Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Achieve: Creative ME!

So ever reliant upon you to deliver your Highest Human Potential, the Universe has placed within you a teacher to guide you through the artistic creation of your OneGR8Life. That's right within each and every one of us is an Artist; A Dreamer, A Creator. 

As you continue on the path of Achievement, today you discover the perpetual source of your creative balance, the unending energy Source of Divine Purpose. You will soon see, Creative Inspiration, Truth, and Destiny are all revealed when our lives are in balance and in flow. Now, just before we head off in this direction, as you continue on in the Achievement Series, let's make sure we have a good understanding of were we have already been.

-Designed to Achieve: The significance of Achievement is that it stirs our soul. Even among the distractions of everyday life, you continually hear the calling of your opportunity to deliver your Highest Human Potential.
-Uniquely ME: Embedded within each human life is a yearning to BE, DO or HAVE. The significance of this yearning is the essence of Divine Purpose, in it's soul unique nature. The discovery and expression of Purpose yields to us our greatest joy; driving happiness in all the things that we do.
-Confident ME: Among the deeply rooted human needs, you find the emotion of Achievement; Inborn for some, seemingly foreign for some. Regardless, of the words, each comes to the crossroad of facing the voices of internal fear; the false self-imposed restrictions.
-Fearless ME: Take a very special journey clearing your path of fears, moving past limiting beliefs, moving towards anchoring your internal cornerstone of strength and releasing your authentic beauty and power. This is the place, where your Destiny rises.
-Resilient ME: The goal of Resilience... To rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Spirit - Simultaneously. To bring you, currently undiscovered levels of Confidence and Bliss.

If you are inspired to hold-up and go back to review any of the previously delivered messages, Please, do so!. Remember that you are building a progressive series of knowledge, here. Each message builds upon the last, leading to the next. Take the time to fully understand the role each plays in the Achievement of your OneGR8Life.

Survival? Or Balance?
With the work of reviewing previous messages behind us, let's kick-open the door to Achievement a little wider. Let's give the Dreamer living inside some open space to absorb the energy of balance, which is always available. Let's explore a bit, releasing the bridal of survival, let's see if we can Create a deeper understanding of the energies available for life balance. 

Let's start with a simple question,
Is there a difference between
a life in survival and a life in balance?

Releasing your self-imposed limitations in order to center your intention and attention to answering this question is of paramount importance. Reluctance to contemplate and self-explore this question will prohibit your delivery of your Highest Human Potential. Oh don't misunderstand, should you choose to forgo the self evaluation, of my life in survival versus my life in balance, the attainment of success may find it's way to your doorstep. But, you are not interested in the attainment of success. Your burning desire remains the Obtainment, the fulfillment, of Purpose. You are seeking To Hold the associated happiness of life in balance. Committing to a life in balance, will lead you beyond the simplicity of success. You see, everyone has the opportunity to succeed, this is called survival. But, readily committing to a life in balance insures the delivery of your deepest desire, never leaving you to perpetually teeter, blindly, as you attempt to fill the bottomless void of survival.

Survival Energy...
The bottomless void of survival? Yes! The energy of survival is limited to a two dimensional existence. Survival occurs with the limiting combination of mental energy and physical energy.

Purpose is not delivered here! Only convenience is found in this attracted relationship of survival. At best this overlap, can deliver a combination of thought and inspired action. All inspired action taken is applied directly towards the progressive realization of survival. At all times, under any condition of circumstance, you can roll these circles of energy into a combined connection towards the delivery of survival. This is hugely significant and many never move beyond this combination. Recognize that, this combined energy reduces failure to, no more than, a mere inadequate combination of energy. You see, if you have not yet come into contact with success, you have not failed; you have merely not yet found the correct combination of attracted energy and inspired action. Failure presumes that you have no further option; in this model you are filled with infinite options and you are simply invited to configure a new energy combination and try again.

