Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Achieve: Extraordinary ME!

Creative Inspiration, Truth, and Destiny are all revealed when our lives are in balance and in flow. In our last message, we expanded our creative spirit to a greater understanding of Balance through the isolation of Divine Purpose. Now you step to the next level - here you are challenged to maintain balance and create a life where you are able to ‘live’ in the flow. HOW do you recognize ‘the flow’? Once you recognize it, HOW do you maintain it? These answers we will initiate today…

As you move forward, carry with you this simple fact:
So ever reliant upon you to deliver your
Highest Human Potential,
the Universe has placed within you a
teacher to guide you through the artistic
creation of your OneGR8Life.

The River of Life...

In the daily flow of the river of life, you find yourself confidently consumed in the balanced moments of delight, where joyful inspired actions are ambitiously filling your days, all in the pursuit of delivering your Highest Human Potential. Yet, there is still room for more to your OneGR8Life than just the flow of creating and pursuing. As you exercise the incorporation of Resilience and Creativity, you must also exercise the necessity of Self-Care. Self-Care creates the calm waters found along the flow of every river. In the calm waters you find the room for relaxation; rest and pure play. The moments of Self-Care are filled in connection with nature, laughter, other people... In Your OneGR8Life, 'There's no such thing as doing it alone.'

Absorbed in the Moment…

The significance of Self-Care? In your moments of Self-Care, the Universe rises-up to meet you. Conveniently wrapped, hidden in your Self-Care moment, you find the ability to release all other concern, worry, anxiety; only in pure self-care do you become absorbed in the moment.  This Self-Care is not a moment of selfishness. Giving yourself permission to rest, play, letting your mind and heart rejuvenate, is a must in order to realize your greatest potential. It’s when you learn to let go - absorbed in a moment of pure play, relaxation, connection with nature, laughter… do You create pathways where there was once closed doors. In your moments of Self-Care, your Moments of rest and play, you find the power in knowing that you are not alone in the creation of your OneGR8Life.

The Destiny of Extraordinary ME!

Rest and Play are not luxuries. It is part of our Destiny to simply BE. You have experienced, time-and-again, that play, rest, rejuvenation and celebration cultivate and inspire some of our best ideas. The goal of rest and play are to create moments where you are to engage in the here and now. To crack open yourself to the ideas that come to you from the conscious recognition of your extraordinary bond to the Universal energy which flows through you. When you let go, and have fun, you release all sense of ego and release all the ‘shoulds’ that creep into your life; opening the door for the creative spirit to flourish.

Play and Rest...

Play is so important in helping you find your true purpose in life. When you dance through life in the beauty of a child, engaged in activities that you find truly delightful, you open your mind and your heart to the essence of your extraordinary potential. When you play you lose all track of time, and you are absorbed completely in the present moment. Your best, extraordinary ideas come to you when you are delighted. Your mind becomes free to roam and explore. In play you find that your mind becomes wide open and the clarity of Universal energy is suddenly laid-out at our feet, yours to enjoy.

Rest is as equally important. In our technically driven culture we tend to be chronically sleep deprived. Many times even proud of it. It is false for you to associate being rest deprived with the indication of a busy life and total dedication to your Purpose. True dedication requires balancing the brain for optimal performance. which includes rest in the form of sleep, and spending time in prayer or meditation.

When you connect to stillness in prayer or meditation, you fully engage with nature, life and those around yo. To gain the maximum value of the stillness gained through prayer or meditation, make sure that we get adequate sleep. This is the perfect recipe for self-care.


Authenticity comes through the execution of your daily activities, in building your OneGR8Life. Yes, it is time for you to receive your final OneGR8Life tool… The OneGR8Life placemat.

Mindful Moments (Your Take Away Thoughts…)

‘In the Flow’, I practice recharging and revitalizing myself. Rest and Play, pave the way for Creative inspiration and truth to enter my life. As I carry on in-balance and in-flow, I WILL softly recall in my mind, this centering thought to the formulation of my Extraordinary OneGR8Life:

I Dream, I Create, I Live
-I Dream, I Create, I Live.

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