Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Your One Great Life: Are You In? / Are You Out?

I spent last week Celebrating Annual Commitment Week; a week of social darkness, a week of Prayer, Meditation, Reflection. 5-days of Gratitude, Thankfulness and Adjustment. The intent is to deliberately create some separation time. I take my list of projects, review the goals and the progress; take a good look into future and I ask myself... For the next 12-months
~ Are You In?   /   Are You Out?

Think of it as a Universally guided self-cleansing. Making sure that I AM doing the right things, for the right reasons, with the right intent. I choose to create Annual Commitment Week, after many years suffering from myopic business/professional/personal vision. Back when thinking the stoic approach, deeply rooted from watching my Father, was the only way to succeed. I lost a lot of years pushing hard, pushing others out of my way. Years avoiding the truism often spoken by my loving wife… “Dear, you’re wearing your underwear too tight; if you keep this up you’ll live alone… literally.”


The entry into Annual Commitment Week is fostered in the 5-Questions of Receivership. More than just charging hard and hoping for the best; receivership is intended to flush out a greater, internal conversation of destination and direction.  We cover Receivership in greater detail in the third step of our Map to Obtainment; under the guided step of DISCOVER.

Feel free to request a copy of the 5-Questions of Receivership. Just click here and add ‘5-Questions of Receivership’ into the message box. (No Obligation.)

Where to from here?

So maybe you’re wondering…

How Commitment Week went?
What was the outcome?
  • Are You In?  /  Are You Out?
  • What did you hear?
  • Are there adjustments to be made?

These are all reasonable questions. After all, for months now we have been working on developing both community and relationships. I respect the fact that you allow me into your life, and I to cherish the relationship of mutual trust and respect that we have built over the past 12-months.

Yes, I AM in! And, my week was, of course… Phenomenal!

In Your Corner…

What I heard was the call of an audience; A Universal direction of requested delivery. The next 12-months will include the resolution of greater focus on the relationships, the opportunities to connect with the delivery of personal added value; with vested interest.

Think of it this way--
-Have you ever seen a professional boxing event?  Ever notice all the activity in the Boxer's corner?

That’s right, the corner is where all the action is!

Here, in the boxer's corner is the Boxing Coach, the Trainer, the Medical Attendant and the chair guy. That's right, the 'chair' guy! In your corner, chair guy is your quiet, unassuming support staff. As a Boxer -chair guy, is one of your most important assets. Think about it...

Oh sure, the Coach is screaming at you...
  - JAB, JAB!--

All very important instructions, without doubt. But, without Chair Guy - You're standing! Round 10, breathing hard -you're standing! Round 13, exhausted and pummeled -you're still standing. Without Chair Guy, who slips you a refreshing sip of water between rounds? And, if your main event doesn't go so well - without Chair Guy, who rushes to your aid and offers to pick you up off the canvas?

Now You're beginning to validate the significance... Chair Guy has only one perspective of motivation...
Your Survival; You reaching your Highest Potential.

So here is what I want you to do -- Remember that I AM here in your corner for your highest potential. This Blog is your chair. The words are your sip of water. I can't fight-the-fight for you. But, I will remain faithful to the pursuit and to the obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. You fight confidently! We will work through the details, together. And, don't Worry, in the outside chance your main event doesn't go so well, I will be here to help you up.

Now, get back out there - Cover Up and Keep Charging!


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I am so filled with gratitude to have you in my life. I want to say Thank-You in advance, for allowing me to be part of your life. Your continued readership guides me to remain faithful to my passion - Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

It is YourOneGR8Life! Working together, #CreatingPhenomenal.

Only one question remains…
~ Are You In?  /  Are You Out?

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