Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Abort-Retry-Ignore... It's YourOneGR8Life

Over the past 4-6 weeks we have picked-up quite a large number of new readers. I want to make sure that we are ALL ready to move forward together. So, before we get started with the third step of our Map to Obtainment; DISCOVER - Infinite Inspiration and Motivation to Overcome Restraints, we should hold-up and review our journey so far.

We have 20 posts to choose from since August 5th, 2014. I AM not suggesting that you start at the beginning and move through all 20. I did layout the most critical and would certainly encourage you to get through as many as possible. In the format below, you are going to find a series of links. The links will be followed with a brief highlight of the post. I chose this format because I know that we are all busy. I felt this format might serve best in helping you to get into and get out of a particular post with the greatest ease.

Things to remember...
(1) Currently OneGR8Life is coming to you as a serial feed; we are walking through the steps as outlined on our Map to Obtainment. I have made a commitment to you, the readers, to Not break away from the Map until we have completed the journey at least once.
(2) The serial nature of the posts means that we start each new post pretty much were the last post left off. You know what that means... If you find the Map intriguing  - You do not to miss a post, you do not want to fall behind.
(3) OneGR8Life comes to your digital doorstep weekly; Tuesdays.
(4) It is significant that you understand my Desire of Purpose. So, where I AM coming from is pretty simplified: I am looking to Improve the Human Condition... Specifically, Yours! Who is typically attracted to this message? The message being shared is normally bundled into a retained services package. Those that find it most appealing are those in the Venture Capital world. Those who are wise enough to recognize the value of assuring the greater of the two VC risks... Product Failure or Personal Failure. I am prepared to support the later of the two choices. You can always restructure a product. It will take you 10x as long to rebuild from personal failure, as it will to prevent this occurrence.

Let's Review...

Destination; Destiny of Purpose  -  On the way into life

3 Keys to Preserve Your Purpose  -  Purpose the Universal Value Add  /  Tame the Madness

Ambition Initiates Phenomenal  -  Imagine… No Limitations

Intention Releases Phenomenal  -  The Event of Life

Obtainment  -  At the center of your OneGR8Life; the True Nature of Our Character

Desire of Ambition  -  We All Start Somewhere

Those ‘Things’ - Three Guides to reduce Stress and Anxiety

Three Keys to Elicit Your Ambition  -  Own Your Destiny

Differentiate!!  -  Your Greatest Delivered Value…

SYNC  -  WHO, before What and How

-Thanks in advance for allowing OneGR8Life to be a part of YourOneGR8Life. I AM looking forward to being with you, as you Dream it, Create it, Live it.

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Next Up:  
DISCOVER - Infinite Inspiration and Motivation to Overcome Restraints.

Highlights: Transformation, The Role of Faith, Directions of Desire, Developing Purpose, The Circle of Inspiration, Finding Motivation...
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