Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Opening the Door to Infinite Inspiration & Motivation

This is such an exciting time, with our Map to Obtainment in hand, you are in hot pursuit of the Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose. Thanks to our SYNC Exercise you get ready to move forward with your unique WHO values settled into place. Now we can make preparations to expand WHAT and to gain a wider understanding of HOW; to make this happen we will need to DISCOVER our infinite source of Inspiration and Motivation. This no minor task! This Inspiration and Motivation must be significant enough to overcome all future restraints.

Before we get started I want to share a story that I picked up from the sports pages of my local newspaper. It’s not a front page cover story… It’s not about crowning a champion, or a story about some heroic athletic performance; or is it? I found the story buried on page two, at the bottom. I can only guess that it was picked-up from AP writer Tim Reynolds, and used as layout filler.

It is a very heartwarming story of two total strangers, one, Mr. Jim Palma, of whom is afflicted with terminal pancreatic cancer, the second, Mr. Jim Larranaga, whom is the head men's basketball coach for the University of Miami, Hurricanes. Palma lives in Stamford, CT, Larranaga in Coral Gables, FL., the two have never met, the only tie of commonality… Palma, a WWII Navy Vet, attended the University of Miami in the 1940s. He played basketball as a freshman; He never made the Varsity squad, you don’t find his name in any official program records, he wasn't a Varsity letter-winner at the school.

Larranaga learns of Mr. Palma’s condition from a letter written by Mr. Palma’s Daughter-in-Law. Her intention, she was hoping that someone at the University could find it in their heart to forward a picture of the 2014-2015 Hurricanes basketball team. Her motivation, She wrote the letter as an act of kindness for her ailing Father-in-Law. She hoped that this picture would lift his spirits.

What happens next is a little-thing, to those who stopped reading this, it may actually have been rendered as useless. But here is the big thing… Every moment we take action, and the energy of those actions have a ripple-effect into the countless lives that we are connected to, and into the lives that those lives are connected to. If you are gaining a sense that we are all connected in some fashion or another, your premonition would be spot-on. Energy fills the space between us. It is as common to our survival, as is the oxygen which passes into our lungs.

So here is the little-thing that happens in our story… The letter finds it’s way to the Director of Operations for Men’s Basketball, Adam Fisher. Mr. Fisher advises Coach Larranaga of the letter. Coach Larranaga, then asks Fisher to find Mr. Palma, and get him on the phone.

Larranaga is a busy man! His basketball team faces Duke University in just a few short days. There are BIG details to set in place, strategies to improve upon, young athlete minds to crawl into; planting seeds of performance, time is limited and the end result is critical to the ongoing nature of the organization… does any of this sound remotely familiar?

But, a single phone call is made. The Coach reaches out to the former freshman basketball player, who walked the campus of the University of Miami over 65 years ago. During the phone conversation the Coach dedicates the Saturday, Miami vs. Duke basketball game to honor Jim Palma. As the sports story goes, Miami beat Duke on that Saturday, 90-74. As the human story goes, the next morning, Jim Palma’s energy of life was released from his body.

That energy now lives in each of you who have amused me by reading this far. Please, take that energy and recognize that little things can be huge things at the right moment. Each and every life is filled with the commonality of connected energy… each life has Immeasurable Value and Irreplaceable Purpose.

Thank-You for allowing me to be an energy source in the fabric of your life!

---      ---      ---

Now, there is just one thing we need to cover before we head back out onto the OneGR8Life trail; we need to have a frank discussion surrounding the desire to gain the maximum return on a minimum investment…

Hold the Elevator... Please.
Do you find yourself looking for a shortcut to reach the top of the ladder? Are you thinking that you can find the elevator... if you just keep looking?

You're not alone... near 95% of us suffer from this elevator mentality. It doesn't matter if you are trying to shed a few pounds, start a business, parent your children or reconstruct a relationship. We keep looking for the elevator in hopes that our pursuit of life ambitions will become easier. You need to put this habit in check! You must come to the realization that in your search to find an easier way, you are really making things more difficult. The problem is, your elevator mentality is crushing your confidence and paralyzing the actions that you must take to truly Obtain your Highest Human Potential. Let’s both agree - You deserve better than this!! As you travel forward, you must remember... On the path to Obtaining your Desire of Purpose, there are No Elevators - You must take the stairs!

So let's face our reality...
Obtainment of Highest Human Potential is not ordinary! What you are attempting to do isn't easy. What you are attempting to do rarely, if ever, comes overnight.   I realize that initially this may Not appear to be a rosy picture. But trust me, it IS a rosy picture. I want you to think about this: realize that 90-95% of your colleagues will not face this reality. They will continue looking for the elevator. They will keep looking for a 'break' or a chance at 'luck'. That's right, most of your colleagues will keep on looking for the elevator, hoping to capture lightning in a bottle.

You on the other hand, now possess the knowledge that Obtainment, the development and delivery of your Desire of Purpose, is not easy, that Obtainment rarely comes overnight, and that Obtainment is not ordinary. This powerful knowledge leads you away from the crowd that is looking for the elevator. Once you make this move, you have begun to differentiate yourself from the ordinary. You now understand that gaining Obtainment requires us to do the things that are not easy, to do the things that most people will not ordinarily do.

I Will Obtain it…
Today is a BIG day along the path to the progressive Obtainment of your Highest Potential. Today you came to realize that Obtainment comes from taking the little steps. Today, you decided to take the first step; to stop looking for the elevator. Today you re-introduce yourself to words like - self-discipline, self-control, persistence, determination, perspiration, and focus. Today you sat up-right and said, “Hey, the Obtainment of My Highest Potential is my Responsibility, it is my Divine Duty - I Will Uncover it, I Will Discover it, and I Will Obtain it. Today, you took a giant step Forward; today you reinforced to yourself that - In order to Obtain your Highest Human Potential, there are no elevators... today you said, "I AM willing to take the stairs!"

Come on now, up the stairs we go... this is not the time to slow-up.

I leave you with this closing thought...

We live by Faith or we do not live at all...
Either we venture or we vegetate.

Every triumph of the human spirit began with a single step taken in Faith. This Faith-filled, single step serves as the small handle to great matters. In the pursuit of your ambitious Desire to deliver your purpose, you must learn to hang on to your handle of Faith. Even if, for just one more moment.

---      ---      ---

Your take away thought...  
I Can, I Will!

Post this simple phrase in places where you will see it regularly through-out your day. Repeat it to yourself regularly... especially when you begin to feel the slightest bit of anxiety, or in a moment of self-doubt.

Next Up…
Desires and Riches and Receivership. Receivership???

---      ---      ---

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