Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Achieve: Uniquely ME...

For our new readers, please recognize the we are posting as a consecutive series. Each post building upon the last, leading to the next. Our series is map guided, and we have come to the final installment: Achievement. The common thread in this series is centered around How To build momentum to Achieve; putting into action the lessons and tools presented in the previous series sets.

In the Achievement series we are to deliver one last tool aimed at pulling together our days, and centering our activities towards the delivery of our 'daily': our Highest Human Potential; the discovery and delivery of our Divine Purpose.

From Within - Outward
Embedded with in each human life is a yearning to BE, to DO or to HAVE, The significance of this yearning is the essence of Divine Purpose in it's soul unique nature. The discovery and expression of Purpose yields to us our greatest joy, driving happiness in all the things that we do. In this way the secret to your own happiness is not found in something that is given to you. But rather, it is found in the expression of the something(s) that You give. This concept of 'give happiness' places You in complete control to manage your daily, guiding both the volume and the genre to which you Achieve. I think we can all agree, Achieving and maintaining our direction to this end would relieve an immeasurable level of stress in our daily...

Uniquely ME...
The precious nature of each human life is found in the understanding that, Uniquely each human being has an essential purpose, if not many purposes, to fulfill in this lifetime. Here, hold this empowering self-thought, for a moment… There is no one else on the planet, that is here to BE Who I AM and give what I have to give. No one else! Just as your DNA and your fingerprints are uniquely you, so is your life's purpose. And your life's purpose is always evolving. It is not something you create, it is not some great idea you come up with; Purpose is there all the time and, it’s always calling you.

Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life. Here to make a unique contribution. Woven in the very fiber of our being, is our divine purpose. Our distinctive essence waiting, even longing, to be expressed as a gift to the world and ourselves. 

Are you ready to make the Achievement leap?

The Achievement Leap...
The following listed tools have been laid-out before you, with the simplest of intention; to improve the human condition - specifically, yours. I encourage you to work through them in preparation to receive the final tool to be delivered through this Achievement series.

1) Your Map to Obtainment - (Link; To Learn More)
5) Your Deepest Desire - (Link; To Learn More)
6) Your Completed iCard - (Link; To Learn More)

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Imagine for a moment, collecting the actions of your 'daily' in one place. Life guided in Purpose, Intention, Motive... Blending the activities driven to deliver Highest Human Potential, with Life Balance. Abandoning the traditional do or do not stress; engaging the activities whose expression serve to create the flexibility to endure the rapid shifts of your planned and unexpected events, centered through your innate core virtues.

MINDFUL MOMENTS (Take-away Thoughts):
I believe that my greatest life lies in the expansion of my happiness. That when I identify the things that bring the greatest joy into my life, I am on the trail of discovering this inner truth. The Divine Purpose of my life, is to Dream, to discover my purpose. And to give my whole heart and soul to Create that Purpose. When I Live in alignment with that true purpose, I AM happy, and I create a ripple of good that emanates from within, extending to everyone around me. This essential purpose is always with me, and is designed to be experienced and revealed over the course of my lifetime. This path is my Destiny. A collection of meaningful self expressions that come to me spontaneously , and in the moment at times, in waves or seasons at other times. Yet, always present in the expression is the essence of my true self. It is my OneGR8Life, and I have just been invited to Dream it, Create it, Live it.
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