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Power Up Your One Great Life... The Sacred Formula of Ambition.

Power Up Your One Great Life…

A Millennial Guide…

The Millennial trac is one of #CreatingPhenomenal. 80+ Million! A generation invited to live with zest and zeal for community, empowered to dream, create, and live with discovered Passion and delivered Purpose. A globally connected generation, moving forward in pursuit of the Discovery and Delivery of their Highest Potential; transitioning thoughts, notions, and ideas into their global physical equivalence.

As Millennials, to improve the global human condition, a little help will be needed, a little guidance, some inspired instruction, aimed at the need to grow quickly in the understanding of AMBITION as the connecting link to HOW?!? Feeling Your eagerness to contribute, yours is a rally cry heard worldwide. My contribution is an outline, a map of destination, whose sole purpose is to provide simple direction as you springing forward from where you stand today, to where you want or need to be tomorrow. Imagine, somebody willing to talk to You, about You, and providing You the tools to discover and deliver the authentic You. Can it get any better than this? To this end I share the knowledge gained in a life long pursuit of questioning, dissecting, and understanding, of HOW?!?

Power Up YourOneGR8Life...

AMBITION has created the likes of Ford, Carnegie, Edison, Rosa Parks, MLK, Gates, Oprah, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Page, Brin, and the list goes on-and-on. Ambition is also responsible for Great Parenting, Loving Relationships of Mutual Respect, and Raised Spiritual Awareness. Ambition will lead us to the cures of disease, to peace, to greater love and understanding. Ambition in its greatest form aims in the service of others; we are not framing ambition aimed at aggression, abrasiveness, or over-indulgence. No, frame this AMBITION aimed at collaboration of efforts, the satisfaction of a common quest, the resolution heard in reply to, How Can I Serve?

AMBITION is the starting point of All Successes. From getting out of bed in the morning, to consuming a nutritious and rejuvenating diet, to the recognition that consistent exercise is the basis for continued health, that the rituals of prayer or meditation serve as the foundation of wholeness and personal balance.

AMBITION to deliver Your Highest Potential initiates with a simple notion... To deliver into the world my greatness, I prepare, today! #CreatingPhenomenal is a triangular, repeatable, process -- Dream it, Create it, Live it. The task of #CreatingPhenomenal centers around You, Discovering You, to Deliver the Authentic You.

So ask yourself... How Good Can I Stand It? Yes, It is #YourOneGR8Life.

Millennial Moment (Take Away Thoughts / Call to Action…)

The Sacred Formula of Ambition… A single notion held in the confidence of heart, wrapped in the synergy of emotion and spirit…

     I Can, I Will!

Not very flashy and pretty simplistic, wouldn’t you say?

Yes! This may be the exact reason why we walk past it day after day; preferring to dream and create in struggle and toil. You have been Coded, pre-programmed from youth; hard work, the tortuous path, leads to achievement.  It’s time to rewrite this code! Today, in this moment, you discovered that it is AMBITION which lines the path to achievement. With desired purpose wrapped in a protective cover of AMBITION, the delivery of purpose ceases to ally with struggle and toil. Now, should you chose to refuse this moment - you will remain immune to the simplicity created through the adoption of the four simple words.  

I Can, I Will…

Regardless, of your Desired Purpose, you will deliver it through Ambition - Not Anxiety! Listen to yourself! It is in self awareness where your Highest Potential lies. Dream Your dreams, then learn to Create them, and Live the life that You imagine possible. Imagine for one minute that you have No limitations on what you can BE, or DO, or GIVE... only Ambition will take you there!!

    -Really? Can my OneGR8Life be that simple?

I guess you will not know, until you try to Dream it, Create it, Live it!

Continued Success in all that you chose to BE, or to DO, or to GIVE.
Phillip A. Lopez

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If you were willing to invest a couple of cups of coffee and spend some time with Phil; you will not be disappointed! His passion statement is “Never Give-Up” -trying to Dream, Create and Live your One Great Life.

Once you are in Phil’s presence, His infectious ‘Never Give-Up’ attitude awakens your emotional spirit, and ignites your ambition to Be, Do, or Give. After a couple of sessions you begin to recognize that you have tapped-into a special source of infinite inspiration and motivation. At the very least you walk-away armed with the tools to overcome self-imposed limitations and restraints. With simplicity and detail, Phil increases your recognition that in this OneGR8Life You can Be, Do or Give, Anything that you Desire.

Phil is the second child, in a family of 3 brothers and a sister. He has been blessed in his OneGR8Life to receive the love and 30+ year companionship of his wife, Janice. Phil and Jan are former residence of Bozeman, MT and currently reside in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Phil personally maintains the OneGR8Life blog space. Spending time here you will quickly realize that he IS dedicated to ‘Improving the Human Condition, Quite Specifically – Yours!’

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