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At the root of WHY... The Divine Support of Inspiration and Motive


Today, you find yourself standing at the fork in the road. Looking ahead you see that, one path is clearly marked, and appears well worn; it is marked, Hope for Best. The other path, although well marked, it looks a bit on the raged side, certainly less used, and almost uninviting; it is marked, Highest Potential. Which path? A tough choice you need to make!
So many unknowns lay before you…
Hope for the Best - with it’s well worn trail, seemingly a leisurely venture, little to no need for anxiety, You will know many who have chosen this path. It might be fun to float down river with so many, with so little expectation.
Highest Potential - just the reading of the trail marker has been enough to discourage many. Highest just sounds like an uphill climb… Potential has an awfully responsible tone to it. Where exactly does this trail lead to? And what if I get started down this trail and I encounter hardship; what do I do then? Will I survive the return journey back to the trailhead of ‘hope for the best’?
I don’t know? Nasty business this Highest Potential, Hope for the Best sure sounds attractive...
Does this mind chatter sound at all familiar? Let’s see if we can help to squelch your choice anxiety.

Fortification to Endure…

As you travel on towards the delivery of YourOneGR8Life, there will come many temptations to abandon your dream, to forgo the creation, to release the hope of living your fulfilled highest potential. With your Dream, held in Faith, you must not despair; once you have freely accepted the challenge to transition your dream, of Highest Potential, into it's physical equivalence, you are assured Divine support. This source of Divine support, that you are looking for, must have the ability to provide the necessary additional horsepower to climb every hill and mountain of your journey.

Fortification to endure is found
in the synergy of Inspiration and Motive...
Divine support sufficient enough to endure All restraints.

~Phillip A. Lopez

The inquisitive nature of your mind, coupled with the capacity created through your ability to control thought, directs you to formulate a ‘WHY’ of Purpose. WHY, then serves to initiate and sustain thought energy. As you will learn in the future chapter, the creation and re-creation of energy(ies) play a very significant role in your ability of attraction as applied to the Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose. At the root of this ability of attraction you will find, Fortification to endure in the form of Inspiration and Motive.

Inspiration; The Beacons of Logic...
Inspiration, is your first synergy source of fortification toward the creation and delivery of your Desire of Purpose. Inspiration serves as your logic beacon as you journey along your path of Obtainment. The sources of Inspiration will logically guide you through the repetition of thought necessary to initiate action. In this way, with every repeated conscious affirmation of purpose, comes greater potential to attract its Obtainment.

The utilization of Inspiration straightens your path of travel, assures clarity of thought, insures retained focus. Inspiration is one of two cornerstones for your formulated WHY. For the simplicity of our discussion, focus your attention on one-of-four primary sources of Inspiration:

  • Income
  • Family
  • Financial Wealth
  • Health; of Mind or Body or Spirit

Below, you will find these Inspirations presented in a connective format as the Circle of Inspirations.
Divine assistance to highlight the root of your Inspiration is found in the stillness created in your silent moments of prayer or meditation. Inspired WHY, is then the first method available for continuously attracting the ways and means to fulfill your Desire of Purpose.

Here, each source, individually or in combination will stimulate the physical senses. These inspirational sources serve to arouse mental energy and to quicken the pace of the heart to sustain focused action. When initiated, the sources of Inspiration will open the mind to extraordinary levels for the reception of ideas, thoughts and knowledge.

Isolation of Inspiration…
Need a tool to initiate the isolation of a source of Inspiration? Resolve the question...

WHY, am I willing to dream, create and live the pursuit of (insert your Desire of Purpose)?

Is it my inspiration to provide protection of Family... or my inspiration to create Financial Wealth... might my inspiration to deliver my Desire of Purpose be rooted in the Health of Mind or Body or Spirit... might I find my inspiration to deliver my Desire of Purpose in the creation of income, short-term or sustained?

The Combination of Inspiration and Motive...
As powerful as Inspiration is, by its-self it is insufficient fortification to solely exchange for the delivery of your Desire of Purpose. The fortification required to endure the journey, of the delivery of your Desire of Purpose, must be Infinite in nature. It must be sufficient to carry you up and over every mountain and molehill of obstacle; whether self-imposed through imagination or real, containing physical attributes. It must posses sufficient force to overcome ALL Restraints.

Only through the combination of Inspiration and Motive do you begin to approach sufficient fortification to exchange for the delivery of your Desire of Purpose. Let's explore Motive...

Motives; The Beacons of Emotion...
ALL individual actions are a result of a motive or combination of motives. Motive is the second synergy source of fortification toward the creation and delivery of your Desire of Purpose. Motive is the second of two cornerstones for your formulated WHY. Once isolated, Motive, serves as your emotional beacon of WHY as you journey along your path. When combined with Inspiration, Motive guides you in confidence through the moments of hazy thought, continuously providing light in the darkness of doubt. Motive provides to you the physical energy to remain steady in direction and speed, toward the fulfillment of your Desire of Purpose.

Observe -Nine Basic Motives
There are nine fundamental motives related to the Obtainment of Highest Human Potential and the delivery of your Desire of Purpose.  They were initially formatted in structure by Dr. Napoleon Hill.

Dr. Hill identified the nine basic motives in his work commissioned through Andrew Carnegie. The outcome was two types of Motive; Positive and Negative.

Of the Positive Motives there are 7.

  1. The Desire for the Emotion of Love
  2. The Desire for the Emotion of Sex
  3. The Desire for Material Wealth
  4. The Desire for Self-Preservation
  5. The Desire for Freedom of Body and Mind
  6. The Desire for Personal Expression and Recognition
  7. The Desire for Perpetuation of Life after Death

Of the Negative Motives there are 2.


  1. The Desire for Revenge
  2. The Emotion of Fear

Isolation of Motive…

In you moments of Stillness, you initiate the discovery and isolation of your source of Motive(s) through resolve of the statement...

I AM willing to dream, create and live the pursuit of (insert your Desire of Purpose) for the sake of satisfying the following Motive(s)...

Synergy of Inspiration and Motive…

Below you will observe the synergy of Inspiration and Motive. Here within, you shall always find the WHY from which you can classify EVERY impulse of notion, idea or thought that you have to BE, DO or GIVE; as well as EVERY impulse of action, to do or not to do, throughout life.

---      ---      ---
Take Away Thoughts:  Fortification to pursuit my Highest Potential is Divinely initiated in the isolation and selection of Inspiration and Motive. I AM unable to separate the union and interrelationship between Inspiration and Motive. Through the created synergy of my selected source of Inspiration and Motive I inherit the fortification to successfully dream, create and live my OneGR8Life; I must come to the full discovery of both. Inspiration and Motive are capable of classifying the WHY of every Desire of Purpose. In combination they form the outer layers of fortification to endure the journey along the path of Highest Potential. Without the isolation of Inspiration and Motive, I AM unable to exchange for the delivery of my Desire of Purpose. Through the isolation of Inspiration and Motive I AM Divinely supported with sufficient energy to overcome ALL Restraints.

NEXT-UP: The Restraints of FEAR...
---      ---      ---

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