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Directions of Desire; We Live by Faith...

'It is My OneGR8Life...

I AM Responsible
to Be, Do, or Give
Anything that I Desire.'
~Phillip A. Lopez

We live by Faith or we do not live at all...
Either we venture or we vegetate. If we venture we do so by Faith! Simply because we cannot know the end of anything at its beginning. Marriage, by Faith; or stay single. Professional achievement, by Faith; or we give-up before we start. Personal Growth, by Faith we free addictions and move mountains; or we are stopped by imaginary mole hills.

Faith however is not tranquil and steady. At its foundation, this is the beauty of Faith; in Faith, you control the volume... Bounce level - Sleep level. You are in complete control! Faith has the ability to ebb and flow like the tides of the restless sea. It is ALWAYS there for your use. Never FAILING, waiting for your beckoning call.

Every triumph of the human spirit began with a single step taken in Faith.

This Faith-filled, single step serves as the small handle to great matters. In the pursuit of your ambitious Desire to deliver your purpose, you must learn to hang on to your handle of Faith; even if for just 5 more minutes. This is how you assure your achievements.

Be, or Do, or Give... Anything that I Desire?
When somebody makes a statement as BOLD as, In this life it is my Responsibility, my Duty, to Be, Do or Give, Anything that I Desire. That person better be ready to defend themselves against, every Nay-Sayer, Pessimist, Glass Half Full'r and 2/3rds of mankind! It's alright if, at first, you find this statement hard to believe. I won't hold it against you. I too almost found it impossible to comprehend when I first ran across this notion almost 25+yrs ago. All I will ask is that you finish reading this post... and then, decide.

Are you Good with this?  Alright then, let's get moving!

Growing your life to get what you desire is not intended to be a complicated struggle. We as individuals add the ingredients of complication; this occurs when we introduce our past collection of experiences, in the forms of education and environment, and then plant the seeds of our desire into a soil of self-imposed limitations. Think about this for just one moment... You are created in a spirit of greatness, for the delivery of self-held greatness. The seeds of self-held desire, are labeled as Purpose and are packaged in the form of a self produced notion, idea or thought. This Desire of Purpose is delivered in a pure and organic form. As a stand-alone seed of desire you hold-within a dream in the form of a notion, idea, or thought. This seed of desire holds un-to itself no limitation(s). Your only obligation of responsibility is to protect the purity of this Desire of Purpose through it's growth and maturity cycle.

-- Stop right there... just hold on a second!

Are you saying that I can Dream, Create and Live a great life by simply directing my notions, ideas and thoughts to uncovering my self-held Desire of Purpose, by simply accepting the responsibility to protect the purity of this Desired Purpose through a course of actions, until this notion, idea or thought is nurtured into its physical equivalence?

YES, I cannot explain it any simpler than that. You have been created to BE, or to DO, or to GIVE. You chose your Desire of Purpose, You protect the purity of that Desire of Purpose until You have nurtured it into it's physical equivalence!

-- But HOW?!?, you ask?

Directions of Desire...
There are three primary directions of desire - Desire to Be Something, Desire to Do Something or the Desire to Give Something... Be, Do or Give. It is easiest to perceive these Directions of Desire when they are displayed in the form of a ring. Check it out - Below, you will find the Ring of Desires.

2015-02-10 04.30.33.pngHerein,  lies a relationship of extraordinary convenience!
Convenience comes forth from within the circle; through the ease at which we are able to recognize our ‘HOW’ direction for the transformation and fulfillment of our Divine Desire of Purpose.

Allow me to explain...

Your Divine Desire of Purpose will take form through one of these three Directions of Desire, that is to say; Your embedded Desire of Purpose will show itself as a Desire to BE something, or as a Desire to DO something, or as a Desire to GIVE something. This Direction of Desire emphasizes the unique and undeniable value of your life. You are encoded to Dream, Create and Live a great life; you are to DISCOVER your Desire of Purpose, as it has been embedded within you from birth. Thus, we recognize that the transformation of a notion, idea or thought into physical equivalence must adhere to a direction of flow; that direction is, from inside to-the outside. That' right - the delivery of your Desire of Purpose is an inside job. You already hold all that is needed. Go back to your Map of Obtainment and recognize that your internal AMBITION initiates transformation.

Equilibrium and the Transformation of Desires...
Once your Desire of Purpose, your something, is Discovered, you will automatically be rewarded with a direction of fulfillment. Your direction of fulfillment, your HOW, will be seen through the combination and exchange of the remaining two desires. Let's quickly explore this concept of combination and exchange...

Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Physics serve us handily here. Through his Law of Equilibrium, Newton teaches us that every action, must posses an equal, yet opposite reaction. Physics teachers like using the example of placing your hands against a wall and then trying to push the wall over. Since the wall does not push-over, the example successfully demonstrates that the force exerted, by your hands pushing against the wall, was equal to, the opposite force exerted by the wall pushing against your hands.

That's right, in order for you to push the wall over, you would need to surmount a force greater than the wall can withstand. It is absolutely No Different with the transformation of an notion, idea or thought into its physical equivalence. You see, the transformation of your Desire of Purpose can only occur when the forces of energy applied are Greater Than the value of the notion, idea, or thought. In this light, you are free to recognize that Big Desires are fully achievable, they are simply waiting for you to Combine and EXCHANGE for forces of energy of greater value. You see, until You create this condition, your Desire of Purpose remains but a Dream.

It would be fair for you to ask... HOW?!? then do I combine and exchange a force of energy Great enough to knock over my Desire of Purpose?

Convenience of Desires...
Photo Feb 10, 4 59 04 AM.png

-If you Discover your Desire of Purpose in
the form of Desire to BE something; then,

your HOW direction of transformation
and fulfillment is to combine and exchange,
---   DO something and
---   GIVE something.

Photo Feb 10, 4 59 13 AM.png

-If you Discover your Desire of Purpose in the form of Desire to DO something; then,

your HOW direction of transformation
and fulfillment is to combine and exchange,

---   BE something and
---   GIVE something.

Photo Feb 10, 4 59 20 AM.png-If you Discover your Desire of Purpose in the form of Desire to GIVE something; then,

your HOW direction of transformation and fulfillment is to combine and exchange,

---   BE something and
---   DO something.

This revelation should jump off the page and hit you in the forehead like a brick! As it did me, once realized. All those years spent agonizing over HOW?!? to start and BAM! one morning I open my eyes and there it is! One single thought, resting on my pillow, looking at me - wondering - what took you so long to discover me? Even to this day, this revelation of enlightenment remains as one of the greater gifts of abundance which once received have graced my life; Daily allowing me to acknowledge unending gratitude to the source of universal intelligence.

Of course... you’d probably, like to take this for a test drive, wouldn't you?
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