Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Achieve: Fearless ME!

At the root of the Achievement Series you will find two intentions; the first intention is to load-up your backpack with the provisions necessary to recognize and release internal thoughts of fear, to recognize the voices of limiting belief. The second intention is to add the tools necessary to assure your ability to build momentum to overcome these limiting beliefs. In Achievement, ultimately you are looking to deliver your Highest Human Potential, your Desire of Purpose; After All, this is Your OneGR8Life!

So, I invite you to take a very special journey clearing your path of fears, moving past limiting beliefs, moving towards anchoring your internal cornerstone of strength and releasing your authentic beauty and power. This is the place, where your destiny rises. Your Universal glory within awaits… Are You ready to deliver it?

Clearing Your Path…
At the onset of this little day hike, let’s first draw the face of fear. For the sake of this conversation let’s know exactly what you are arming yourselves to overcome. As a point of reference, let’s fall back on our old friend ‘Merriam-Webster’ for a little directional guidance...

The unpleasant nature of fear is that, it wants to sandwich you from both directions, as a verb and a noun...

fear  \ˈfir\  verb : to be afraid of (something or someone)  : to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant)   : to be afraid and worried

2fear  noun :  1.a :  an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or     awareness of danger  b (1) :  an instance of this emotion (2) :  a state marked by           this emotion   2 :  anxious concern :  solicitude   3 :  profound reverence and awe especially toward God   4 :  reason for alarm :  danger

Just reading this may incite a funny little feeling somewhere in your gut. This butterfly feeling is your natural alarm going off. This natural FEAR alarm, is being set-off because you are ‘afraid of something’, the sensation is ‘an instance of emotion’ caused by your ‘worry (about something bad or unpleasant)’, an ‘anxious concern’ in ‘anticipation or awareness of danger’ as to where this conversation is going and the unknowing for what you are going to be asked to do.

Facing our internal Fear is not a common conversation, with ourselves and certainly not as a public conversation with others. Yet, you cannot underestimate the restriction that is being self-imposed in not doing so. Here, in the case of this conversation, as in most cases, your fear is being Falsely imposed, here you do not have ‘reason for alarm’.

The first step is to recognize that in Your OneGR8Life, there will be an endless supply of uncertainty and, that is OK. Uncertainty merely advances the choices which separate the Now, from the Future, separating Today, from Tomorrow, separating the Known, from the Unknown. With every unknown there is always a choice! Even if that choice is to pause, determine the source of false limitation and then choose, with guided intuition. Can you keep that in mind? If you find the need to practice this belief you will be dutifully rewarded. Carry with you this thought: nothing is new, merely unfamiliar. Know this as fact - Your natural Universal state of being is a state of Love. The bottom-line here.. the Universe IS on your side! It has NO Motive, whatsoever, to watch you struggle, or to place before you beliefs that limit your delivery of Desired Purpose.

The Universe is so consumed for your well being, that it only carries a singular motive of intention for you; to bring You to It’s Level of consciences and love. This should not scare you in any way; the goal is to bring to you, currently undiscovered levels of Confidence and Bliss. It simply plans on doing so based upon your chosen set of limiting beliefs. If you identify a limiting belief, the Universe will be there for you, to help you overcome. Why would it do this? Because the Universe needs your piece of the larger puzzle; knowing it’s own limitless love, it is willing to carry your human fallibility until delivery of purpose is Achieved. Are you good with this? Ok, let’s move on...

In the advancement of choices between the Known and the Unknown, it becomes critical to avoid the fearful condition of decision paralysis. Decision paralysis, reduces ambition, eliminating the delivery of purpose, thus voiding Achievement. Can’t Have This!!  So let’s knock this out of the way.

In the avoidance of decision paralysis, you are required to address one of two simple questions of resolution. You must ask and answer:  Just What am I most afraid of? Or, What am I allowing to hold me back in life?

In your answer here, You identify the places where fear lives within your body, in our mind, and, begin to release that which no longer serves you. Recognize that, Your answer is extraordinarily powerful!!  More powerful than you may ever imagine. Please, be patient with yourself. What you are attempting to do is gently release, yet, invite ego to come along for the ride of a lifetime. You may find that you are treading in uncharted waters, RELAX, in the stillness of prayer or meditation the answer comes!