Energy of Balance...
At this point, you should have little doubt that your Highest Human Potential represents a significant source of fused energy and enlightenment. Inherent to the adoption of this fused energy, you will find the beneficial framework of Life Balance and its associated Happiness.

Stability and Balance...
Here you find the Energy of both, Stability and Life Balance. This life balance is obtained through the unique 3-legged, tripod, appearance of the framework. 
Rarely, do we ever see a tripod tip over. The inherited stability of a tripod comes from the physical arrangement of the three legs. In addition to it's inherent stability, we find that a tripod is infinitely Adjustable and Adaptable. Tripods are extraordinarily adaptable to any condition of terrain, in any condition of soil, any condition of orientation, upside down - right-side up. We find the comfort of happiness resting atop the platform of intersection created by the three legs.
Associated Happiness...
Here, resting up top of your tripod, happiness CAN ALWAYS be found! With three adjustable energies the Creator has bestowed upon us, unchallengeable control of both the attitude and altitude of our earthly happiness. Here is how it works.

  • When faced with an unhappy circumstance of Physical anguish, you simply, bump up the level of Mental and/or Spiritual energy and, Happiness returns.
  • When faced with an unhappy circumstance of Mental anxiety, you simply bump up the level of Spiritual and/or Physical energy and, Happiness returns.
  • When faced with an unhappy circumstance of Spiritual uncertainty, you simply bump up the level of Physical and/or Mental Energy and, Happiness returns.

Any adjustment to altitude or attitude immediately relieves the stress of uncertainty while gaining the associated Happiness in proportional control. You see, small adjustments to altitude or attitude yields a small adjustment to obtained happiness. Likewise, magnificent adjustments to altitude and attitude, obtain magnificent alterations to our sense of happiness.

We should stop and recognize that the inverse is NOT supported! One does not obtain the increased benefit of altitude and attitude, through false alterations to our sense of happiness. No, in your OneGR8Life, happiness is the resultant of Change; Changes in altitude and attitude drives happiness - happiness DOES Not drive altitude and attitude. Acts in this vein are false manipulations and increase the potential of long term unhappiness. Continued, long term, acts in this delusional vein can only lead to a depressed spirit; and therefore, must be avoided. Only through changes of attitude can we drive the altitude of happiness.

The Hidden Nature of Divine Purpose... Your search for the Hidden Nature of Divine Purpose need only focus at the intersection of the energies; at the overlap of our three rings. The significance of this arrangement is manifested when the fused energy is employed toward the transformation of your deepest desire. When the Desire is Obtainment of Highest Human Potential, the transformation of your Divinely held notion, idea or thought, into Physical equivalence. By nature, these rings are then bound together through the emotion of Love. Thus, Love serves to insure that the delivery of your Highest Human Potential, the transformation of your Desire of Purpose, must serve to satisfy the Improvement of the Human Condition.

The Hidden Nature of Divine Purpose

Let's make sure that you understand the nature of your discovery, here: Any Desire of Purpose, held outside of Improvement of the Human Condition, is NOT held in Love, is Not Divine by Nature and, must therefore, not be construed, in any manor, shape of form, as the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential.

Let's finish with a simple question,
Are You ready to
embrace a life in balance?
--- --- ---
UP NEXT: Extraordinary ME! In the pursuit of delivering your Highest Human Potential, where do we find room for relaxation, pure play, connection with nature, laughter... Life.
MINDFUL MOMENTS (Take Away Thoughts)... Through the adoption of the fused energy format, it has become my objective to place my Being into the point of Divine Purpose. Here, enveloped in Love, I AM able to rinse the collection of all my experience, to-date. At the point of Divine Purpose, I rinse my experience to collect their Greatness as intended by nature. In my OneGR8Life, ALL experiences have occurred for my greatest benefit. If a past experience has induced pain, sorrow, or discomfort, I shall abandon it here, and now! I choose to venture forward, seeking to deliver my Desire of Purpose. I AM dedicated to the Obtainment of my Highest Human potential, for the sake of Improvement of the Human Condition.
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