Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DISCOVER: Conclusion

Shackled to the self-limitation of FEAR,
is No Way to Live life.
So... Unlock it, Overcome it, Kick it to the curb,
and keep on walking! 
Remove the shackle of self-limitation;
in your OneGR8Life You do possess
the Freedom to Overcome your inner FEAR.


The Great Exchange…

~I unlock the shackle of
Self-Limiting Fear, in EXCHANGE,
to Gain the Freedom of Unlimiting Love.

This post brings us to a transition point… Today we will conclude the DISCOVER series and initiate our transition into the EXCHANGE series.

Improving the Human Condition...

As we work through our 6-steps as outlined on our Map to Obtainment it is occasionally important to play a little catch-up. I know that many of you have very busy lives and this means that in order to balance your busy schedules you have to make choices of importance and priority; Somethings gotta give in order to maintain your sanity. Not to mention the endurance of the distractions of daily life, both expected and unexpected. So, take a deep breathe, if you need to -favorite this post. You can then come back to it as you find time this weekend. Does that work for you?

As I have mentioned before the OneGR8Life blog is coming at you in a sequential order. Meaning the next post will pick-up pretty much where the last post concluded. To you this means, you don't want to miss a post! To me this means, If I indeed Desire to Improve your Human Condition, I will need to create these 'highlight and conclude' posts on occasion - Sort of my way of creating space between topics and for allowing you to keep up.

Make a calendar note that the first EXCHANGE post will publish on Tuesday, April 7th. I’ll keep you posted through our social connections. Find the social connection that works best for you, here.

Now, let’s conclude-

We are currently on step 3;
DISCOVER -Infinite Inspiration and Motivation to Overcome Restraints.

Below you will find the related posts and links for this series. I have added (a couple of key words) for your convenience.

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  -Step 4: EXCHANGE: The Pursuit to Improvement of the Human Condition. Exploring Price-to-Value, Thoughts, Imagination...

---      ---      ---
Take away Thought: I must Know WHO, WHAT and WHY before I can Exchange for HOW?!?  -  In faith, I AM granted determination and persistence as traveling partners. To ensure the delivery of my Desire of Purpose I AM fueled by Inspiration and Motive. I must resolve my 5 Questions of Receivership; here, conveniently wrapped together is my WHY.
---     ---      ---

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