Recognize that ego’s contribution is to do everything by itself and it struggles for power, approval and safety. By this nature, you will need to coax ego to release control, invite it to explore, from within, the hiding place of it’s limiting belief. Rest assured, at first, ego will deny the existence of limitation but, your true self, your unlimited self can induce ego to create an approved, safe environment for the exploration of its self imposed restraint.  Your true self, knows that it is always connected to an infinite Universe that responds to all of our intentions and desires. Your true self does not struggle, and push - it creates with effortless ease, in alignment with the Divine forces of the Universe.

Recall that ego responds favorably to the control of knowing. If you are to coax ego forward, you will need to arm your ego with at least a shallow understanding of the benefits of overcoming the power of fear.

Overcome The Power of Fear...
So powerful is Fear that it’s components, in any individual form or combination, WILL prove to deter your efforts of Ambition. Only Fear can contain the fulfillment and Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential.

Let me repeat this...
the fulfillment and Obtainment
of your Desire of Purpose.

So powerful is Fear that a single component
WILL serve as ample restraint
to the delivery of
your Highest Human Potential.

The Restraints of Fear…
Below, you will find six (6) primary internal limitations, in the silence of your mind study these components to uncover the limiting belief(s) which anchor your Fear. 

These are six (6) primary components of Fear, as you review them, hold in your conscious mind our two questions of resolution…

What am I most afraid of?
What is holding me back in life?

The Fear of Poverty or Self-Limitation?
The Fear of Failing Health?
The Fear of Criticism?
The Fear of Old Age?
The Fear of Loss of Someone?
The Fear of Death / Dying?

You MUST overcome Fear at ALL cost! Note the circular orientation and recall our last words... Only Fear can contain the fulfillment and Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose.

There is no shame in ego’s recognition of your inner fear. Only after it is recognized can you plan a course of attack to overcome the accompanying anxiety. Do not short change yourself in the discovery of your limiting beliefs, this is a Huge turning point... for Many are called to walk the path of Obtainment, few choose to endure. The Universal reward for acknowledging your source of inner fear... Divine Assistance!

Divine Assistance...

Here you find it ALL...

The coaxing of ego to acknowledge and release inner beliefs of limitation, to Dream of OneGR8Life requires great fortitude of Spirit. You are not meant to walk this path alone.

Divine Assistance is received through the inner reflection required to DISCOVER Inspiration and Motive to overcome ALL restraints. You are Divinely designed to Achieve and Deliver!

---   ---   ---
UP NEXT: Resilient ME!  -  With your inner limiting beliefs in check and the door of stillness propped open to dream and create, we move to finding grace and abundance in every event, in every moment.

MINDFUL MOMENTS (Take-Away Thoughts…)
Discovery and release of internal fear is a quite reflection of self-understanding. In doing so, I come to realize that it is my OneGR8Life and I AM invited to Dream it, Create it, Live it. From within I have been Divinely granted the ability to overcome ALL restraints.  My OneGR8Life is lived from the Inside-Out. From this source of incredible inner strength the Delivery of my unique Desire of Purpose prevails. Indeed, I Can BE, DO, or HAVE Anything that I Desire.

Should I choose to disregard the recognition of inner fear, I will jeopardize the delivery of my Desire of Purpose. From fear I can run... but I cannot hide! The snare of fear is anxiety. Anxiety anchors my forward mobility in a web of uncertainty and decreased Ambition.  Without Ambition, there can be no accomplishment; without accomplishments there is no Achievements, without ACHIEVEMENT there can be no Obtainment of Desire of Purpose.

Only I possess the keys of self-reflection. Through self-understanding, I UNCOVER the notion, idea or thought of Purpose, from within I DISCOVER the sources of Inspiration and Motive to Overcome ALL restraint. Erased once and for all, is my shadow of doubt regarding the potential and responsibility of my OneGR8Life; I AM responsible to Dream it, Create it, Live it; this is my Highest Human Potential!

I AM a Powerful Creator…
I AM willing to accept the responsibility
to Deliver my OneGR8Life.
I AM armed and willing to
discover and release my
internal FEAR,
to overcome ALL
restraints of self-limitation.
---   ---   ---

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