Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#Millennial Moments: Rejuvenate the Spirit

Have you ever been knocked off your game? Thought you were moving toward a worthy destination, headed in the right direction... only to come to the unforeseen conclusion that your really stuck in a glass box? And, suddenly the lights get turned off!

Yeah, me too!

Today, let's work on Rejuvenating Our Spirit; allowing ourselves to have a new Dream. To Create this Dream in an environment of unlimited possibility. The possibility of an Ambitious life centered in Purpose...

"Everybody, every Dream
has set-backs...
The key to Rejuvination
is to stand yourself back up,
dust yourself off,
make an adjustment...
and start moving forward again"
~Phillip A. Lopez

Rejuvenate the Spirit...
If you are like most, when you read the words, Ambition of Purpose - one of two primary reactions occur;
 1) Your Mind wants to block this out...
 2) Your pulse quickens and a funny anxiety of nervousness rises in your spirit.

There is a very simple reason for this.

It's called accountability, or the lack thereof.

You see, most have no answer for the question; What are you looking to deliver in your OneGR8Life? Because we have no answer the Mind will appreciate it if you simply move to the next question... this is called avoidance. As a condition of convenience, the brain goes here when we have not prepared it sufficiently or when the answer to a question is larger than it is prepared to immediately resolve.

The Mind does not like being unprepared!  Unprepared is not in the operating instructions. If You allow it to, it will spend it's entire existence protecting you from things you are unprepared to answer. This is why we wrestle with HOW?!?  I would venture to estimate that 85% - 90% of us are simply unprepared to answer this initiating question.
“What are you looking to deliver
in your OneGR8Life?”

But NOT You... I gave You a MAP. A Map to Obtainment! This Map outlines the path for you to Discover the thing that you hold inside as your greatest delivery; the delivery of your Highest Human Potential. You may not have traveled the entire path, or written the answers to every step that will be required for you to deliver your Ambition of Purpose. But, You find comfort in the fact that your Map gives you both Destination and Direction. This is Extraordinarily Powerful!!

So now what?  

Now, we begin the journey to Obtainment... So grab your map... and Let’s Go?

A Critical Fact...
In support of our existence the creator allows each of us to Be, or Do, or Give, anything that we desire. This is a critical fact and worthy of restating;

-- “Every Human Has Been Given,
the Divine Right to Pursue Something;
an Ambition of Purpose.” --

In this regard, life then becomes a mission. Given this understanding of mission, we all have a something, some purpose, to pursue!  It then becomes our duty to uncover our purpose... To uncover the 'something' that we are intended to pursue and deliver. With ‘purpose’ as your life duty, you can recognize the significant disappointment if you leave earth without its obtainment.

Everyone who engages in the serious pursuit of their mission, at some point in life will uncover this truth;  Obtainment is an inside job!  Once discovered, it is what we do with this realization that greatly improves our odds of completing your mission.

If it is our Divine duty in life to uncover our 'something', our pursuit, and if Obtainment is an inside job, then we must be self-equipped with the necessary features to uncover our purpose and more importantly, to accomplish our mission. So what then is the missing link between having something to pursue and its obtainment?

I know that, you came looking for HOW?!? and I left you hanging with another ‘what’ question. We’ll get there, I promise.

So, take a deep breathe, in through the nose, and exhale, out across the lips. Try it again... In / Out. There - you feel better already.

---   ---   ---

Millennial Moment (Take Away Thoughts / Call to Action…)

I can leave you with these encouraging words...

- "You are closer to your Dream,
your Desire of Purpose,
than you will ever imagine." -

In the meantime, hold on to this thought: -I Hereby, Grant Myself permission to Think Big!  I Can, BE, or DO, or GIVE, Anything. Here is the beauty of my Thinking Big; Big Thoughts are as easy to come by and cost just as much energy to create as Little Thoughts. So, the best bang for my buck... is a Big Thought.

---      ---      ---

Having trouble getting started?  Never really gave Ambition of Purpose much thought in the past?

Try Answering this:
Before I leave the face of this earth I Must (Be, or Do, or Give)...

It is going to take a little quiet time to find this answer... Shut the audio feed off on the drive to work, or create the space in your day to spend in prayer or meditation to resolve - that always helps me. AMBITION is your greatness guide… your duty is to guard against the tag-team duo of, avoidance and procrastination.

Now, Correct me if I am wrong...  I know that You are brilliant enough to grab a notebook or journal or to start a 'note' in your smart-phone or favorite productivity app. I am confident that You labeled it: My OneGR8Life.  My suggestion is, if you haven’t started a journal or a note yet, to start immediately! PLEASE, Do not leave to chance the Ambitious thoughts that you are collecting. Get them down, keep your head clear of the anxiety of growing a GR8 thought and then later today forgetting what was inside that glorious thought bubble. Distractions surround you - Just remember, once a thought bubble pops, lost is its initial gift of clarity and immediate solution.

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