Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Achieve: Authentic ME!


You have invested quite-a bit of Energy to this point, working toward the understanding and delivery of your Highest Human Potential. Time well spent actively uprooting your Divine Purpose, traveling step-by-step along your Map of Obtainment. In this final series, titled Achievement, we have been pulling all the previous steps together. Now, we come to the delivery of your final tool, the OneGR8Life Highest Potential Placemat.

The Powerful Energy of Your OneGR8life...
The hidden treasure of this tool lies in the fact that it is the ultimate HOW TO. The placemat is structured enough to capture the essence of each Obtainment stepping stone; Rejuvenate, Uncover, Discover, Exchange, Affirm, Achieve. Flexible enough to adapt to your daily life. Yet, Resilient enough to center your inspired thoughts and applied actions, capable of keeping you balanced amid the hail storms of life distractions. Here, the Powerful Energy of your OneGR8Life gets captured for easy reference.

Why, capture this energy in one convenient place?

  • Because life has lots of moving parts, because many of us have a tough time remembering where we left the car keys. Example; Ever wake up in the morning, and while you are brushing your teeth, you notice that the toothpaste is running low... so you make a mental note - Get to the store, and don't forget the toothpaste. Then what happens? Later that same day you forgot about going to the store altogether or you get to the store and can't remember what exactly you needed. Been there? Done That? Yeah, me too.
  • Because in life your mind is cluttered with usernames and passwords; is bombarded with text messages, email, videos, Hangouts, Blog Posts, Webinars, Tweets, Posts, Searches, and we haven't even loaded up on the kids or developing personal relationships. And, let's not forget about maintaining intimate relationships. How could you possibly remember the essence of an inspired thought from two weeks ago; much less retain the focus of purpose through the course of a lifetime.
  • Because the physical time on earth is limited for each of us. Precious is this time, between, life and death. Organized thought is the only way to extend the value you intend to deliver in the space of your OneGR8Life.
  • Because the Universe is in need of you to provide your individual puzzle piece and humankind cannot afford for you to leave the planet without this delivery.

WHAT? My Individual Puzzle Piece?
Humankind cannot afford for me to leave the planet without the delivery of my individual puzzle piece? What is up with that?

If there was only one thing that you need to remember in your OneGR8Life, it would be this...

The Universal contribution, the combined energy,
of Humankind is dependent on
the delivered Energy of MY Highest Potential.

WHAT?, WHAT? The Universal contribution of Humankind?
That's right - If you fall short of the delivery of your Highest Human Potential, you not only diminish the value of your given potential but, you also compromise the Universal contribution of Humankind. So, if you are not inspired to deliver your Highest Potential for You, then deliver it for the rest of us. You are being called to pitch-in here... You know pick-up the rope and start pulling, with the rest of us.

Understand that within you lies the energy source of Unlimited Potential and the Universe is waiting for you to Rejuvenate it, Uncover it, Discover it, Exchange it, Affirm it, Achieve it. Let us never forget that each life holds a unit of Divine significance. Here in lies the undeniable, indisputable, significance of Your OneGR8Life... The Universe, that which we can see, that which remains unseen, that which is understandable, and that which remains to perplex, is combined and held together in energy.  Only in the delivery of your Divine Purpose does your energy become renewable. This renewability is the eternal signature of your branded Authenticity.

WHAT?, WHAT?, WHAT? Branded Authenticity?
Of course! Your Branded Authenticity is the footprint our life is going to leave behind once your spirit is done occupying your body.

AUTHENTICITY is all about...
You living this life in Greatness.

Having what you say,
what you feel,
what you believe,
and what you do,
all be the same
as who you are.

If you are beginning to think that to accomplish this your gonna need to work at this daily... Your Right! Everyday - With No Wasted Days, as if your OneGR8Life depended on it.

Can you now begin to recognize that to help you contain the moving pieces of your OneGR8Life you're gonna need a placemat?

---   ---   ---
The OneGR8Life placemat… from Beginning to End. Together we will take a look at the pieces, defining their space and supplying the reference links to make it possible for you to Dream, Create and Live Your OneGR8Life.

MINDFUL MOMENTS (Your Take Away Thoughts)...
I have so much more to give… Today, I learned HOW?!?

The Dream of My OneGR8life is the cultivation of My Ambitious Desire; a notion, idea or thought, initiated in the stillness of attentional presence. Rejuvenated in Purpose I seek to Create My OneGR8Life - Uncovering my inner values of character; inviting them, as allies of trusted strength, to travel with me toward the Discovery of Deepest Desires. In my abundant filled Universe, equilibrium inspires and motivates me to share with the world; recognizing that the fulfillment of My Highest Human Potential comes through my contribution of improvement of the Human Condition. Affirmed in Service to Others, I move to release the, self-imposed thoughts of limitation; The Source of Universal Intelligence rises within me to Obtain my Source of Divine Purpose. Finally, I come to Live My OneGR8Life in perpetual growth, Mentally, Physically, Spiritually; filled are  my days with intentional presence. Balanced in rest and play I AM free to Dream again.
---   ---   ---

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