Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Achieve: Confident ME

Among the deeply rooted human needs we find the emotion of Achievement. Inborn for some, they hear their Deepest Desire, find their path and move forward towards the delivery of that desire, effortlessly and with confidence. Seemingly foreign for some, before affirming to move forward toward their destiny, they are left seeking to rejuvenate their internal spirit, or uncover their path of deepest desire, or discover the means to overcome the voices of internal restriction(s), of self-limitation. These voices of internal fear, regardless of the words, create a false, self-imposed restriction and must be realigned if you are to Obtain your Highest Human Potential, the delivery of your Deepest Desire.

This realignment, is often accommodated with a missing component and is corrected as simple as, discovering the direction of a proven methodology which is capable of capturing the essentials of Achievement and is worked on daily. In your backpack of Achievement tools, Do You have, such a repeatable format, capable of organizing these essentials in a convenient layout, flexible enough to adjust to your scheduled and unscheduled daily events? If you had to answer NO to this question, I encourage you to stick around; find yourself a comfortable spot, you will surely appreciate the upcoming, as promised, OneGR8Life place mat.

Before we move on to our OneGR8Life place mat, let's make sure we have a deeper understanding of your internal restriction(s) of self-limitation and are equipped to confidently realign them.

Rooted Within...
Rooted within many of us, is this belief that achievement means hard work, long hours of struggle and sacrifice. Somewhere in our past we adopted the notion that, the more we do, the more we become. This notion can only lead to a consumptive life pattern.  As adults, this belief of no pain, no gain, may drive us to work 70 hour weeks; sacrificing time with our family and friends and neglecting our health and well being. 

Continued existence in this pattern, opens the door for doubt and confusion. On our quest toward accessing abundance, we may continue to believe that it will just never happen. Initiating a downward spiral, further increasing the frequency of notions held as internal restriction(s) of self-limitation. A pattern that may compel us to compare ourselves to those around us, from a place of lack or scarcity. Over time we are likely to feel burned out, exhausted, and disconnected from our true desires and joy. Please, Do not confuse this conversation with the abandoning of your desires. Achieving those desires, delivering your Desire of Purpose is critical to the nature of your life. What I am talking about is becoming consumed to the point of alienating all other influences and restricting our enjoyment of life. 

At the expense of all else, this 'do more' consumption is what our egos would have us believe. Ego believes that it has to do everything by itself and it struggles for power, approval and safety. Our true self, on the other hand, knows that it is always connected to an infinite Universe that responds to all of our intentions and desires. Our true self does not struggle, and push - it creates with effortless ease, in alignment with the Divine forces of the Universe.

Confidently recognize that our beautiful and expansive Universe operates in the exact opposite way of ego. In Divine order and purpose, as in nature, life is meant to unfold with effortless ease. In confidence, think about this for a moment, our lungs breath and our hearts beat without any effort. So to are our dreams materialized, when you connect with divine, natural intelligence. The truth is, the Universe is just waiting to help each of us turn our desires and hopes into reality. In terms of completing the larger Universal puzzle, your contribution, your piece, is immeasurably valuable. When you tap into Universal energy, the abundance that is absolutely within you and all around you emerges with grace and ease. HOW?!? do we know this is true?

The Law of Least Effort...
The Path of Achievement, the delivery of your deepest desire, your joy, is guided by the spiritual law of least effort.  It says that nature's intelligence functions with effortless ease. With nature as our guide, we are confidently provided wonderful examples of this spontaneous creation; a rose doesn't struggle to blossom; it simply unfolds, releasing its internal beauty and grace. The birds don’t require heroic efforts to fly; the just fly. It is the nature of the sun to shine, and the nature of stars to sparkle. And it is human nature for our dreams to manifest into physical form, easily and effortlessly.

Let your feelings guide you - confidently embrace the flow that is just waiting to respond to your intentions and beliefs. Your life will begin to shift as you release beliefs that limit you. And then you will move with comfort, ease, and confidence towards the fullest most pleasing, abundant possibilities for you.

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Fearless ME... Open up to the riches that await when we choose acceptance, When you connect with the power of your inherent worth. Let go of struggle and resistance and, trust in spirit to guide you towards the next right step.

MINDFUL MOMENTS (Take-Away Thoughts):
Many of us were brought up with the belief that life is a struggle. The path of forced effort and struggle is painful. And, ultimately limits our success because it is based on egos fears and insecurities. Confidence leads me to the belief that, Abundance flows Easily and Freely to ME  - When my actions are inspired by Love, I AM able to do less, while accomplishing more because, nature is held together by the energy of love. In every moment I have a choice about how I want to use two of my most precious resources…  my Attention and my Intention. If I choose to focus my attention on love, compassion, joy, appreciation and peace, those qualities will expand in my experience. I will find myself living in the flow of grace and ease in alignment with the creative power of the universe.
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