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Leaps of Faith and Love: The WHO within knows, HOW?!?

If you are running behind and didn't catch the Tuesday 12/23 post, here is your link... also, for your convenience, at the end of this post I will provide a link to the SYNC Exercise. Again, if you’re running behind and need to get caught-up, please do so. You will want to get caught-up for two reasons: (1) At this point the OneGR8Life blog is coming at you as a sequential feed; this makes the Tuesday, 12/23, post very valuable for future reference, (2) The SYNC Exercise Link is presently free, but this will expire shortly. The SYNC exercise, along with the other #CreatingPhenomenal work share exercises have always been reserved for our entrepreneur/CEO clients as part of our retained services program.

Now, I haven't taken the time to justify in my mind if the reader numbers for the 12/23 post are so high because it's that good or because it was free. Either way, I AM grateful beyond words!! Thank-You a million-times over!


I did want to dedicate an entire post to provide a little follow-up with you, based on some of your feedback. There were a couple of questions that are extremely important to address. Answering them will be helpful for you and will also, help me deliver my Desire of Purpose; Improving the Human Condition.

1) Then each of us landed on earth encoded to deliver our own 'ends'...
HOW can you be so sure about this?

This is a fair question. The answer is rooted in two very powerful values... Faith and Love.

First, Faith. In one of our previous #CreatingPhenomenal post we covered the significance of Desire of Purpose; that within each of us is the necessity to develop and deliver an embedded divine purpose. Certainly, you must have wondered, or felt at some time in your past, that your life must have some purpose; that there must be some specific purpose for your time on earth. Rest assured, your life Does Have purpose and that life purpose is valuable and irreplaceable. Faith in the fact that all life has purpose, allows you to hear Purpose from within as a Universal cry for help; to uncover, develop and deliver that purpose. From within, your delivery of purpose sees not - Age, or Gender, or Race, or Color, or Preference, or Dogma or Creed. These factors, simply, in combination, play a role in your transformation of a Notion, Idea or Thought - into it's Physical Equivalence.

Second, Love. The greatest state of existence for all life, is Love. This being the case, it is unthinkable that the source of Universal love would commission you to a journey on earth, complete with Desire of Purpose; and then fail to provide you with every last detail necessary for you to Dream, Create and Live that Purpose. Please, do not confuse this as a statement of entitlement. Instead, see it as a statement of challenge and as an opportunity of great Ambition.

The challenge is to Dream, Create and Live your Desire of Purpose. The Ambitious opportunity is to Beat the Clock - to not physically expire from life on earth without discovery and completion; without the delivery of your Purpose.

"Leap in Faith. - Rise to
Transform your Greatness in Love."
~Phillip A. Lopez

2) Round 1 - In this Round you begin with 234 values to select from...
Why 234? - Am I Limited to only these values?

234? -I'd like to tell you that there is something mystical or scientific about the number 234... it is sequential- 2, 3, 4 - Look, my educational background is Engineering, one night I woke-up and had this vision of words, columns, rows and boxes. I transformed that vision (a single, Notion, Idea or Thought) into a simple and repeatable process of elimination (a Physical Equivalence). Life is all about the choices of opportunity that you face. The things you choose to Do and the things that you choose Not to Do; these choices create the circumstance of your current reality. If you are on a quest to improve the quality of your circumstance, the method then, of choosing a unique set of values which identify WHO you need to become in order to deliver your Desire of Purpose, could be no different. It had to be all about choices and choices require elimination.

No, you are not limited to the 234 values included in the exercise. Remember, You are Responsible for the Development and Delivery of your unique Desire of Purpose. This means that You are FREE to choose, and must use, every resource that becomes available to you. If you recognize a value missing, that you believe must be added... add it as a 'wild card'. It is Your OneGR8Life, you have been invited to: Dream it, Create it, Live it! It is all about, YOU!

GLORIOUS YOU is all about the things that You choose… Your Becoming. The Dream you choose, differentiates you from every other ‘blok’ riding the subway of life. The creation of your Dream into it’s Physical Equivalence, turning your Dream into a reality is simplified by taking 6-virtues of human understanding and asking them to carry you as your companions of achievement. 

"In the strength of your creation -
You Are Not Alone."
~Phillip A. Lopez

3) You are going to utilize this exercise at various points through-out life...
Can you share examples of this?

You have read many times my usage and application of the term REBOOT. So let's make a short list of circumstances you may experience in your lives that you could categorize as a REBOOT event...

-The change from...
  • High School life, to Collegiate Life; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • The Change from ‘teen’ to young adult; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • Completion of College Life, to beginning of Professional Life; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • Completion of College Life, to beginning of Post Grad Life; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • From Single Life, to beginning of Married Life; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • Career Advancement or Career Directional change; a REBOOT event?  Yes or No.
  • Married Life to Family Life... What about the news of twins; a REBOOT Event? Yes or No.

Above we have 7 Reboot events and for most, you haven't even cleared 30yrs old... Should we keep going?

-The change from...
  • What if Married Life doesn't quite turn-out as you had hoped; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • How about life altering illness or injury or the sudden loss of a Loved one; a REBOOT event? Yes or No
  • What a about Job Loss / Business Closure / Bankruptcy / Foreclosure; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • How about expanding your role to CEO / Group V.P. / Product Manager / Sales Manager; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • What about carrying yourself to fulfil an entrepreneur role; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • What about empty nesting; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.
  • What does the end of your ‘working life’, at retirement look like; a REBOOT event? Yes or No.

As you can see, there are many circumstances which you will routinely, expected or unexpectedly, face in life where REBOOT is necessary. So, Fear Not... Everybody REBOOTS! From here on out, until the end of your OneGR8Life, You are now equipped to UNCOVER your WHO virtues; Any time, Any where. The virtues necessary to assure the delivery of your Highest Human Potential, your unique Desire of Purpose. What ever that Purpose is… to BE, or to DO, or to GIVE.

My delivery of the SYNC Exercise to you, has Improved your Human Condition. I AM very happy about this!! In Faith and Love, I hope that you will add it to your daily arsenal of OneGR8Life tools. Along with your Map to Obtainment, Your SYNC Exercise will greatly enhance and empower Your OneGR8Life, and the lives that surround you and matter most to you.

Here is the link to the SYNC Exercise.

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Discover -Infinite Inspiration and Motivation to Overcome ALL Restraints.

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