not the “God Particle”, is there a "GOD" Particle? 

The answer is, Yes!

IMAGINATION is the 'GOD' Particle... Here between the crevices’ of the brain, every Boson of Impulse, every thought of Desire is given shape, form, and an equivalent compelling course of action. Even, Higgs was smart enough to take up residence here! Here, Higgs took a nebulous notion and developed that notion into an idea and then created that idea into a thought of discovery, until the transformation of its physical equivalence was brought forth. Imagination is the only portal of creativity and transformation. So powerful is imagination that, it harbors an unstoppable relationship with Infinite intelligence.

Through Imagination, You will continue to discover, and harness more of nature's physical forces and phenomena. Higgs found his Boson through the use of applied imagination. Only through the continued use of Imagination, can humankind conjure any notion, idea or thought into its physical equivalence. Your Greatness hides here... You will come to know your Highest Human Potential here.

Through the use of Imagination, today we double knowledge on this planet at an amazing rate. The only limit known to Imagination?  USE or the Lack thereof.

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#MillennialGuide ~Take Away / Your Call-to-Action:
Intention and Attention rule my reality. My Deepest Desire rises up within me.  Imagination is the springboard of my Deepest Desire. If, I hear the opportunities of universal need, I can transform these needs into their physical equivalence. Abundance envelopes me... My Highest Human Potential is to absorb the notions of broadcast opportunity, and to pour myself out upon the world.
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