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Choices of Intention... WHO, Before What and How.

“WHO” ~  First?

Gandhi would have us remember this; on the road to Obtainment, you cannot use methods that violate the ends that you are after. The significance of these words distill down to this... In all life, Ends and Means are then inseparable.

We can better appreciate this when we recall Gandhi's walk. Where he simply understood that you cannot create a world of brotherhood and harmony; through the means of tyranny and oppression. The lesson exemplified through Gandhi is timeless.

The lesson is this: No human can obtain a worthy goal, you cannot arrive at your worthy end, by using unworthy means.

Building Your Pathway...

When you understand the lesson available through Gandhi, you realize that one of the initial stepping stones on your pathway to the Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose, must be to peel yourself down to the core of your own individual means. That the discovery of "WHO" must precede the ends of "WHAT" and "HOW". Fortunately, we have already simplified the core of Obtainment to be; the internal attraction of an external desire.

Imagine for just one moment that the source of infinite intelligence and universal love, has placed You upon the earth for the achievement of your unique Highest Human Potential. What ever that Desire of Purpose might be...

Then each of us landed on earth encoded to deliver our own 'ends'. The beginning of that delivery, the starting point, must be to UNCOVER the 'means' which are inseparable to the fulfillment of those 'ends'.

Hit the Brakes!!

What did we just discover?

That your private lessons, will always precede your public victories. That privately you must UNCOVER your unique 'WHO' virtues before you can proceed to your public fulfillment of 'WHAT' and 'HOW'.

If you are sitting there sort of dazed by the simplicity of the preceding discovery... You should be! Is it any wonder why you struggle to accomplish - You keep digging with the handle of your shovel. You keep looking to solve for WHAT and HOW, with NO Regards for WHO! You need to REJUVENATE, you need to reverse the shovel - You need to start over and begin digging with the blade of your shovel.

If you are now Screaming -
But, HOW?!? Do I SYNC my means with my ends? You would be justified.

So let's walk through a quick and very simple exercise to SYNC your internal means with your external ends, your Desire of Purpose.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence
by every experience in which you 
really stop to look fear in the face."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt

1 -VMJ.pngThe OneGR8Life.com SYNC Exercise comes to you as nine (9) sheets. Eight sheets include instruction and dialogue to walk you through the exercise. The ninth sheet is an uncompleted worksheet for your personal use.

The instruction and dialogue is presented from the perspective of you not having a clear, or completed, Desire of Purpose.

For this perspective, I have taken the liberty of assigning a Desire of Purpose. Why would I do this?

I want you to focus on the format and flow of using the SYNC Exercise worksheet. Once you have walked through the exercise and have gained some comfort and familiarity, you can then repeat the exercise and substitute-in your very own Desire of Purpose.

The value of walking through the exercise and then repeating the exercise will also demonstrate the unique REJUVENATION, flexibility, features of the exercise. You are going to utilize this exercise at various points through-out your OneGR8Life. You will soon see that each set of selected values are unique to the Desire of Purpose that you are currently involved in. Changes which influence your Desire of Purpose... Change the nature of the values necessary to develop and deliver that particular purpose. Now you can REJUVENATE with the ebbs and flows of your OneGR8Life.

The SYNC Exercise (aka, The Value Memory Jogger)...

The SYNC exercise includes '4' Rounds, set up in a progressive and eliminating style.

Round 1 - This is the broadest point of selection. In this Round you will begin with 234 values to select from. The Values are set up in columns of 6 values. You are to select '1' value from each column. You end with 39 selected values. PLEASE note; this Round also allows for a Wild Card selection. Bringing you to a total of 40 personally selected values for Round 1. These are your Choices of Intention. This is a step of responsibility and acceptance... To BE, or DO, or GIVE More, I must Become More.

3 -VMJ6_of_7.jpgRound 2 - I call this the 'Weakest Link' round. Here you eliminate one value from each paired column. Refresh your Wild Card, if you need to. When completed, 20 values will remain.

Round 3 - The 'Survivor' Round. You are starting with 20 values... you’re going to whittle this down to 10. Suddenly, the choices get a little tougher. Only the strongest survive in Round 3... time to say good-bye to some pretty solid and supportive values.

Round 4 - The Final Round!  You started with 234 values and have reduced them to the Top 10. But, you are not done! In Round 4 you are required to make the toughest of all your selections... You will need to reduce your Top 10 to the Ultimate 6. That's right! At this point there is no turning back - You must burn the ships at the shoreline and venture on with your Ultimate 6 values.

The SYNC Exercise represents a huge turning point. Up until now you have been receiving, OneGR8Life messages of Hope and Inspiration. The SYNC Exercise turns the corner to provide a little Instruction, to give a little Guidance. This sort of thing may not appeal to you… That’s ok ~ It’s YourOneGR8Life and that life is ALL about choices.

If you would like a copy of the SYNC Exercise, If you would like to SYNC your internal traits of WHO, with your external Ambition of Desire, you will need to request it via email… It will come to you in the privacy of your in-box as is your Dropbox Link. There is no obligation here, I will add your name to our email list for future exercises, but there will be no solicitation here.

For your Dropbox Link - Shoot me an email... phil@onegr8life.com

Please, Do me one favor;

"Happiness is when
what you think, what you say, and what you do
are in harmony."

~Mahatma Gandhi

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It is Your OneGR8Life. I AM here to revive the Human Spirit. To embrace the essence that makes your life unique and irreplaceable; for the Obtainment of your Divinely granted Desire of Purpose.

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