Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TransitionERROR: RECONFIG_HumanOperatingSystem

"Do you know why 90% of us move to 'Can't'
when we come face-to-face with the
opportunity of our Highest Human Potential?"

"You need to learn HOW?!? to Stop this... and Stop Quickly!"
~Phillip A. Lopez


I don't know what happens with the cutting of the umbilical cord. On the way into life, it sure seems that at this precise moment, someone hits the 'reset' button. Up to that moment everything seems to be just fine... warm and cozy. We knew it all! - Just how much to eat, how much room we needed to stretch-out, just how big to grow, how much fun we were going to have when the big break-out occurred, just how kind the mirror was going to be when you stood there in your 'skinny' jeans...

Then the great Transition begins; moaning and groaning, the pushing and shoving starts-up and with a burst of energy bouncing out as a bundle of joy we come - SMACK! the hard drive unexpectedly crashes; TransitionERROR!, the blue screen of death appears, the operating system wiped out! Along with wiping-out the Operating Instructions, all memory of confidence and purpose are erased. With this transition we are left with few choices but to reload the operating system. That's right, full system RECONFIG of the Human Operating System is required to regain all critical life processing.

Transition Required: Abort-Retry-Ignore...

It is little wonder that 90% of us move to "can't" when we come face-to-face with our opportunity of Highest Human Potential. In the arena of reloading the Human Operating System, we are limited in knowledge and scarce in past experience. When it comes to a RECONFIG of this magnitude, you find your TransitionERROR choices are limited to: Abort-Retry-Ignore.

For the majority, the typical solution is to wander aimlessly, hoping for the best. Looking for someone or something to initiate the RECONFIG start-up command. After years of bewilderment you may come to give-up, realizing the scope of work and the complexity of having to rewrite the firmware; even armed in Faith, you may find an unwillingness to transition, to deliver the greatness which lies within.


Recognize that TRANSITIONs will occur many times through the course of life. As a youth we experience a TRANSITION with the physical changes occurring during adolescence. How about the TRANSITION from secondary education into college/university life? And the TRANSITION from student to professional? Think you might be in need of a TRANSITION from single to married? How about a TRANSITION with the joyous additions to family? What if that addition arrives with complications? Transitions occur with or without notice, and have absolutely no regard for convenience.

Think you may experience the need to TRANSITION professionally, as you progress through career changes? What about the TRANSITION necessary with the unexpected loss of employment? What if that entrepreneurial dream takes 'way' longer to develop than you had prepared for, with cash running low, or that partner of yours suddenly displays less than ethical practices? What about the TRANSITION necessary with life altering illness? Or, the sudden loss of a loved one? How about the critical nature of TRANSITION from Married to Divorced? Think you may need to TRANSITION in order to cope with the added responsibility of caring for an aging parent? Yes, through-out life TRANSITIONs occur. Each TRANSITION bringing with it a RECONFIG of the Human Operating System, that's right, firmware updates are a necessity!

So pick your current circumstance or a circumstance from your unique past, we all have encountered the need to RECONFIG our Human Operating System. But, HOW?!?

I hear ya - loud and clear!!

The Unanswered Question...

HOW?!? - has always been the unanswered question. Support for this statement can be found by simply counting the number of self-help/Success titles that line the bookshelves of libraries and bookstores (digital and brick-n-motor). The answer to HOW?!?, has driven me through a lifetime of research and gained me irreplaceable experience of trial and error. You see, I choose as the delivery of my Highest Potential, "to DO". My moments of prayer and meditation are filled with infinite inspiration and motivation to resolve for HOW?!? These precious moments of prayer and meditation have revealed to me, a TRANSITION process which regardless of past experience can be used repeatedly through-out life. This process leads you to an understanding of the hiding place of your divine purpose and to the delivery of any desire that you choose to Be, or Do, or Give.

In the weeks ahead we will continue to expose HOW?!?  I will not deviate from this topic until we have completed the RECONFIG process. Regardless of your current or past circumstance RECONFIG of the Human Operating System is achievable! You have already previewed a key firmware component; your Ambition of Desire, to Be, or Do or Give, coupled with an attitude of mind, I Can, I Will.


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Your take away thought...
The phone is ringing!  It's your Greatness calling... Fear Not... Everyone TRANSITIONS! Go ahead, Pick-up the phone - You ARE ready to answer this call.

Let's TRANSITION, together! /  Please, Share this invitation with others.
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