Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Self-sustained Joy and Happiness are intended to dwell within you...

Universal Ease...
You should find yourself convinced that Your One Great Life IS to be lived under the umbrella of protection as provided by the source of Universal Intelligence. Let's not get too cosmic here but, you need only to take a look around to see that things are taken care of, without burden. And, so it should be with the development and delivery of your Desire of Purpose.

Let's start slowly...

-Recall in your mind the simplistic beauty held by a flower. Notice the ease at which it transforms from a bud into its flowering self. Radiant and Glorified, is its existence; a course of life provided under the umbrella of protection.

-Recall in your mind's eye the birds of the sky. Without burden, they take to flight; no fear of gravity, no fear of failure, from the nest to the sky they go. Never looking back they transition to fulfill their purpose of song and beauty.
-Recall in your mind’s eye the sunrise of this morning and the setting of twinkling stars. All things in order, never out of sequence, an entire globe rotating in space, all accomplished without burden.
-Recall in your mind's eye, the beasts of the forest.  No Education, No Job, No Shelter, No Prospects of it's next meal or drink of refreshment. Yet, daily, with ease and abundance all things are provided. Each step taken in the guidance of universal intelligence; assuring its destination of existence, delivering its direction of delivered purpose.
And, so I challenge you to contemplate once again our initiating question...

  • Can you please share with me, Why, we as humans are so insistent on making life so difficult for ourselves?

Guided through the Laws of Universal Intelligence, sheltered under the Umbrella of Protection, all things are cared for and provided for. Including the ease and abundance that you, and me, are to live our OneGR8Life. Your Highest Human Potential is the discovery and delivery of your unique Desire of Purpose. Just as with the blossoming flower, and the birds of the sky, and the beasts of the forest, the delivery of your differentiating Desire of Purpose MUST BE provided for; with ease and in abundance! 

Your contribution today; begin with quiet -creating stillness of mind and heart, listen for the impulse of universal intelligence, absorb the guided actions gained through your moment of clarity of thought, MOVE on these guided action impulses. The Universe rewards speed. At the days end, give thanks, exhale in accomplished action. One last thing... Create space in your heart to record this moment of achieved joy and happiness - it will serve you later. Please, come back tomorrow, repeat this course daily. Self-sustained Joy and Happiness are intended to dwell within you.

Dream, Create, Live, it is YourOneGR8Life!

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