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#Millennial Guide: From student to delivery of potential.

Time to Think Different

Continuing ED 101...
Welcome class to Continuing ED 101

What have You done for me lately?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... BFD, you now have a diploma sitting on the buffet at home. And, blah, blah, blah, you've worked soo hard to achieve this milestone. You are gonna have to save the balloons and streamers for someone who cares, because that was yesterdays hard work. As in, old history... to be shared with your college-roomates at your next reunion.

- You see, you’re not in college any more. What this means to you is, that the thoughts that got you through college, will no longer be valid to get you through the change from student to young professional to careered professional, from student to business for-self to CEO. You see, if you keep thinking like a student, you can not progress to play at the next level.

Your Final, Final Exam -Single question...

So let's congratulate your prestigious University. It has done excellent work to fill your student mind with books and books of tested information within your field of study. And, all that tested information has earned you the opportunity to stand on the threshold of a whole new world of potential. Now, before we move to far from the hallowed halls of academic life, there is one more exam, just, a single question; so I AM confident that you will accelerate right through this.

Grab your tablet for this one... create a new folder titled ContinuingED101, create a note or document, at the top fill in the One Single Question of Your Final, Final Exam:

HOW?!? do I plan to deliver All my Potential,
if I am tied to the subway tracks
by imposed change and uncertainty?

Before you get started, do you have any questions?

What's that?... You don't recall finding this topic covered within any of your textbook(s). Fair enough, Let's bottom-line this for you so that you understand perfectly what is being asked of you-

Yesterday's thoughts got you through yesterday.
Today, If You want to Be More,
or Do More, or Give More;
You are gonna have to change something...
The way you Think!
That's right, In Order for You to
Be, Do or Give More,
YOU will need to become, More!

I realize this is kinda tough news to hear, after spending the last 4 years earning all that student loan debt; that Beer Pong Champ is not going to pay very well, and Cocktail Hour Host(ess) on Wednesday, to celebrate the upcoming weekend, isn't going to serve very well to meet the needs of the $2M client come Friday's presentation deadline - which by the way has been rescheduled for Thursday, 9am.

Recognize that from here on, life changes. And with every change, anticipated or unanticipated, comes a new set of rules. Yes, You are responsible to self-learn these rules. Each day that passes, in which You fail to recognize this self-learn responsibility, merely serves as a day in which you fall behind. Think of it this way, everyday from today to the end of your life, somebody is trying to snatch-up your lunch money. Everyday that your fail to self-learn the rules to protect your lunch money, is a day that you go without… Every day that you go without, is a day that you fall behind… A day that cannot be earned back.

So the question remains;
HOW?!? do I plan to deliver my Highest Potential,
if I am tied to the subway tracks
by imposed change and self-restricting uncertainty?

All right then, let's begin  -  You have 30 minutes... tick-tock-tick-tock.

Alright class.  -  Times up!

New Focus of Thought...

Now, let's review…  Your first focus of thought should have included the answer to the self-imposed question of...
How Good Can I Handle It?

There are 2 reasons that this is your Starting Point--
1) AMBITION is your go-to partner in times of change. Go here!
Ambition is the starting point of ALL achievements. Simply put, Ambition is the bridge which connects the island of your mind, with its notions, ideas and thoughts, to your mainland of physical equivalence, with its destiny of reality.  That’s right… If you can conceive a notion, idea or thought, you can achieve the creation of its physical equivalent. But, only Ambition will get you there!

2) Your current circumstance is not preordained. Your current circumstance is the resultant of spent energy, focused through your internal process of thought, action, gratitude. This is why you should never underestimate the power of your brain and the resulting consequences of your uncontrolled thoughts. Especially, your negative self talk and thoughts of self-limitations. You see, your thoughts are not isolated to be just between your ears. Every thought, good or bad, happy or sad, angry or joyful is in your complete control. Each thought brings with it an equivalent action, and that action stimulates another thought, and brings again an equivalent action. This loop of thought/action/thought is never ending; it is the only method known for the preservation of your environment of Ambition.

You first resolve for ‘How Good Can I Stand It?’ because size determines the order of magnitude of return potential, in-exchange for opportunity of challenge.
Let’s take a look at three examples:
EX.1 - How Good Can I Stand It? - If you are willing to ‘stand’, Cure for Breast Cancer; you can then come to realize the magnitude of return potential, and anticipate your in-exchange opportunity of challenge. Potential and Challenge stand in equilibrium.
  • Rule 1: Magnitude of Potential = Opportunity of Challenge.

EX.2  - How Good Can I Stand It? - If you are willing to ‘stand’, I don’t know, let’s just see what happens; you are certainly entitled to do so. Merely, recognize that with this limited magnitude of potential, comes the in-exchange opportunity to relegate your future to somebody else's plan.
  • Rule 2:  Denial of Self-Responsibility = Relegation of Opportunity

EX.3  - Imagine for just one moment that the source of infinite intelligence and Universal love, has placed You upon the earth for the achievement of Your unique Highest Human Potential. In this case, each of us landed on earth encoded to undeniably deliver our own ends.
  • Rule 3: Thought-Action-Gratitude = Expansion of ABUNDANCE.

Alright class - That’s it for today…

---   ---   ---

Millennial Moment: Things for you to take away --

I know that, I do not have another 4 years to complete the answer to this final Exam. I need to make this change from student to the delivery of my potential, I need to make it happen fast, and make it completely. A small amount of instruction and guidance during this critical period of change will yield to me a lifetime of ABUNDANCE.

In order to intiate this change I will need to Resolve this question…

What am I doing today
to help prepare for tomorrow
and tomorrow's, tomorrow?  


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