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Directions of Desire; Passion is a Freely Accepted Challenge.

The path traveled to #CreatingPhenomenal is never intended to be treacherous. Challenging, yes. Obstacle laden, yes. Action filled, yes. Rewarding, yes. Achieving, yes. There are times where the path thins and resources must be conserved. And when traveling along the path there will be rainy days, sun-filled days, and maybe a few days where the heat of it all becomes a concern. After all this is real life, and on some days you wake up and the path may have disappeared overnight. When this occurs, HOW?!? takes on a whole new meaning, and urgency becomes the sounding call of the day. Along the path you remain committed to Not reaching for easy. But rather, you search for tools and methods that make you better. The delivery of your Passion is a Freely Accepted Challenge; You’re in this for the long haul. You remain dedicated to the discovery and delivery of your Desire of Purpose.

In our last post, Directions of Desire; We Live by Faith… we came to recognize that every triumph of the human spirit began with a single step. Today, we are called to step forward, toward the Direction of our Desire. Today, we are going to walk through a couple of examples where we utilize exchange methodology for the transformation of a notion, idea, or thought into it’s physical equivalence. After these examples, it will be your turn; you will be free to accept the challenge to apply the exchange methodology directly to your Desire of Purpose.

2015-02-10 04.30.33.pngWe find before us three primary Directions of Desire - the desire to BE, the desire to DO, the desire to GIVE. The question of the day is, HOW?!? do I transform a notion, idea, or thought, wrapped in Desire, into it’s physical equivalence?
In Exchange...
When you utilize exchange methodology, you arrange the Directions of Desire into a ring and then expanded your conversation to include the extraordinary convenience at which you are able to recognize your ‘HOW’ direction for the transformation and fulfillment of your Desire of Purpose. Your ‘HOW’ direction is revealed through the isolation of any one Direction of Desire and then combine the remaining two desires as values of exchange. Simplified it works like this…

  • A Desire to BE, is transformed into it’s physical equivalence when a value of exchange is created between to DO, and to GIVE.
  • A Desire to DO, is transformed into it’s physical equivalence when a value of exchange is created between to BE, and to GIVE.
  • A Desire to GIVE, is transformed into it’s physical equivalence when a value of exchange is created between to BE, and to DO.

Here is a very rudimentary, real life example…

Recently, I isolated a thought of directed Desire rooted in GIVE. The thought was an at home project, the desire was to GIVE my wife a quiet space by transforming the side yard into a sitting garden area. The project started as a simple notion; take an unused, barren and neglected 8ft by 40ft space and transform it.
The freely accepted challenge was to take this space, dedicate it’s use to my Wife, and give it back to her transformed into a new physical equivalence. The question is HOW?!? do you take this...

  2015-02-13 12.52.36.jpg
and GIVE it transformation into this…
2015-02-15 08.16.02.jpg

Trust me, I am no landscape or irrigation expert and those rocks are heavy. So HOW?!?
Here is HOW?!?
  • A Desire to GIVE, is transformed into it’s physical equivalence when a value of exchange is created between to BE, and to DO.
That’s right, in order to GIVE, I had to exchange BE and DO… I had to BE a landscape expert, I had to BE an irrigation expert. All very possible things to become in a very short period of time with a little research gained knowledge. I had to DO the work… work the soil to create the shape and slope. I had to DO the actions of moving and arranging rocks, of hauling the wheelbarrow loads of planter soil.
Bullsh!t you say?  Let’s look at another simplified example. Same project… Loving Wife, adds comment - “Oh a planting bench would be nice.”  Of course, my first response was, a what?
“A planting bench,” she replied. “You know a little work bench where I can plant, transplant, unplant, while standing.” What else could I guy do but respond with “Oh… Oh, OK!.”
Let’s disect… Here we are faced with a new Direction of Desire - a Direction of Desire to DO. DO design and build a planting bench for the enjoyment of my wife. Required Exchange: to BE, to GIVE.
So here is how it went… I took two typical wood shipping pallets and transformed their physical equivalence into a planting bench.
From this…

into - This…

2015-02-21 16.09.25.jpg

You see, the transformation of your Desire of Purpose can only occur when the forces of energy applied are Greater Than the value of the notion, idea, or thought. This Exchange of energy is free to occur at any point in space and time, for any Direction of Desire.
Directions of Desire...
Your Passion, aka, your Divine Desire of Purpose, will take form through one of these three Directions of Desire, that is to say; Your embedded Desire of Purpose will show itself as a Desire to BE something, or as a Desire to DO something, or as a Desire to GIVE something. This Direction of Desire emphasizes the unique and undeniable value of your life. You are encoded to Dream, Create and Live a great life; you are to DISCOVER your Desire of Purpose, as it has been embedded within you from birth. Thus, we recognize that the transformation of a notion, idea or thought into physical equivalence must adhere to a direction of flow; that direction is, from inside to-the outside. That' right - the delivery of your Desire of Purpose is an inside job. You already hold all that is needed. Go back to your Map of Obtainment and recognize that your internal AMBITION initiates transformation.

Test Drive...
Want to try it again? - Let’s roll!!   Let’s start simple...

Desire to BE: A Doctor
EXCHANGE: GIVE your compassion for others, coupled with patience and determination to endure the required studies, DO go to Medical School, DO Study, Learn and Apply in confidence the knowledge gained.

Desire to DO: Generate Sales of $2.5M annually.
EXCHANGE: GIVE to understanding a Product or Service capable of supporting this sales volume, BE on the constant look-out for methods to over-deliver added values to this targeted market.

Desire to GIVE: Advance and Promote Highest Human Potential.
EXCHANGE: DO spend 30+ years in the study and application of the principles of Success, Attainment and Personal Development. BE compelled to spend the remaining years of your life to share this with as many people as possible. BE willing to dedicate your efforts to 'Improving the Human Condition'.

Desire to BE: World Resource of Digital Marketing.
EXCHANGE: DO build a network of like-minded resources. DO recognize your network of cognizant relationships; physically (face-to-face) and socially (digital), GIVE your innate personal character to employ the principles of reciprocity with your network.

Desire to DO: Build a Family filled with Love and Mutual Respect.
EXCHANGE: BE patient, loving and kind. BE willing to lead this one by example, GIVE each day in understanding the principles of unconditional love, GIVE your Family relationships in harmony with the Divine Source of unconditional love.

Need we keep going?  ----

I suggest that You give it a try - Need a helping hand? Here is a Link to the DISCOVER / Exchange Worksheet.

Please let me know how this goes for you? No obligations... just interested to know that you found this exercise helpful. If you don't, let me know... we'll improve it based on your feedback. Click Here.

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Take Away Thought:  It is my OneGR8Life. And, I AM responsible to Be, Do, or Have Anything that I Desire. AMBITION initiates the transformation of my notions, ideas, or thoughts into their physical equivalence. This transformation occurs only when I combine and exchange in Greater value. The Universe operates in Equilibrium, in order to BE, DO or GIVE more, I will be invited to become more. I AM willing to combine and exchange in Greater value to fulfill My Desire of Purpose.

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