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Obtainment / The True Nature of Our Character...

“At the center of your
OneGR8Life is the
Obtainment of your
Highest Human Potential.”

                   ~Phillip A. Lopez

So, You've been thinking lately,
that You have So Much more to offer;

-- If you could only figure out - HOW?!?

Let's work on this together... ok?

The answer to HOW?!? stems
from a deeper understanding
of the differences between
our social desire to Attain
and the deeper divine
desire to Obtain.

The Subtle Differences...
The social pressure is to devalue your life through Attainment. This social pressure to attain, to touch, to reach out and grab at, drives you to experience life in reaction. In this sense, we are digging in the wrong hole. Living life in reaction, is typically void of internal purpose.

The Attainment approach presumes that in order to reach your Desire, there must be completion; the successful accomplishment of something. Enter the madness... in the attainment cycle there is NO accomplishment; there is No end. This lifestyle only desires to touch more, creating a larger void, driving the desire to touch even more, and the void only gets bigger. Recognize that this void cannot be satisfied; the desire to touch more, only produces the drive to touch more... an unending cycle.  So let's break the cycle!

I know... But, HOW?!?

At the fork in the Road...
We find ourselves at the fork fork in the road. Before us, there are only two paths, the paths are clearly marked; Attainment and Obtainment. We have already deduced the folly of leading a life driven to attainment. You know what this means? Time to REJUVENATE our spirit adventure!

That's right - There is No harm in REJUVENATING the Spirit... It's your OneGR8Life - No one says that you cannot break-out of the attainment cycle. Maybe you don't appreciate a reactionary life? Maybe you would like to 'hold' the responsibility to Dream, Create and Live the life of your choosing; versus the life being fed to you in reaction? The reasons to break-out of the attainment cycle are as unique as your finger-prints, and as plentiful as the stars. Your life has greater value than any object which can be touched in attainment!

So what do you think, do we need a map to outline the path to Obtainment? I think yes, - a map to outline the path to obtainment would be highly effective and extraordinarily useful. Do you know where we can find this map? Do you know if such a map even exist? Has anyone ever shared with you the knowledge of having ever seen such a map? Come on then, we'll need to start somewhere...

“The Choices I make Reveal

the True Nature of My Character.”

The Holding of Highest Human Potential...
Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential; this is your Divine Purpose! The Obtainment of your Divine Purpose is NOT some'thing' that you can acquire/purchase; you cannot Attain this in the form of collection, you cannot touch your notion, idea or thought of Divine Purpose. Divine Purpose is something we Obtain; we 'hold' within us our Desire of Purpose in the form of a notion, idea or thought. Your Highest Human Potential is the utilization of your divinely granted abilities to transform your 'Purpose' into its physical equivalence - Something to BE, or to DO, or to HAVE. 

Hold on, Now... HOW?!? can I recognize the true nature of my Purpose?

The choices that you make reveal the true nature of your character. It is Character that reveals your destiny of Purpose. The Freedom of Choice to select your character virtues is extraordinarily significant in your human desire to hold self-sustained Joy and Happiness. Purpose is recognized by two very distinct characteristics; Destination and Direction. The trick is to find a method to match your needed Character Virtues, your WHO, with your choice of Destination (WHAT) and Direction (HOW). 

Remember this,
"If You First you determine WHO, then
WHAT and HOW must follow!"

How Phenomenal is that?

Divine Significance...
The transformation of purpose, replaces the attainment reaction cycle. This transformation flows outward from within us; in exchange for our life on earth we are to uncover and give our life purpose. Our give is significant for the improvement of the human condition. In this way Divine Purpose transcends to incorporate the greatest potential of all understood dogma or creed. In this light of knowledge, it becomes understandable as to why your purpose must be delivered as contribution to the completion of the larger universal puzzle; each piece being unique and there are no spare pieces! Each one of us has a contribution to make in the form of Divine Purpose. In this regard, there can be no completion without your contribution, the delivery of your piece, your purpose.

You are Important! You are Divinely significant; nobody can strip this significance away from you without your consent. Your significance was handed to you Divinely with the cutting of the umbilical cord. Your Highest Human Potential is Obtained through the transformation of your unique Divinely granted purpose. You cannot give it back... you cannot bury it in the backyard... you cannot run from it...  you can only deliver.

Obtainment Defined...
To date, we have invested a good amount of energy on;

All of these things bring us to the apex of defining Obtainment.

The External Radiation from within
of Highest Human Potential; the fulfillment Ambition
of Divine Purpose. The utilization of internal virtues
for the transformation of a notion, idea or thought,
to a Desire of Purpose, to Be, Do or Have,
into its Physical Equivalence.

Read through this definition a couple of times. Link back to the previously shared topics. Now that you know where you are going, a quick double-back for a re-read will have so much more to offer.

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for You to Take Away…)
My Divinely granted Purpose is the truest source of my self-sustained Joy and Happiness; the truest source of my significance. My lifetime significance will Not Be Based on what I attain in life; the car I drive, the purse I carry, the suit I wear. My life-long happiness will not be found in a chair, in an office up top on the 52nd floor, or in a title of professional achievement. If I continue digging in this direction, at best, I will find a sense of temporary satisfaction. At life's end my fulfillment will not be found in a bank account, or from a garage filled with Maserati's.

Early on, I want to recognize that Obtainment of my Highest Potential will not be a matter of luck or the breaks. I will have to work, and at times I will be asked to work hard. The requirement of luck or a break would imply that I must receive in order to deliver my Divine Purpose. Instead, I AM free to begin my delivery, with No Permissions required. The transformation of my Divine Purpose, the Obtainment of my Highest Human Potential, is given through-out my life; I AM free to start at my earliest convenience!

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Up Next: Obtainment: A Map of Value Proposition.  

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